Data Curation Services

The data curation program's long-term goal is to provide for the on-going management of GT-produced research data through its lifecycle and significance to research and education. The data curation program will work toward building GT capabilities for enabling data discovery and retrieval, preserving data and maintaining data quality, providing for data re-use over time, and developing other value-added services. It will support a planned and proactive response to research-sponsoring agencies such as the NIH and NSF, who are instituting policies requiring data access and management plans for their funded projects.

The program's initial purpose is to conduct research into the data curation needs and practices of GT researchers; then, build effective, first generation information systems and services to facilitate the lifecycle management of their research data; and facilitate cooperation and collaboration on data curation issues among the Library's internal and external partners. Managing data collections as well as evaluating and applying data and metadata standards for uses across the academic disciplines are also among the program's responsibilities.

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