Security, Facilities & Logistics


Library Security strives to create a safe environment for those using the Library and serves to protect the collections from damage or theft.

Entering the Library:

Georgia Tech faculty, staff, and students must show a BuzzCard when entering the library. Visitors must sign in at the Security Desk with a picture ID.

Extended Hours Access:

Access between Midnight and 7:30am is restricted to Georgia Tech faculty, staff, and students only. At Midnight all patrons without a BuzzCard must leave the building. To enter after Midnight, press the buzzer at the entrance and show your BuzzCard.


The primary responsibilities of the Facilities team are to assure that the Clough Commons and Library physical facilities, operational systems, and interior spaces are properly maintained. Facilities constantly monitors, evaluates, and works to resolve building problems effectively in the Library and Clough Commons' half-a-million square foot complex.

The Facilities team manages projects involving renovations and new equipment installations within the physical environment, including coordinating phone changes and new phone line installations, etc. They also maintain and edit the database containing Buzzcard access control privileges in the building. Facilities coordinates regularly with approximately 15 other Campus Departments to sustain the facilities.


The Logistics team provides support services to Library faculty and staff, occupants of the Clough Undergraduate Learning Commons and Library users. These services include:

  • mail delivery
  • shipping & receiving
  • supply room management
  • equipment inventory and surplus management
  • transportation of Institute records and Library materials (LENDS)
  • staging and event space management

 Staff contact info:

Casey Bowens Facilities Operations Assistant 404-385-3127
Vivian Campbell Security Supervisor 404-894-4536
Derrick Foster Facilities Operations Assistant 404-385-3127
Tom Grice Facilities Manager Senior 404-276-6552
Jamil Holloway Facilities Operations Assistant 404-385-3127
Robert Luck Information Associate I 404-367-0427
Gregory Oliver Facilities Manager I 404-385-5324