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    Alvar Aalto: Technology and Nature
    NA1455 .F53 A232x 2004

    Antonio Gaudi
    NA1313 .G3 A58x 2002

    Bauhaus: The Face of the 20th Century
    N332 .G33 B388x 2006

    Bauhaus: Less is More
    N332 .G33 B387x 2004

    Carlo Scarpa
    NA1123 .S35 C36x 2002

    Dessau’s Bauhaus
    N332 .G33 D47x 2002

    Islamic Art: India and the Middle East
    N6260 .I84x 2007 Vol. 1

    Islamic Art: Africa and Central Asia
    N6260 .I84x 2007 Vol. 2

    Prairie Style
    NA712.5 .P73 P733x 2002

    Pritzker Prize-Winning Architects
    NA2335 .P752x 2007

    Renzo Piano: Piece by Piece
    NA1123 .P47 R452x 2003

    Women and Architecture: Public Space, Public Work
    NA1997 .P82x 2003

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    1071 Fifth Avenue: Frank Lloyd Wright and the Secret Life of a Museum
    NA737 .W7 O63X 1993

    1992 honor awards of the American Institute of Architects
    NA2340 .A33X 1992


    Accent on Architecture 1995
    NA2340 .A33X 1995

    Accent on Architecture 1993
    NA2340 .A33X 1993

    Accent on Architecture 1994
    NA2340 .A33X 1994

    DF287 .A2 A26X 1963

    Adolf Loos
    NA1011.5 .L6 A3X 1990

    AIA Vision 2000
    NA2000 .V57X 1988

    Air, Light, and Utopia
    NA680 .A37X 2000

    Alvar Aalto
    NA1193 .A48X 1990

    Alvar Aalto, Technology and Nature
    NA2707 .A16 A4 1996

    Alvar Aalto: Technology and Nature
    NA1455 .F53 A232x 2004

    America by Design (Vols. 1-4)
    NA705 .A482 1987

    American Photography
    TR23 .G652X 1999

    American Visions
    N6505 .A62X 1997

    America’s Castles (Vols. 1-6)
    NA7710 .A44X 1996

    Amiens Trilogy
    NA5551 .A45 A454 1995

    Andy Goldsworthy: Rivers and Tides
    N6797 .G65 R58X 2006

    Antonio Gaudi
    NA1313 .G3 A58x 2002

    Architectour de Suisse
    NA1348 .A73X 2002

    Architecture in Switzerland
    NA1348 .A732X 2005

    Architecture: Meaning in a Poet’s Vision
    NA1313 .G3 A73X 1978

    Architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright
    NA737 .W7 A63X 1994

    Architecture, the 80’s and Beyond
    NA680 .A73X 1987

    Art: 21
    N6512 .A78X 2003

    Art: 21
    N6512 .A68X 2005

    Art: 21
    N6512.7 .A783X 2007

    Art and Science of Lighting Design
    TH7703 .I54 No 1

    Art Historian (Vols. 1-2)
    N5303 .A74X 1995

    Art Nouveau
    N6465 .A7 A68X 1986

    Aspects of Central Place
    HT133 .A76X 1982

    Athens and Ancient Greece
    DF275 .A84 1995

    Avant-Garde: Experimental Cinema of the 1920’s
    PN1995.9 .E96 A92X 2005


    NA1311 .B3 B37X 1992

    Barcelona Pavilion
    NA1088 .M65 B37 1990

    Basic Art Appreciation
    ND1143 .B37 1997

    Batching, Mixing, and Transporting Ready-Mix Concrete
    TA439 .B28 1991

    Bauhaus: The Face of the 20th Century
    N332 .G33 B387 1996

    Bauhaus: The Face of the 20th Century
    N332 .G33 B388x 2006

    Bauhaus: Less is More
    N332 .G33 B387x 2004

    Bauhaus in America
    NA712 .B38X 1994

    Bauhaus in Weimar, 1919-1925
    N332 .G33 B39X 1975

    Bechtel Construction and Engineering
    TH159 .B43X 1995

    Blue Vinyl
    PN1997.2 .B68X 2005

    Brooklyn Bridge: A Film by Ken Burns
    TG25 .N53 B76X 1995

    Brunel Experience (pts. 1-2)
    TA168 .B78X 1998

    Building Big
    NA2750 .B76X 2004

    Building Design Concepts
    NA2750 .B77X 1995

    Building the American Dream
    HT168 .L48 B83 1994

    Building the Brookhaven House
    TH7414 .B85X 1981


    Calatrava in London
    NA1313 .C35 C35X 1992

    Capability Brown
    SB470 .B7 C37X 1989

    Carlo Scarpa
    NA1123 .S35 C36x 2002

    Central City
    HF5429.5 .L7 C46X 1982

    Chicago’s Modern Architecture
    NA735 .C4 C45X 1985

    Church in the North
    NA1193 .C488X 1990

    Circle within the Square
    NA1373 .S5 C57X 1989

    Circuit (7)
    ML3469 .C57X 2000

    Cities for People
    NA2542.4 .P67X 1974

    Cities of the Ancient Mayas
    F1435 .C57X 1990

    HT123 .C58X 1980Z

    Civilisation (Vols. 1-7)
    CB69 .C62X 1993

    Columbus, Indiana
    NA712.5 .C65 C65X 1991

    Commercial Art
    NC10001 .C66X 1989

    Concern for Tomorrow
    NA997 .F88 P382X 1991

    Concert of Wills
    NA6813 .U62 L678X 1997

    Construction Technology (Vols. 1-7)
    TH149 .C66X 1994

    Culture Shock (Vols. 1-4)
    NX180 .S6 C857X 2000


    Defying Gravity
    N559 .D4 D44X 2006

    Design Process
    TH7703 .I54 No 3

    Designing for Disaster
    NA712 .D37X 1989

    Dessau’s Bauhaus
    N332 .G33 D47x 2002

    Developing City
    HT371 .D48X 1992

    Diesen kuss der Ganzen Welt
    NA1010 .V5 D53X 1980Z

    Digital Dump
    HD9975 .A37 D54X 2005

    Dilemmas of Development
    HT165.5 .O55X 1990 PT 2

    Drawing Techniques
    NC890 .D73 1992 PT 2

    Dwelling in the Future
    NA680 .D92X 1993


    Early Italian Renaissance
    N6915 .E26X 1994

    PN1997 .E34X 2005

    Ecological Design
    NA2542.35 .E3 1994

    Elements and Principles of Design
    N7430 .E43X 1989

    Empire Style in Helsinki
    NA1193 .E47X 1990

    Energy Bank
    HD9502 .U52 E468X 1991

    Energy Efficient Lighting
    TH7703 .I54 NO 4

    English Landscape Garden
    SB470 .K4 E64X 1991

    Environmental Architecture
    NA2542.3 .e58x 1990z

    EnvironMental Services
    N6537 .W342 E58X 2003

    Envisioning Emotional Epistemological Information
    N7433.4 .B97 E58X 2003

    European Art School (pts. 1-4)
    N7430 .E97 1984

    Exporting Harm
    HD9975 .A75 E97X 2002


    Fences and Neighborhoods
    HT168 .A7 F46 1996

    NA1123 .P2 F46X 1996

    Film before Film
    PN1993.5 A1 W37X 1989

    Finishing Concrete Flatwork
    TA439 .F56 1984

    Formacio de l’arquitecte
    NA2000.F67x 2005

    PN1997 .F68X 1990

    Frank Lloyd Wright
    NA737 .W7 F67 1998

    Frank Lloyd Wright Way
    NA737 .W7 F73 1995

    French Gothic Architecture
    NA5543 .F74X 1994


    Garden and the Grid
    NA9052 .G37X 1986

    NA1313 .G3 G38 1992

    Global Assembly Line
    HG6336 .G56X 1986

    Grand Louvre
    N2030 .G73X 1993


    Hand of Adam
    NA887 .A4 h46X 1975

    Holding Ground: The Rebirth of Dudley Street
    HN79 .M43 R68X 1996

    Home Economics
    HT352 .U6 C65X 1994

    Home Sweet Home
    TH4812 .H65X 1992

    Homes and Hands: Community Land Trusts in Action
    HD205 .H66X 1998

    Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank
    NA6243 .H85 H67X 1987

    NA1193 .H85X 1990



NA737 .P365 I2 2003

Incredible Monuments of Rome

NA9355 .R7 I53X 1996

Inspection before Placement of Concrete
TA439 .P86 1987

Introduction to Universal Design
NA2545 .P5 U539X 1994

Islamic Art: India and the Middle East
N6260 .I84x 2007 Vol. 1

Islamic Art: Africa and Central Asia
N6260 .I84x 2007 Vol. 2

Italian Romanesque
NA390 .I83 1994


    James Ingo Freed: The Architecture of the US Holocaust Memorial
    D804.3 .J36X 1995


    Keck+Keck Architects
    NA737 .K4 K43X

    NA997 .A4 A4X 1991

    Ken Yeang
    NA2540 .Y422X 1994


    Le Corbusier: Villa Savoye
    NA1053 .J4 L45X 1975

    Lewis Mumford on the City (pts. 1-6)
    HT11 .L4 1980Z

    Life, Times, and Wonders of Rome and Pompeii
    DG63 .L5 1994

    Light, Space, and Laminated Glass
    TA418.9 L3 L54X 1991

    Lighting Fundamentals
    TH7703 .I54

    Lime, the Logical Choice in Mortar
    TA437 .L55X 1980Z

    Little Gothik Castle
    NA7589 .S7 K35X 1980


Man With Modern Nerves

NA1011.5 .L6 M36X 1988

Mary Jane Colter
NA737 .C64 M37X 1996

Mastering Woodworking Machines
TT186 .D852X 1992

Mastering Your Tablesaw
TT186 .M452X 1992

Maya Lin: A Strong Clear Vision

NA737 .L54 M39 2003

Metal Building Systems
TH1098 .M392X 1990Z

PN1997 .M47 M47X 1989

Michael Hopkins, Developing Structures
NA997 .H664 H664X 1989

N6923 .B9 M52X

Movement in Architecture
NA2760 .M68X 1993


    Native American Architecture
    E98 .D9 N38X 1996

    New Chicago Skyscrapers
    NA6233 .C4 N49X 1990

    New Urbanism 101
    HT165.52 .N48X 2001

    New York: A Documentary Film
    F128.3 .N49X 2001

    Next Industrial Revolution
    GF75 .N49X 2001

    Nick Grimshaw
    Na997 .G745 G75X 1990

    Norman Foster
    NA997 .F6 A4 1996


    Painting Barns in Watercolor with Tony Couch
    ND2310 .P35X 1989\

    NA1123 .P2 P25X 1991

    Paris in the 19th Century
    DC733 .P37X 2001

    Patterns of Social Order as Reflected by Architecture (pts. 1-6)
    NA2543 .S6 C66X 1990

    Peter Foggo, Broadgate
    NA997 .F633 F633X 1989

    Places for the Soul
    NA997 .A53X P53X 1990

    Powers of Ten
    QA141 .P68X 1989

    Prairie Style
    NA712.5 .P73 P733x 2002

    Prestressed Concrete
    TA683.9 .P74X 1990Z

    Pritzker Prize-Winning Architects
    NA2335 .P752x 2007

    ProFile: The Sourcebook of US Architectural Firms
    NA53 .P76X


    Ralph Erskine: An Egalitarian Architecture
    NA997 .E75 E774X 1990

    Reinventing the City
    HT168 .N5 R45X 1996

    Renzo Piano: Piece by Piece
    NA1123 .P47 R452x 2003

    Retrofit of Office Buildings: Case Studies for Hellenic Buildings
    NA2542.3 .R48X 2000 zc

    Rome Revisited
    N6920 .R66X 1995

    Rome, Art, and Architecture
    N5760 .R66X 1994

    Ron Herron, Imagination
    NA997 .H47 H478X 1990

    Ruskin’s Journey
    PR5263 .R87X 2000


    BX9771 .S43X 1994

    Shock of Futurism

    Skyscraper (Vols. 1-5)
    NA6233 .N5 W685X 1990

    Small Shop Projects, Boxes
    TT200 .S62X 1990

    Social Life of Small Urban Spaces
    HT153 .W49 1988

    Soft Cinema
    N6498 .V53 S64X 2005

    Solar Control Handbooks
    NA2542 .S6 S63x 2000zc

    Soleri’s Cities
    NA9050 .S649X 1993

    Spent Light
    NA737 .K32 S64 1993

    Subdivide and Conquer
    HD209 .S93X 1999

    Symbols: Trees and Water
    ND2420 .S95X 1987


    Tage Frid on Vacuum-Veneering
    TS870 .T33 1992

    NA737 .W7 T354X 1990

    Tall Buildings
    TH 6057 .T23 T342X 1991

    Terry Duncan’s Quick Draw System
    NC710 .D86 1995

    NK1535 .M67 T67x 2000

    Transport in Cities
    HE 305 .R5352X 1991

    Trouble in Utopia
    NA682 .I58 T76X 1988


    Uncommon Places, the Architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright
    NA737 .W7 U62X 1988

    Understanding Cities (Vols. 1-5)
    NA9094 .U63

    Understanding Urban Sprawl
    HT371 .U52X 1999

    Universal Design in Architecture
    NA2545 .P5 U54X 1994

    Universal Design in the Landscape
    NA2545 .P5 U541X 1994

    HT165.5 .U73X 1991


    Visual Language of Design
    N7430 .V578 1993


    Water Color II
    ND2420 .W371X 1984

    Water Color III
    ND2420 .W372X 1984

    Weissenhof Siedlung, Stuttgart
    NA6750 .S8 W4X

    William Wegman
    N6537 .W345 A4 2006

    Women and Architecture: Public Space, Public Work
    NA1997 .P82x 2003

    Wood Finishing Video
    TT325 .D742X 1992

    World of Buckminster Fuller
    NA737 .F8 W67X 1995

    World of Tomorrow
    T785 .C1 W67X 1985


    SB475.83 .X47 1992

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