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P. M. Heffernan Drawings

A collection of approximately 2430 sketches, presentation and construction drawings, showing existing and demolished buildings at the Georgia Institute of Technology Campus, currently the single largest repository of GeorgiaTech campus drawings, extensively documenting design process and final versions of projects.

Several of these items are from the architectural firm of Bush-Brown and Gailey, Architects, R. L. Aeck and P. M. Heffernan, Architects (1946 to 1954). P.M. Heffernan was the chief designer for the expansion plans on Georgia Tech Campus, including its several prominent buildings - the First Research Building, Smith, Glenn and Tower Dormitories, the Old West Stands of Grant Field, the Bradley Building, the School of Textile Engineering, the School of Architecture, the Price Gilbert Library, and the State Highway Laboratory.

All items are currently being catalogued towards the Web-based Search Engine with comprehensive annotations (Completion Fall 2003).

1000 - 1510 Georgia Tech Library Building
2000 - 2104 Hightower Textile Building
3000 - 3496 Architecture Building
4000 - 4210 Radio Station WGST
4300 - 4322 Handball and Squash Court
4400 - 4433 Physical Training Center
4500 - 4575 New West Stands Grant Field
4600 - 4615 Alteration to South Stand Grant Field
4700 - 4725 Athletic Association Building
4800 - 4867 Auditorium and Swimming Pool
4900 - 4952 Various Athletic Projects
5000 - 5032 A. French Textile Building
5500 - 5573 FWA Temporary Buildings
6000 - 6170 North and South Dormitories
6500 - 6522 Ceramics Building
7000 - 7053 Daniel Guggenheim School of Aeronautics
7500 - 7539 Civil Engineering Classroom Building
8000 - 8050Completion of Dorms, Harrison and Howell
8100 - 8161 Addition to Dinning Hall
8200 - 8239 Completion of Dorms
8300 - 8318 Julius Brown Dormitories
8500 - 8532 Cloudman Dormitories
9000 - 9052 USNR Armory Building
9100 - 9112 Gym and Field House Lawson Area
9200 - 9238 Naval Air Station Alterations
9400 - 9411 Various Parks and Fileds Site Planning
9500 - 9539 Engineering Drawing Building
9600 - 9615 Frame Dwelling for ΒΘΠ
9700 - 9718 Trailer Camp for Georgia Tech
9800 - 9806 Stream Distribution System
9900 - 9923 Warehouse and Garage

P. M. Heffernan Sketches and Sketchbooks

A collection of pencil, pen and charcoal sketches executed by P. M. Heffernan, mainly landscape, still life and architecture, from his teaching years at the College of Architecture, GeorgiaTech (1938 - 76). Several of these sketches are on loose sheets of newsprint, bristol and trace. Others are included in sketchbooks, often annotated with short notes.

P. M. Heffernan Photos and Slides

A large collection of film negatives (35 mm and 120 format), black and white prints (in several formats), and slide transparencies (35 mm and lantern format), from P. M. Heffernanís teaching activities and travels in the United States, Europe and Asia.

P. M. Heffernan Papers and Correspondence

A collection of business and official papers from P. M. Heffernanís office at the College of Architecture GeorgiaTech, including some personal correspondence.
Partially still stored in the Basement Vault, COA Old Building.
(Acquired Summer 2002)

P. M. Heffernan Project Documentation

A large collection of project specifications (several copies), and building blueprints for structures designed on the GeorgiaTech Campus by P. M. Heffernan.
Partially still stored in the Basement Vault, COA Old Building.
(Acquired Summer 2002)

P. M. Heffernan Student Work

Selected student work from P. M. Heffernanís teaching years (1938 - 76) at the College of Architecture, Georgia Institute of Technology, including final presentation drawings for several projects.

Morgue Drawings

Representative, selected samples of student work at the Georgia Institute of Technology before and after P. M. Heffernan (pre-1938, post 1976)

Neel Reid Collection

A large comprehensive collection of architect Neel Reidís drawings for several of his built projects, second only to the collection at the Atlanta History Center. This entire collection was previously housed in the Architecture Library, and was moved to the Heffernan House in Summer 2002.

Dominique Bonnamour-Lloyd Collection

Dominique Bonnamour-Lloyd (1956 - 99), taught at the College of Architecture, Georgia Tech for several years. This collection puts together a portion of her written manuscripts, course proposals and a large number of slides.
Acquired Summer 2001 and presently stored in several files.

Hin Brendendieck Collection

Hin Brendendieck was the director of the Industrial Design Program at the College of Architecture after graduating from Bauhaus. This collection includes his written manuscripts, course proposals, slides, models and personal correspondence.
Acquired Spring 2004 and presently stored in the Heffernan House.

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