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Personal Camera Use

The Georgia Tech Archives allows patrons to use personal cameras in our reading room for documenting archival materials. This permission is granted for personal use only and solely for research purposes. For any reproductions, please visit the Reproduction Services page.

Policies to use personal cameras:

  1. You MUST get permission from the Archives reference staff before using your camera.
  2. To protect fragile holdings and honor donor agreements, Georgia Tech Archives reserves the right to refuse a request.
  3. No flash photography is allowed.
  4. Keep the materials flat on the table at all times and do not lean on the surface of the materials.
  5. Ask for assistance in moving oversized materials.
  6. Possession of images does not convey reproduction rights. Direct reproduction requests to the Head of the Georgia Tech Archives.
  7. You assume all copyright responsibilities for the images you create and agree to hold harmless Georgia Tech Archives (please review the copyright restrictions).