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Images and Memories Photograph Collection

Images and Memories Photograph Collection

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Descriptive Summary

Title: Images and Memories Photograph Collection
Identification: VAC001
Date: 1983-1985
Size/Quantity: 0.8 linear feet (two document cases)
Language: This collection is written in English.
Creator: Georgia Institute of Technology.
Repository: Archives & Records Management, Library, Georgia Institute of Technology
Abstract:The pictorial history, Images and Memories: Georgia Tech, 1885-1985,was one of several projects celebrating Georgia Tech's centennial in 1985. This collection contains copy prints of many of the photographs that appeared in the book.

Biographical/Historical Note

The publication of Images and Memories: Georgia Tech, 1885-1985 began as an idea proposed by Regents' Professor of Civil Engineering Paul G. Mayer and Vice-President of Development Warren Heeman, who served as co-chairs of Georgia Tech's Centennial Celebration. The project set out to record the history of Georgia Tech in photographs. Co-authored by B. Eugene Griessman, Sarah Evelyn Jackson, and Annibel Jenkins and published by The Georgia Tech Foundation, the book appeared in print in 1985, Tech's centennial year.

Scope and Content Note

The photographs in this collection include the images used in Images and Memories: Georgia Tech, 1885-1985. The book depicts the history of Georgia Tech's first hundred years. Most of the photographs are copy prints.

The photographs are arranged according to page numbers; however, several photographs are missing and are labeled as "missing." See the attached list and the book.

Index Terms

Georgia Institute of Technology. Buildings.
Georgia Institute of Technology. Faculty.
Georgia Institute of Technology. History.
Georgia Institute of Technology. Sports.
Georgia Institute of Technology. Students.
Heisman, John W., (John William), 1869-1936
Jones, Bobby, 1902-1971
Roosevelt, Theodore, 1858-1919

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Please cite Images and Memories Photograph Collection (VAC001), Archives, Library and Information Center, Georgia Institute of Technology.


Accession #1990.0101 (old number: 90-01-01).

Processing Information

Jody Lloyd Thompson processed these photographs in 2002.

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February 2006:
  • Finding aid converted from EAD Version 1.0 to Version 2002. April 2010: Finding aid imported into Archivists' Toolkit.

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    Restrictions: Use

    All photographs in this collection are subject to approval before publication may be permitted. Permission to publish materials from this collection must be obtained from the Head of Archives and Special Collections.

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    11Images and Memories Photos (pp. 1-7), ca. 1864
    VAC1-1/Page 3: Sundial, undated
    VAC1-2/Page 4: Hill where Tech Tower now stands, ca. 1864
    VAC1-3/Page 7: Georgia School of Technology molding, undated
    12Images and Memories Photos (pp. 9-15), ca. 1890-1899
    VAC1-4/Page 10: Isaac Stile Hopkins, undated
    VAC1-4-1/Page 10: copy, undated
    VAC1-5/Page 11: Tech's first two building (Tech Tower and the Shop), pre-1892
    VAC1-6/Page 11: Atlanta street scene, 1891
    VAC1-6-1/Page 11: copy, 1891
    VAC1-6-2/Page 11: copy, 1891
    VAC1-7/Page 12: Nathaniel E.Harris [negative], undated
    VAC1-8/Page 13: Tech's faculty, 1890s
    VAC1-8-1/Page 13: copy, 1890s
    VAC1-9/Page 14: First issue of the Technologian [negative], 1891
    VAC1-10/Page 14: Advertisement contract work, 1890s
    VAC1-11/Page 15: Atlanta street scene, 1892
    13Images and Memories Photos (pp. 16-23), 1888-1900
    VAC1-12/Page 16: Fraternity (Alpha Tau Omega) members, 1888
    VAC1-13/Page 17: Georgia Tech Commencement Issue, 1894
    VAC1-14/Page 17: Cotton State and International Exposition in Piedmont Park, 1895
    VAC1-15/Page 18: Drawing Room, 1899-1900
    VAC1-16/Page 21: Taking measurements for "Physical Culture", undated
    VAC1-17/Page 21: Gymnasium, 1897-1898
    VAC1-18/Page 22: Board and Expenses list for housing, 1896
    VAC1-19/Page 23: Georgia Tech's first football team, 1892
    14Images and Memories Photos (pp. 24-30), 1893-1905
    VAC1-20/Page 24: Football Team, 1893
    VAC1-20-1/Page 24: copy, 1893
    VAC1-21/Page 25: Machine and Wood Shops and Tech Tower, undated
    VAC1-21-1/Page 25: copy, undated
    VAC1-22/Page 25: Students in shop clothes, undated
    VAC1-22a/Page 25: Students in day clothes (coat, tie and hat), undated
    VAC1-23/Page 26: Freshmen wood shop students, 1906
    VAC1-24/Page 27: Students working in the shop, undated
    VAC1-25/Page 27: Foundary, 1898-1899
    VAC1-26/Page 29: Machine Shop, undated
    VAC1-27/Page 30: GT Faculty, 1899
    15Images and Memories Photos (pp. 31-37), 1896-1961
    VAC1-28/Page 31: Dynamo Electric Machinery Class, 1905
    VAC1-29/Page 32: newspaper clipping, Atlanta Journal Constitution, 1896
    VAC1-30/Page 33: Apprentice Class, 1897
    VAC1-31/Page 33: Insubordinate Seniors, 1901
    VAC1-31-1/Page 33: copy, 1901
    VAC1-32/Page 33: Insubordinate Seniors, 1961
    VAC1-33/Page 37: Isolation House, undated
    16Images and Memories Photos (pp. 39-46), 1900-1904
    VAC1-34/Page 39: Baseball game Middlers v. Juniors, 1904
    VAC1-35/Page 40: Yound Lyman Hall, undated
    VAC1-36/Page 41: Knowles Dormitory, undated
    VAC1-37/Page 42: early campus, 1900
    VAC1-38/Page 43: early campus, 1904
    VAC1-38-1/Page 43: copy, 1904
    VAC1-38-2/Page 43: copy, 1904
    VAC1-39/Page 44: Aaron French, undated
    VAC1-40/Page 45: French Textile Building, undated
    VAC1-41/Page 46: President's office (Hopkins and Hall), undated
    VAC1-42/Page 46: Professor in charge's office, undated
    17Images and Memories Photos (pp. 47-53), 1897-1929
    VAC1-43/Page 47: Individual walking towards the "Tech Flats" for a football game, 1897
    VAC1-44/Page 47: Swann Dormitory and Electric Building, undated
    VAC1-45/Page 48: Middler's Mansion, undated
    VAC1-46/Page 49: John Heisman, 1910
    VAC1-47/Page 49: copy of John Heisman's football coaching contract, 1907
    VAC1-48/Page 50: James Walter Estes and Frank Davenport, 1929
    VAC1-49/Page 50: J. B. Crenshaw, ca.1904
    VAC1-50/Page 51: sending long distant wireless messages, undated
    VAC1-50/Page 51: copy, undated
    VAC1-51/Page 52: "Bag of Wind" music sheet, undated
    VAC1-52/Page 52: "Ramblin Wreck from Georgia Tech" music sheet, undated
    VAC1-53/Page 53: campus winter scene, undated
    18Images and Memories Photos (pp. 55-61), 1905-1912
    VAC1-54/Page 55: Kenneth G. Matheson and Mrs. Matheson (Belle Seddon Fleet), undated
    VAC1-55/Page 55: Kenneth G. Matheson, undated
    VAC1-55-1/Page 55: copy, undated
    VAC1-56/Page 56: YMCA Building, ca.1912
    VAC1-57/Page 57: Young William Leslie Mattox, ca.1907
    VAC1-57-1/Page 57: copy, undated
    VAC1-58/Page 58: GT Baseball Team, 1906
    VAC1-59/Page 59: President Teddy Roosevelt's visit to GT, 1905
    VAC1-60/Page 61: Andrew Carnegie Library, ca.1906
    VAC1-61/Page 60: Andrew Carnegie, undated
    VAC1-62/Page 61: Interior of Carnegie Library, undated
    19Images and Memories Photos (pp. 62-65), 1906-1908
    VAC1-63/Page 62: newspaper clipping, Georgia Tech, 1906
    VAC1-64/Page 63: GT track team, 1907-1908
    VAC1-65/Page 63: cartoon, GT v. Clemson, undated
    VAC1-66/Page 64: Coach William A. Anderson standing in front of Lyman Hall, undated
    VAC1-67/Page 64: The Whistle, undated
    VAC1-68/Page 65: students testing a boiler at Atlanta Water Works, undated
    VAC1-69/Page 65: students testing an engine at Georgia Railway and Electric Comp., undated
    110Images and Memories Photos (pp. 66-72), 1909
    VAC1-70/Page 66: Students on noon break, undated
    VAC1-71/Page 67: Classroom, Physics, undated
    VAC1-71-1/Page 67: copy, undated
    VAC1-72/Page 67: Physics laboratory, undated
    VAC1-73/Page 68: Freshmen laboratory, undated
    VAC1-74/Page 69: Civil Engineering, surveying, Kirkwood, Georgia, undated
    VAC1-75/Page 69: President Taft's visit to Tech, 1909
    VAC1-76/Page 70: ANAK students, undated
    VAC1-77/Page 71: ANAK students, undated
    VAC1-78/Page 72: Tech's evening school building, undated
    VAC1-78-1/Page 72: copy, undated
    VAC1-78-2/Page 72: copy, undated
    VAC1-79/Page 72: William Van Houten, undated
    111Images and Memories Photos (pp. 73-75), 1908-1914
    VAC1-80/Page 73: Working foundary assignments [negative], undated
    VAC1-81/Page 73: students working outside, undated
    VAC1-82/Page 75: Tech's Artist Society, 1910
    VAC1-83/Page 75: Architecture Society, 1911
    VAC1-84/Page 76: GT basketball team, 1908
    VAC1-85/Page 76: Shacks, 1914
    VAC1-85-1/Page 76: copy, undated
    VAC1-86/Page 77: Tech Flats (scoreboard), 1911
    112Images and Memories Photos (pp. 78-82), 1910
    VAC1-87/Page 79: GT's football team (Tech v. Vanderbilt), 1910
    VAC1-88/Page 80: New hospital under construction, undated
    VAC1-89a, b, c/Page 81: Hospital Fund Committee, undated
    VAC1-90/Page 82: H. Wayne Patterson in tuxedo, undated
    VAC1-91/Page 82: H. Wayne Patterson in football uniform, undated
    VAC1-92a, b, c/Page 82: H. Wayne Patterson at a social event, undated
    VAC1-93/Page 82: GT's musical club, undated
    113Images and Memories Photos (pp. 84-87), 1912-1913
    VAC1-94/Page 84: Lowell Terrell, undated
    VAC1-95/Page 85: John Heisman holding fish, 1912
    VAC1-96/Page 86: Blasting on the flats (Grant Field), 1913
    VAC1-97/Page 86: Hugh Inman Grant [negative], undated
    VAC1-97-1/Page 86: copy, undated
    VAC1-97-2/Page 86: copy, undated
    VAC1-97-3/Page 86: copy, undated
    VAC1-98/Page 87: smoke stack, undated
    VAC1-99/Page 87: William E. Pallen, undated
    VAC1-100/Page 87: Grant Field, undated
    VAC1-101/Page 87: Skyline of Atlanta, undated
    114Images and Memories Photos (pp. 88-95), 1911-1918
    VAC1-102/Page 89: GT football game (Tech v.Cumberland), 1916
    VAC1-102-1/Page 89: copy, 1916
    VAC1-103/Page 90: Flats and neighborhood adjacent to Tech, 1911
    VAC1-104/Page 91: Shakespearian play "As You Like It", 1915
    VAC1-105/Page 91: InteriorKnowles Dormitorydinning room, undated
    VAC1-106/Page 92: Noye H. Nesbit in military uniform, 1917
    VAC1-107/Page 93: GT graduation, 1917
    VAC1-108/Page 94: Student Army Training Corp., undated
    VAC1-109/Page 95: Training Detachment assigned to Tech, 1918
    VAC1-109-1/Page 95: copy, 1918
    VAC1-109-2/Page 95: copy, 1918
    VAC1-110/Page 95: United States Army Training Detachment, 1918
    115Images and Memories Photos (pp. 96-100), 1917
    VAC1-111/Page 96: Cartoon Tech football champion, 1917
    VAC1-112/Page 96: GT Football team with Heisman, 1917
    VAC1-113/Page 98: John S. Coon, undated
    VAC1-114/Page 98: Grant FieldJohn Coon sitting on top of the stands, undated
    VAC1-115/Page 99: Department of Mechanical Engineering Coon Building, undated
    VAC1-116/Page 99: Students studying Wilfred Gross(far right), undated
    VAC1-117/Page 100: Mrs. Annie Teitlebaum Wise, undated
    VAC1-118/Page 100: A.R. "Buck" Flowers, undated
    116Images and Memories Photos (pp. 101-105), 1920-1929
    VAC1-119/Page 101: J.W. "Judy" Harlan and David "Red" Barron at Penn State v. Tech '21, undated
    VAC1-120/Page 101: Harlan and Barron, 1921
    VAC1-121/Page 102: First dance to radio music Arthur Murray [negative], 1920
    VAC1-121-1/Page 102: copy, 1920
    VAC1-122/Page 103: Murray with dancing students [negative], undated
    VAC1-123/Page 104: Signal Corp. Unit of R.O.T.C./Electical Engineering students, undated
    VAC1-124/Page 104: Edward Benton Dodd's portrayal of Tech Types, 1922
    VAC1-125/Page 105: car in a parade, 1920s
    VAC1-126/Page 105: car in a parade, 1920s
    117Images and Memories Photos (pp. 107-113), 1905-1922
    VAC1-127/Page 106: Oscar G. Davis, undated
    VAC1-128/Page 107: Albert H. Stanton, undated
    VAC1-129/Page 107: John Staton, undated
    VAC1-130/Page 109: Margaret Mitchell, 1922
    VAC1-131/Page 110: Frank "Hop" C. Owens, 1919
    VAC1-132/Page 110: First freshmen football team with coach George Griffin, 1920
    VAC1-133/Page 111: Convicts working on Grant Field, 1905
    VAC1-134/Page 112: Tech Band, 1921
    VAC1-135/Page 113: Calendar of 1922 Commencement, 1922
    VAC1-136/Page 114: Costume party from 1922 Commencement celebration, 1922
    118Images and Memories Photos (pp. 115-120), 1922-1928
    VAC1-137/Page 115: Marion L. Brittain, undated
    VAC1-138/Page 115: Brittain on Mediterranean tour, 1928
    VAC1-139/Page 115: Brittain on Mediterranean tour, 1928
    VAC1-140/Page 116: Atlanta street scene, undated
    VAC1-141/Page 117: Edward B. Hamm participates in long jump, 1928
    VAC1-142/Page 118: Frank Mayo wearing military uniform, 1925
    VAC1-142-1/Page 118: copy, 1925
    VAC1-143a/Page 118: Soldier standing near airplane, 1922
    VAC1-143b/Page 118: Soldier near machine guns, 1922
    VAC1-144/Page 119: Cake Race, 1922
    VAC1-145/Page 119: Cake Race participants, 1922
    VAC1-146/Page 120: Aerial view of Grant Field Rose Bowl Field, surrounding area, undated
    119Images and Memories Photos (pp. 121-124), 1920-1929
    VAC1-147/Page 121: Tech football team at Brookwood Station, 1925
    VAC1-148/Page 121: Callaway Family, undated
    VAC1-149/Page 122: Frances Newman, undated
    VAC1-150/Page 122: Cover page of Newman's book (Hard Boiled Virgin), undated
    VAC1-151/Page 123: Baseball team, 1920s
    VAC1-152/Page 123: Al Rogers and Grady Garner splicing field wire, 1927
    VAC1-153/Page 123: Pontoon bridge built by Signal Corp and the Corp of Engineers, 1927
    VAC1-154/Page 124: Old radio station at Tech, undated
    VAC1-155/Page 124: Cartoon of Tech Football team, Golden Tornados, 1925
    120Images and Memories Photos (pp. 125-130), 1920-1929
    VAC1-156/Page 125: Shirttail Parade, 1924
    VAC1-157/Page 125: Civil Crew Parade, 1920
    VAC1-158/Page 126: from GT Alumnuscopy of Charles Lindbert, 1927
    VAC1-159/Page 127: Cars line North Avenue prior to Football game, 1926
    VAC1-159-1/Page 127: copy, 1926
    VAC1-160/Page 127: Map of GT campus (drawing) by Tom Horan, 1926
    VAC1-161/Page 128: Class of 1928 at the Cliff House in Tallulah Falls, 1928
    VAC1-162/Page 128: Razzberry-front page 7, 1927
    VAC1-163/Page 130: photocopy. New Alma Mater, 1922
    VAC1-164/Page 130: members of the Koseme, 1920s
    121Images and Memories Photos (pp. 132-137), 1925-1936
    VAC1-165/Page 132: Bobby Jones, Thomas B. Payne, Watts Gunn, 1925
    VAC1-165-1/Page 132: copy, 1925
    VAC1-166/Page 132: Bobby Jones and Charlie Yates, 1936
    VAC1-167/Page 133: Atlanta street scene: Crowds waiting for Jones's return to Atlanta, 1930
    VAC1-168/Page 134: Rose Bowl: Tech vs. University of California, 1929
    VAC1-169/Page 135: Tech fans wait to board cars on their way to Rose Bowl, 1928
    VAC1-170/Page 135: 1928-1929 GT Football team, Golden Tornados, 1928-1929
    VAC1-171/Page 137: Front page of Atlanta Georigian (Rose Bowl), 1929
    VAC1-172/Page 137: President Brittain sitting with 1929 Rose Bowl Football Team, 1929
    VAC1-173/Page 137: Rose Bowl Game "Wrong-Way Run", undated
    122Images and Memories Photos (pp. 138-145), 1928-1935
    VAC1-174/Page 139: George P. Burdell's rat cap, 2 books, undated
    VAC1-175/Page 139: Certificate, George P. Burdell, undated
    VAC1-176/Page 140: Piedmont Park, Navy and Tech Navy ROTC, undated
    VAC1-177/Page 141: President Brittain with President Roosevelt, Grant Field, 1935
    VAC1-177-1/Page 141: copy, 1935
    VAC1-178/Page 141: Brittain, Diana (Churchill's daughter) and Churchill, Grant Field, 1932
    VAC1-179/Page 143: Advertisement, Tech's Schools, 1931
    VAC1-180/Page 143: Street scene, Varsity [negative], 1928
    VAC1-181/Page 144: Mechanical Engineering equipment, undated
    VAC1-182/Page 145: Wedding party, Arthur B. Edge, Jr. and Florence West, 1930
    123Images and Memories Photos (pp. 145-149), 1930-1932
    VAC1-183/Page 145: Dean William Vernon Skiles sitting at a desk, undated
    VAC1-184/Page 146: William Gilmer Perry sitting at a desk, undated
    VAC1-185/Page 146: Sidney Goldin, 1930
    VAC1-186/Page 147: Floyd Field, undated
    VAC1-187/Page 147: Harry F. Guggenheim, undated
    VAC1-188/Page 149: Evening School Carolers, 1932
    VAC1-189/Page 149: Tech vehicle in route to Athens for football game, undated
    VAC1-190/Page 149: First Ramblin' Wreck Parade, 1932
    124Images and Memories Photos (pp. 151-158), 1934-1943
    VAC1-191/Page 151: Poster, Annual Thanksgiving Football Classic, 1943
    VAC1-192/Page 152: Daniel Guggenheim School of Aeronautics Building, undated
    VAC1-193/Page 153: Autogrio, 1935
    VAC1-194/Page 153: Flying equipment, undated
    VAC1-194-1/Page 153: copy, undated
    VAC1-195/Page 153: Autogrio, 1935
    VAC1-196/Page 154: Wind Tunnel, undated
    VAC1-197/Page 155: Road plane (T. Edward, Moodie), 1934
    VAC1-198/Page 155: copy of newspaper article, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 1942
    VAC1-199/Page 156: Gilbert H. Boggs, undated
    VAC1-200/Page 157: Atlanta street scene, Forsyth and Peachtree and Pryor Streets, undated
    VAC1-201/Page 157: "Robbery" [negative], 1940s
    VAC1-202/Page 157: Jack "Stumpy" Griffin Thomason and "Bruin" the Bear, 1930s
    VAC1-202a/Page 158: Clint Castleberry, 1942
    125Images and Memories Photos (pp. 158-167), 1930-1949
    VAC1-203/Page 158: L.W. "Chip" Robert, Jr. and Brittain, 1944
    VAC1-203-1/Page 158: copy, 1944
    VAC1-204/Page 159: Navy ROTC, 1943
    VAC1-205/Page 159: Blueprint, flying Buzz, 1943
    VAC1-205-1/Page 159: copy, 1943
    VAC1-205-2/Page 159: copy, 1943
    VAC1-206/Page 160: Navy V-12 (Physical Training) [negative], 1942
    VAC1-206-1/Page 160: copy, 1942
    VAC1-207/Page 161: Research at Engineering Equipment Station, Dean Smith, 1930s
    VAC1-208/Page 162: Thomas Buchannan McGuire, Jr., 1940s
    VAC1-209/Page 163: Engineering Experiment Station, undated
    VAC1-210/Page 163: Navy ROTC Summer cruise, 1942
    VAC1-211/Page 164: Unidentified student in the shop, 1940s
    VAC1-212/Page 164: Unidentified males in the shop, 1940s
    VAC1-213/Page 165: Initiation activities, Skull and Key Society, undated



    21Images and Memories Photos (pp. 169-173), 1927-1945
    VAC1-214/Page 167: Lyman Hall Chemistry Building, 1927
    VAC1-215/Page 169: President Blake VanLeer, portrait, undated
    VAC1-216/Page 170: Brittain, undated
    VAC1-217/Page 171: Charcoal-fired gas producer unit, 1943-1944
    VAC1-218/Page 171: Students at football game, Grant Field, undated
    VAC1-219/Page 171: Mercer "Mack" Thorpe and Bobby Dodd, 1944
    VAC1-220/Page 172: Transmission electron microscope, Weil Rosselot Koza, 1945
    VAC1-221/Page 173: John "Uncle Heinie" Henka, undated
    VAC1-222/Page 173: Uncle Heinie on sled, undated
    VAC1-223/Page 173: Uncle Heinie in shop, undated
    22Images and Memories Photos (pp. 175-180), 1946-1949
    VAC1-224/Page 175: Allando A. Case, undated
    VAC1-225/Page 175: David M. Smith sitting with unidentified male, undated
    VAC1-226/Page 176: Cartner, Cummings, Ross, Bowens in Army uniform, undated
    VAC1-227/Page 177: Plague honoring Tech alumni who died in battle, undated
    VAC1-228/Page 178: Navy ROTC - Montaque, Sheffield, Towles, Hiles, Gray, 1949
    VAC1-229/Page 179: Callaway Apartments [negative], undated
    VAC1-230/Page 179: Van Leer, Alexander, Davis at dedication of Peters Park, 1946
    VAC1-231/Page 180: William A. Carmichael, undated
    23Images and Memories Photos (pp. 181-189), 1948-1949
    VAC1-232/Page 181: First "card trick" at football game, 1948
    VAC1-233/Page 181: Southern Technical Institute, undated
    VAC1-234/Page 183: Julian Hoke Harris working on plaque, 1949
    VAC1-235/Page 184: Reception, 1949
    VAC1-236/Page 184: B-29 with unidentified males on top of planepost WWII, undated
    VAC1-237/Page 185: TalmadgeGilbertCrosland at library dedication, 1949
    VAC1-237-1/Page 185: copy, undated
    VAC1-238/Page 186: Y. Frank Freeman, Jr., undated
    VAC1-239/Page 186: Y. Frank Freeman, Jr. Exhibition, undated
    VAC1-240/Page 187: Graduation ceremonies at Grant Field, undated
    VAC1-240a/Page 188: Copy of article (Carter Barron)Atlanta Weekly, undated
    VAC1-240a-1/Page 188: copy, undated
    VAC1-240a-2/Page 188: copy, undated
    VAC1-241/Page 189: Unidentified males and female student in classroom, undated
    24Images and Memories Photos (pp. 190-194), 1950-1959
    VAC1-242/Page 190: YMCA World Student Fund, undated
    VAC1-243/Page 190: YMCA World Student Fund, undated
    VAC1-243a/Page 191: GT Thousand Club Medallion, undated
    VAC1-244/Page 191: Sideways' tombstone, undated
    VAC1-245/Page 191: Sideways in classroom, undated
    VAC1-245-1/Page 191: copy, undated
    VAC1-246/Page 193: GT Registration line [negative], undated
    VAC1-247/Page 193: Shirley Clements studying, undated
    VAC1-248/Page 194: Homecoming bonfire, freshmen in foreground, 1950s
    25Images and Memories Photos (pp. 195-201), 1952-1956
    VAC1-249/Page 195: Football gameTech vs. Duke at Grant Field, 1953
    VAC1-250/Page 195: GT's All American first team, 1952
    VAC1-250-1/Page 195: copy, 1952
    VAC1-251/Page 196: Third Street Tunnel, undated
    VAC1-251a/Page 196: Third Street Tunnel, undated
    VAC1-252/Page 197: Cecil "Pete" Jesse Silas on basketball court, undated
    VAC1-253/Page 198: Architect's perspectiveRich Electronic Computer Center, undated
    VAC1-254/Page 198: Student Riots: 1956 Sugar Bowl Game, 1956
    VAC1-255/Page 199: 1956 Football team with Coach Bobby Dodd, 1956
    VAC1-256/Page 200: Alexander Memorial Coliseum, under construction, undated
    VAC1-257/Page 201: Funeral of President Blake Van Leer, 1956
    26Images and Memories Photos (pp. 203-209), 1950-1959
    VAC1-258/Page 203: Edwin D. Harrison, undated
    VAC1-259/Page 204: Students working on Yellow Jacket airplane, undated
    VAC1-259a/Page 205: Aerial view of campus and Atlanta, undated
    VAC1-260/Page 207: Graduation ceremonies, Diane Michel and Paul Weber, 1956
    VAC1-260-1/Page 207: copy, 1956
    VAC1-260-2/Page 207: copy, 1956
    VAC1-261/Page 207: Unidentified students giving a freshman a "T" cut, 1950s
    VAC1-262/Page 208: Robert Wallace Jr.and Anita Wall, 1956
    VAC1-263/Page 208: Sam Nunn kissing Anita Wall [Negative], 1956
    VAC1-263-1/Page 208: copy, 1956
    VAC1-263-2/Page 208: copy, 1956
    VAC1-264/Page 209: Parking at the Varsity, 1950s
    VAC1-264a/Page 209: Kingston Trio, 1959
    27Images and Memories Photos (pp. 210-216), 1956-1963
    VAC1-265/Page 210: ANAK tapping, 1959
    VAC1-266/Page 211: Basketball game, 1959-1960
    VAC1-267/Page 211: Ramblin' Wreck Parade, Pi Kappa Alpha, 1956
    VAC1-268/Page 212: Freshman Camp, 1957
    VAC1-269/Page 212: Fred Berman and Carl Vereen, 1950s
    VAC1-270/Page 213: James Marion McAvay with a human-powered aircraft, 1963
    VAC1-271/Page 213: James Marion McAvay with a human-powered aircraft, 1963
    VAC1-272/Page 214: "Marse Joe" Pittard and Doug Veazy, undated
    VAC1-273/Page 214: Earl Bortell and Edgar Neely, undated
    VAC1-274/Page 215: Roger Kaiser shooting a basket, 1960s
    VAC1-275/Page 216: Sledd and Cabell (article from the AJC), 1960
    VAC1-275-1/Page 216: copy, 1960
    VAC1-275-2/Page 216: copy, 1960
    VAC1-276/Page 216: Unidentified students listening to Harrison, desegregation of campus, undated
    28Images and Memories Photos (pp. 217-222), 1924-1961
    VAC1-277/Page 217: Greene, Long and Michael, undated
    VAC1-277-1/Page 217: copy, undated
    VAC1-277-2/Page 217: copy, undated
    VAC1-278/Page 218: Two unidentified males standing near Ramblin' Wreck, undated
    VAC1-279/Page 219: Ramblin' Wreck on football field, undated
    VAC1-280/Page 219: Ramblin' Wreck on football field, undated
    VAC1-281/Page 220: Campus police, 1961
    VAC1-282/Page 220: Joe Davis Brown and Homer Weber standing near sun dial, 1924
    VAC1-282a/Page 220: photocopy. Portrait of Dr. Homer Weber, undated
    VAC1-283/Page 221: Students eating at the Robbery, undated
    VAC1-284/Page 222: Mary Nell Ivey Santacroce, undated
    VAC1-285/Page 222: Drama Tech plan rehearsal, Santacroce on balcony, undated
    VAC1-286/Page 222: Drama Tech actor, undated
    29Images and Memories Photos (pp. 223-227), 1962-1967
    VAC1-287/Page 223: Football game1967 Orange Bowl, 1967
    VAC1-288/Page 223: Football game: 1967 Orange Bowl, 1967
    VAC1-289/Page 224: AJC cover (magazine)Tech's 75th Anniversary, 1962
    VAC1-290/Page 225: George Griffing sitting in office, undated
    VAC1-291/Page 227: President Harrison, Sir Charles Snow and Paul Mayer, 1964
    VAC1-292/Page 227: Football game, William Johnson Crenshaw, Jr., 1962
    VAC1-293a/Page 227: Douglas "Buddy" Fowlkes, undated
    VAC1-293b/Page 227: Douglas "Buddy" Fowlkes running on track, 1962
    210Images and Memories Photos (pp. 228-231), 1963-1965
    VAC1-294/Page 228: student crucified on a slide rule, 1963
    VAC1-295/Page 228: Guinn O. Leverett, Jr., 1963
    VAC1-296/Page 229: Fred Lanoue, undated
    VAC1-297/Page 229: Three unidentified students preparing for "drownproofing", undated
    VAC1-298/Page 229: Drownproofing demonstration: two unidentified students, undated
    VAC1-299/Page 230: Photocopy of Lyle Weber, undated
    VAC1-300/Page 230: GT Post Office burning, 1964
    VAC1-300-1/Page 230: copy, 1964
    VAC1-301/Page 231: Dr. James L. Taylor, undated
    VAC1-302/Page 231: Groundbreaking of Howey Physics Building, 1965
    211Images and Memories Photos (pp. 232-237), 1960-1969
    VAC1-303/Page 232: Coach Bud Carson stands with Coach Tom Moore and two players, 1960s
    VAC1-304/Page 233: Technique staff, 1967
    VAC1-305/Page 233: J.D. Walton, Nick Poulos, 1967
    VAC1-306/Page 234: Photocopy, Jesse W. Mason, undated
    VAC1-307/Page 234: Photocopy, Dr. Benjamin J. Dasher with unidentified male, undated
    VAC1-308/Page 235: Photocopy, Dr. William Monroe Spicer, undated
    VAC1-309/Page 235: John Oran Eicher, undated
    VAC1-310/Page 236: Joe Gutheridge,George Griffin, Fred Ajax and A.P. DeRosa, undated
    VAC1-311/Page 237: Photocopy: Vernon Crawford, Marilyn Maisel, Mrs. Crawford, 1968
    VAC1-312/Page 237: Wonderful Ed's Day, President Harrison and Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr., 1969
    212Images and Memories Photos (pp. 239-242), 1960-1985
    VAC1-313/Page 239: President Hansen's first day as President, 1969
    VAC1-314/Page 239: Photocopy, Dr. Lillian Moller Gilbreath and Col. Frank Groseclose, undated
    VAC1-315/Page 239: Ramblin' Wreck Raft Race, 1960-1970s
    VAC1-316/Page 240: Fuller E. Callaway III [Negative], 1965
    VAC1-316-1/Page 240: Copy, undated
    VAC1-317/Page 241: GT Alumni Magazine: Joseph Pettit, 1976
    VAC1-317-1/Page 241: Copy, undated
    VAC1-318/Page 241: Joseph Pettit, undated
    VAC1-319/Page 241: Pettit and his staff, 1985
    VAC1-320/Page 241: Academic Deans (Pettit's term), undated
    VAC1-321/Page 242: GT Research Institute's Directors, undated
    VAC1-322/Page 242: Meeting of the Centennial Campaign Executive Committee, undated
    VAC1-323/Page 242: Eight Presidents of the GT Alumni Association, 1985
    213Images and Memories Photos (pp. 243-249), 1971-1980
    VAC1-324/Page 243: Photocopy, Al Ciraldo and Kim King, undated
    VAC1-325/Page 243: Gary Carden, Maxie Baughan, Jerry Glanville, unidentified player, 1971
    VAC1-326/Page 243: Eddie McAshan, undated
    VAC1-327/Page 243: Randy Rhino, 1972-1974
    VAC1-328/Page 243: William "Bill" Fulcher, 1972
    VAC1-329a/Page 244: Jim Robinson, undated
    VAC1-329b/Page 244: Jim Robinson, undated
    VAC1-330/Page 245: Photocopy, Eddie Lee Ivery, 1978
    VAC1-331/Page 245: Photocopy, Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter and The Pettits, 1977
    VAC1-332/Page 246: Photocopy, Richard Yunkus, 1970
    VAC1-333/Page 247: Photocopy, Jeff and Jerry Morrison, gymnastics, 1978
    VAC1-334/Page 247: Photocopy, Malcolm Hefferman Center, undated
    VAC1-335/Page 247: Photocopy, graduation ceremonies at the Alexander Memorial Coliseum, undated
    VAC1-336/Page 248: Capt. Cathy Caseman and unidentified male, undated
    VAC1-337/Page 248: Photocopy, groundbreaking Arthur B. Edge Jr. Intercollegiate Athletic Center, 1980
    VAC1-338/Page 249: Dr. Homer C. Rice, undated
    VAC1-339/Page 249: Dr. Paul G. Mayer, undated
    214Images and Memories Photos (pp. 250-256), 1980-1983
    VAC1-340 /Page 250: Steven Poehlein in laboratory, undated
    VAC1-341 /Page 250: Graham Roberts, 1980
    VAC1-342 /Page 251: GT Alumni Distinguished Service Award Medal, undated
    VAC1-343 /Page 252: Pettit and Lawrence Gellerstadt, Jr., 1981
    VAC1-344 /Page 252: Photocopy, Pettit and Alvin Ferst, Jr., 1983
    VAC1-345 /Page 253: Charels "Charlie" M. Brown, 1982
    VAC1-346 /Page 253: J. Erskine Love, undated
    VAC1-347 /Page 253: Phillip T. Shutze, undated
    VAC1-348 /Page 253: Medal of Shutze for the Phillip T. Shutze Alumni Award, undated
    VAC1-349 /Page 254: Photocopy, participants of Challenger II, 1981
    VAC1-350 /Page 255: Photocopy, John W. Young, undated
    VAC1-351 /Page 255: Joe Engle, Richard H. Truly, undated
    VAC1-352 /Page 256: Photocopy, Mike Brown holding 1885 silver dollar, 1983
    VAC1-353 /Page 256: Photocopy, Pettit celebrating birthday, 1981
    215Images and Memories Photos (pp. 257-260), 1975-1983
    VAC1-354 /Page 257: Dr. James R. Stevenson in laboratory, 1975
    VAC1-355 /Page 257: Frank Gordy, undated
    VAC1-356 /Page 257: David Patterson, Marilyn Jones and James Wholford, 1982
    VAC1-357 /Page 258: Dr. E. Joe Baker, undated
    VAC1-357a /Page 258: Ronda Ragsdale, Denise Ellen and Lisa Johnson, 1982
    VAC1-358 /Page 259: Bernadette McClade and GT's womens basketball team, undated
    VAC1-359 /Page 259: Georgia Power Corporate Headquarters, undated
    VAC1-360 /Page 260: Paul Anderson Duke, undated
    VAC1-361 /Page 260: George W. Woodruff sitting in office, 1983
    217Images and Memories Photos (pp. 261-264), 1976-1983
    VAC1-362 /Page 261: Bobby Cremins and Mark Price, 1983
    VAC1-363 /Page 261: Baseball Team, 1983
    VAC1-364 /Page 262: Don Chapman, Ben Dyer, Paul Smith, President Pettit, 1983
    VAC1-365 /Page 262: Zeta Beta Tau, Ramblin' Wreck Parade, 1983
    VAC1-366 /Page 263: W. Harry Vaughn and Montgomery Knight, undated
    VAC1-366-1 /Page: copy, undated
    VAC1-367 /Page 263: Donald Grace and W. Harry Vaughnc.1976, 1976
    VAC1-368 /Page 264: President Pettit and Wang Shuntong, 1983
    217Images and Memories Photos (pp. 265-269), 1984
    VAC1-369 /Page 265: Howard OlsonThomas Poole and Bill Manning, undated
    VAC1-370 /Page 265: Eclipse, 1984
    VAC1-371 /Page 265: Buzz, Eclipse, undated
    VAC1-371-1 /Page: copy, 1984
    VAC1-372 /Page 265: Unidentified students, Eclipse, 1984
    VAC1-373 /Page 266: Blueprint and Technique staff at Post-publishing banquet, 1984
    VAC1-374 /Page 266: Robert Lavetter, 1984
    VAC1-375 /Page 267: ASSOCIATE PRESS PHOTOGRAPH Men's 400m Relay Team, 1984
    VAC1-376 /Page 267: Dr. Mark Smith, American Fencing Team1984 Olympics, 1984
    VAC1-377 /Page 268: President Pettit with Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, 1984
    VAC1-378 /Page 269: Sign on door, undated
    218Images and Memories Photos (pp. 274-277), 1915-1951
    VAC1-379 /Page 274: Classroom scene, undated
    VAC1-380 /Page 274: Paul Weber in classroom with unidentified students, 1951
    VAC1-381 /Page 274: Textile Laboratory, undated
    VAC1-382 /Page 275: Electronic Laboratory, undated
    VAC1-383 /Page 275: Workshop (wood), 1915
    VAC1-384 /Page 275: Electrical Engineering students, undated
    VAC1-385 /Page 276: Varsity Restaurant, undated
    VAC1-386 /Page 276: Techwood Movie Theater and Junior's Grill, undated
    VAC1-387 /Page 277: Unidentified students playing boardgame, undated
    VAC1-388 /Page 277: Unidentified male student dressed as a woman, 1940s
    219Images and Memories Photos (pp. 278-280), 1933-1984
    VAC1-389 /Page 278: President Harrison, undated
    VAC1-390 /Page 278: Technique cover, 1933
    VAC1-391 /Page 278: Tech Tower roof "Bring Back Rat Rules FFF", undated
    VAC1-392 /Page 279: Two unidentified males talking, undated
    VAC1-393 /Page 279: Alpha Gamma Delta Show, "Mr. Pretty Legs", undated
    VAC1-394 /Page 279: Navy ROTC students doing push-ups, undated
    VAC1-395 /Page 279: Two unidentified men standing with Cecil Philips, 1964
    VAC1-396 /Page 279: Social dance, undated
    VAC1-397 /Page 280: Football gameGT coaches and referees, undated
    VAC1-398 /Page 280: AJC, cover, 1984
    VAC1-399 /Page 280: Baseball player, undated
    220Images and Memories Photos (pp. 281-287), 1920-1985
    VAC1-400 /Page 281: GT Basketball team, 1920s
    VAC1-401 /Page 281: GT cheerleaders, undated
    VAC1-402 /Page 281: GT Baseball team, undated
    VAC1-403 /Page 282: Unidentified child wearing Buzz costume, undated
    VAC1-404 /Page 282: Unidentified males waling on campus, 1960s
    VAC1-405 /Page 282: Ramblin' Wreck Parade, 1980s
    VAC1-406 /Page 283: President Carter speaking, undated
    VAC1-407 /Page 283: Two unidentified females, George P. Burdell and daughter's car, undated
    VAC1-408 /Page 283: Unidentified male at graduation ceremony, undated
    VAC1-409 /Page 287: Unidentified student sitting in stairwell, undated
    VAC1-410 /Page 287: President Pettit with unidentified student at graduation ceremony, undated
    VAC1-411 /Page 287: GT medals, 1985
    221Unused photographs, 1918-1985
    VAC1-412: Unidentified female wearing North Avenue Trade School shirt, undated
    VAC1-413: Paul Weber writing on chalkboard, undated
    VAC1-414: Tech Tower at dusk, undated
    VAC1-415: Seminar-Keith Baird and Louise Bennett, undated
    VAC1-416: Three unidentified males, undated
    VAC1-417: Dr. Stetson stands with mirror of GT's solar thermal test facility, 1981
    VAC1-418: Coed with President Van Leer, undated
    VAC1-419: "T" and Tech Tower in background, undated
    VAC1-420: Unidentified female sitting, undated
    VAC1-421: SATC Grant Field Inauguration, 1918
    VAC1-422: New Yorker cover, 1942
    VAC1-423: GT Yellow Jacket, p. 1, undated
    VAC1-424: UGA Today cover, 1985
    222Unused photographs, 1925-1982
    VAC1-425: Sideways, 1945-1947
    VAC1-426: Paul Craig Roberts, 1982
    VAC1-427a: Hon. G.I. Collins [From VAC4 Patterson Photograph Collection], undated
    VAC1-427b: Sigma Alpha Epsilon in dormitories [VAC4 Patterson Collection], undated
    VAC1-427c: Train ride to Stone Mountain [VAC4 Patterson Collection], undated
    VAC1-427d: Four unidentified individuals [VAC4 Patterson Collection], undated
    VAC1-428: H. Wayne Patterson in costume [VAC4 Patterson Collection], undated
    VAC1-429: H. Wayne Patterson in track uniform [VAC4 Patterson Collection], undated
    VAC1-430: Unidentified males standing near car, undated
    VAC1-431: Paula Stevenson, undated
    VAC1-432: Alexander Memorial dance, 1959
    VAC1-433: Street scene, Yellow Jacket Inn, undated
    VAC1-434: Highway Engineer car in carnival parade, undated
    VAC1-435: Cartoon, "Around the Campus," by Ed Dodd, 1925
    VAC1-436: Campus scene, undated
    223Unused photographs, undated
    VAC1-437: Slide, Tech/Atlanta skyline, undated
    VAC1-438: Slide, cheerleaders riding on Ramblin' Wreck in football game, undated
    VAC1-439: Slide, Buzz, undated
    VAC1-440: Slide, Tech skyline, undated
    VAC1-441: Slide, unidentifed male, undated
    224VAC1-442: Unused photographs
    VAC1-442: James J.W. Biggers and his brother, B.H. Biggers


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