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H. Wayne Patterson Photographs

H. Wayne Patterson Photographs

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Descriptive Summary

Title: H. Wayne Patterson Photographs
Identification: VAC004
Date: 1902-1913
Size/Quantity: 0.4 linear feet (approx. 750 images)
Language: This collection is written in English.
Creator: Patterson, H. Wayne, (Harman Wayne), b. 1899
Repository: Archives & Records Management, Library, Georgia Institute of Technology
Abstract:This collection contains two scrapbooks with approximately 750 photographs from 1902-1913. A large portion of the scrapbooks deals with Patterson's family, his social life, and his days at Georgia Tech (Class of 1912).

Biographical/Historical Note

Harman Wayne Patterson, known as Wayne or "Pat," was born in May 1889 in San Francisco, California. Patterson graduated from Georgia Tech with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering in 1912. As a student, he played class baseball and varsity football, participated in the Glee Club and Mandolin Club, and served as vice-president and then president of the Y.M.C.A. He also was a member of the track and tennis teams and served on the Yellow Jacket and Blue Print boards.

Following graduation from Tech in 1912, Patterson worked for Stone and Webster, the firm building the Goat Rock Dam in Columbus, Georgia. On 24 June 1915, Patterson married Isabel Garrard whom he met in the summer of 1911 while working for a member of the Garrard family. Isabel, an amateur archeaologist and early champion of archaeology in the Columbus area, died in 1955. They had no children. Patterson was a veteran of WWI and retired as an electrical engineer for Georgia Power Company. He was also involved in real estate and insurance. Patterson passed away in Columbus, Georgia in March 1987; he was survived by his wife Evelyn S. Patterson.

Scope and Content Note

The photographs remain in the two scrapbooks created by H. Wayne Patterson, and the arrangement has not been altered. Patterson labeled most of the photographs, and many dates or incomplete identities can be inferred from other photos or the location of a photo in the albums. The majority of images in the albums are in chronological order; only in a few instances do photographs seem to be out of sequence. A complete list of Patterson's original captions is available from the archivist (a hard-copy is located in the security file).

Patterson's father, Colonel Robert Harman Patterson, was an Army officer and the family moved quite often. The different locations and various homes are reflected in the photo albums. In addition to H. Wayne, Colonel Patterson and his wife, Mary Wayne, had two daughters. Mary P., born in 1877, was also known as "Maza." Maza married Earle Percy Jessop and they had two boys, Edward and Charles Harman. There are several photos of Maza, Edward, and Charles Harman in the albums. The second sister, Maria M., was born in 1887 or 1888; she never married. Maria was known as "Mid" or "Middie" and she appears frequently in the photo albums.

The majority of the photographs in this collection are gelatin silver prints; however, there are several cyanotypes and postcards. Most of the photographs show signs of minor deterioration such as silver mirroring, fading, loss of detail, and change in image color. Also within this collection are copy prints, which were used in the book, Images and Memories, Georgia Tech: 1885-1985.

This collection also contains a few manuscript items found in the scrapbooks, or otherwise collected by H. Wayne Patterson. There are two newspaper clippings, one about a canceled engagement and the other about an elopement. There is also Patterson's June 1912 report card showing his grades from his final term at Tech. The manuscript folder also contains a letter written from Patterson, age ten, to his aunt Georgie and an article about Sand Island, Fort Morgan, Alabama.

Index Terms

Atlanta (Ga.)--History.
Georgia Institute of Technology. Buildings.
Georgia Institute of Technology. Sports.
Georgia Institute of Technology. Students.
Heisman, John W., (John William), 1869-1936
Historic buildings--Georgia.
Military bases.
San Francisco Earthquake and fire, Calif., 1906.
Savannah (Ga.)--History.

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Preferred Citation

Please cite H. Wayne Patterson Photographs (VAC004), Archives, Library and Information Center, Georgia Institute of Technology.


Accession #1986.0111.

Processing Information

Jody Lloyd Thompson processed these papers in 2001. 2010 revisions by Mandi D. Johnson.

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March 2006:
  • Finding aid converted from Encoded Archival Description Version 1.0 to Version 2002. December 2010: Finding aid revised, inventory corrections made and additional biographical material added. Finding aid imported into Archivists' Toolkit.

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    11Scrapbook 1, undated.
    VAC004-1x: Fort Morgan (Mobile, Alabama), barracks, undated
    VAC004-2x: Fort Morgan, non-commissioned staff quarters and guard house, undated
    VAC004-3x: Fort Morgan, headquarters, undated
    VAC004-4x: Fort Morgan, temporary barracks, undated
    VAC004-5x: Fort Morgan, 2 buildings, X marks Patterson house, "officers quarters", undated
    VAC004-6x: Fort Morgan, Mrs. Patterson standing on bathing pier, undated
    VAC004-7x: Fort Morgan, Dr. Felder and Mr. Clark (on horseback), Patterson house in background, undated
    VAC004-8x: Fort Morgan, Dr. Felder in military uniform, undated
    VAC004-9x: Fort Morgan, Dr. and Clark on trip to Navy Cove (in a tree), undated
    VAC004-10x: Fort Morgan, Dr. Felder and Mr. Clark, 5 o'clock tea, undated
    VAC004-11x: Fort Morgan, Dr. Felder standing near tree, undated
    VAC004-12x: Trip to Sand Island, Mr. Clark, Mr. Wiley, Maza, Dr. Felder, undated
    VAC004-13x: Trip to Sand Island, Mrs. Patterson sitting, undated
    VAC004-14x: Trip to Sand Island, lunch on the way in the "Susie", undated
    VAC004-15x: Fort Morgan, Dr. Goldthwaite and Middie, undated
    VAC004-16x: Fort Morgan, Dr. Goldthwaite at summer home (growing a beard), undated
    VAC004-17x: Fort Morgan, copy of VAC004-14x, undated
    VAC004-18x: Fort Morgan, Dr. Goldthwaite's winter home, undated
    VAC004-19x: Fort Morgan, Paymaster Stevens and Clerk, undated
    VAC004-20x: Fort Morgan, Patterson as "Teddy" [Roosevelt], undated
    VAC004-21x: Fort Morgan, Col. Patterson, Dr. Felder, Mr. Wiley and Dr. Goldthwaite on Patterson porch, undated
    VAC004-22x: Fort Morgan, Dr. Felder and Maza, undated
    VAC004-23x: Fort Morgan, Maza, Mrs. Patterson, Wayne Patterson, Dr. Felder after breakfast, undated
    VAC004-24x: Patterson on bicycle, undated
    VAC004-25x: Fort Morgan, Captain Harry on government boat, undated
    VAC004-26x: Fort Morgan, boggy, undated
    VAC004-27x: Fort Morgan, Mr. Johnson (Mobile bar pilot), undated
    VAC004-28x: ? cat, undated
    VAC004-29x: Goat, undated
    VAC004-30x: At the corral, undated
    VAC004-31x: Fitzsimmons (cat), undated
    VAC004-32x: Fitzsimmons and family (cats), undated
    VAC004-33x: "Willie" Heidenrich, undated
    VAC004-34x: Mid, Elsada, Cyril King, undated
    VAC004-35x: Mid, undated
    VAC004-36x: Dr. Felder, undated
    VAC004-37x: Dr. Felder, Maza, and Mrs. Patterson, undated
    VAC004-38x: Sgt. Milford, --, Fowler, undated
    VAC004-39x: House, exterior, no identification, undated
    VAC004-40x: Fort Warren (Boston Harbor), Patterson as he appeared as a page to the sultan in the "Sultan of Chow Chow", 1902
    VAC004-41x: Fort Warren, Reliance (large toy sail boat), undated
    VAC004-42x: Boy (Patterson?) standing beside large toy sail boat, undated
    VAC004-43x: Clarence and Patterson in baseball uniforms, undated
    VAC004-44x: Fort Warren, Col. Patterson, undated
    VAC004-45x: Fort Warren, dress parade inside fort, undated
    VAC004-46x: Newport, RI, visit to Maza at Torpedo Station, undated
    VAC004-47x: Fort Warren, battery of 15 pounders near Patterson house, undated
    VAC004-48x: Edith Brown, undated
    VAC004-49x: Maza, 1902
    VAC004-50x: Fort Warren, Patterson House, undated
    VAC004-51x: Harlan Miller, undated
    VAC004-52x: Mr. Roberts, Mr. Williams, Mr. McKenny, and Mr. Munroe, undated
    VAC004-53x: Fort Warren, from side window, Pvt. Allerton in the distance, undated
    VAC004-54x: Captain Farr, undated
    VAC004-55x: 10th Band C.A.C., 1903
    VAC004-56x: Mr. McKenny, undated
    VAC004-57x: Mr. McKenny and Mack (dog), undated
    VAC004-58x: San Diego, Col. Patterson and his officers at Fort Rosecrans (Mr. Lull, Dr. Kneedler, Capt. Fleming, Mr. McBride, Mr. Ryan, Mr. Ferris, Mr. Mastellar), undated
    VAC004-59x: San Diego, Mrs. Patterson, undated
    VAC004-60x: San Diego, Mrs. Patterson, undated
    VAC004-61x: San Diego, Mrs. Patterson, undated
    VAC004-62x: Syd Higgins and Patterson, undated
    VAC004-63x: Mid, undated
    VAC004-64x: San Diego, barracks, undated
    VAC004-65x: San Diego, Patterson house, corner of 2nd and Maple St., undated
    VAC004-66x: San Diego, barracks, undated
    VAC004-67x: San Diego, barracks, undated
    VAC004-68x: San Diego, looking northwest from Patterson house, undated
    VAC004-69x: San Diego, looking southeast from Patterson house, undated
    VAC004-70x: San Diego, chapter of Gamma Eta Kappa, Russell High School (Woolman, Hubbard, Carter, Gould, Morgan, Pauly, Swayne, Denhl, T. Hammond, Ingle, Titus, W. Hammond, Patterson, Phillips, Hazzard, Higgins), undated
    VAC004-71x: Marion Mitchell, undated
    VAC004-72x: San Francisco, Patterson house at Presidio, undated
    VAC004-73x: San Francisco, Patterson house at Presidio (film reversed/image backwards), undated
    VAC004-74x: San Francisco, Patterson house at Presidio, undated
    VAC004-75x: Edward Nicoll Jessup, undated
    VAC004-76x: Patterson cat, undated
    VAC004-77x: Edward Jessup, undated
    VAC004-78x: Edward and Mrs. Patterson, undated
    VAC004-79x: Wright Rumbough, undated
    VAC004-80x: Patterson, undated
    VAC004-81x: Charlotte Ducat, undated
    VAC004-82x: Wright, Mid, and Mrs. Patterson, undated
    VAC004-83x: Jack and Bill Jouett, undated
    VAC004-84x: Col. Patterson and Edward, undated
    VAC004-85x: Col. Patterson and Edward, undated
    VAC004-86x: Yee and Edward, undated
    VAC004-87x: Yee and his lady friends, with baby Edward, undated
    VAC004-88x: San Francisco, Battery Slaughter, Presidio, undated
    VAC004-89x: San Francisco, museum at Golden Gate Park, undated
    VAC004-90x: Maza and Edward, undated
    VAC004-91x: "Sheet and Pillow Case Party" for Judge Brackett, undated
    VAC004-92x: GT, Shops and Academic Building, 1906
    VAC004-93x: GT, Swann Dormitory, 1906
    VAC004-94x: GT, Carnegie Library, 1906
    VAC004-95x: GT, Lyman Hall, Laboratory of Chemistry, 1906
    VAC004-96x: GT, Baseball Team (Buchannan, Mathews, Robert, Pitts, Frazier, Mayer, McCarty, Heisman, Harrison, Hightower, Freeman, Pease, Davenport, Ayres), 1908
    VAC004-97x: GT, Football Team in action (Hightower, Spalding, Bell, Davis, Ridley, Means, McPhaul, Moore, Parish, Emerson), 1908
    VAC004-98x: San Francisco, last game between Polytechnic and Lowell before earthquake, 1906
    VAC004-99x: San Francisco, last game between Polytechnic and Lowell before earthquake, 1906
    VAC004-100x: Fort Baker, CA, Patterson House, undated
    VAC004-101x: Fort Baker, from hill in rear of officers' quarters, undated
    VAC004-102x: Fort Baker, photograph taken from Patterson's front porch, Mr. Manning and Tarpy in the foreground, undated
    VAC004-103x: Edna Jewell and Edward, undated
    VAC004-104x: Edward and Quiller (dog), undated
    VAC004-105x: Edward, undated
    VAC004-106x: Needle Rock and Lime Point, undated
    VAC004-107x: Fort Baker, looking towards San Francisco, taken from front window of Patterson House by moonlight. The lights of San Francisco can be seen in the distance., undated
    VAC004-108x: Fort Baker, photograph taken from Patterson front porch (taken during the 1906 San Francisco fire, smoke visible), 1906
    VAC004-109x: Fort Baker, photograph taken from Patterson front porch (taken during the 1906 San Francisco fire, smoke visible), 1906
    VAC004-110x: Edward, undated
    VAC004-111x: "Peggy" Flora Jewell, undated
    VAC004-112x: San Francisco, Alcatraz Island, San Francisco Harbor, military prison, undated
    VAC004-113x: Fort Baker, photograph taken from back window showing fog, undated
    VAC004-114x: Mid and Edward at the piano, undated
    VAC004-115x: Monterey, California, undated
    VAC004-116x: Fort Baker, Edward, undated
    VAC004-117x: San Francisco, view of fire after earthquake (postcard), 1906
    VAC004-118x: Fort Baker, Prince and Lassie, Capt H.B. Clark's dogs, undated
    VAC004-119x: Fort Baker, Mr. G. Hawes and Bat (dog), undated
    VAC004-120x: Fort Baker, officers' quarters, undated
    VAC004-121x: Fort Baker, Lt. Robert Johnston Arnold, undated
    VAC004-122x: Fort Baker, Mrs. Patterson, undated
    VAC004-123x: Crowd starting on drive to Fort Perry, undated
    VAC004-124x: San Francisco, earthquake, Knob Hill in ruins (postcard), 1906
    VAC004-125x: Ura and Marjorie, undated
    VAC004-126x: Honolulu from ship, undated
    VAC004-127x: Fort Baker, from Patterson back window, undated
    VAC004-128x: Patterson as bell boy on United States Army transport "Logan", 1906
    VAC004-129x: Leaving Honolulu, undated
    VAC004-130x: "Dicky" Ellis, undated
    VAC004-131x: Guam Harbor and United States Navy "Supply", undated
    VAC004-132x: Lt. Manning, Capt. Clark, Mr. Arnold, and Mr. Hawes, undated
    VAC004-133x: Guam, looking toward entrance to harbor, undated
    VAC004-134x: Patterson, undated
    VAC004-135x: San Francisco, Edward in front of 2778 Union Street, undated
    VAC004-136x: United States Army transport "Logan" on which Patterson served as bellboy; includes list of ports of call and dates, 1906
    VAC004-137x: San Francisco, Tengo Maru, Japanese liner, leaving Golden Gate, undated
    VAC004-138x: San Francisco, view of heads, outside of Golden Gate (Cliff House can be seen over head), undated
    VAC004-139x: Fort Baker, Edward, undated
    VAC004-140x: Fort Baker, Horseshoe Bay, sailboat, undated
    VAC004-141x: Fort Baker, barracks, canteen and gym, parade ground, undated
    VAC004-142x: Maza, Ura, and Mrs. B?, undated
    VAC004-143: Ura, undated
    VAC004-144x: Edward, undated
    VAC004-145x: Ura, undated
    VAC004-146x: Unidentified individuals, undated
    VAC004-147x: Edward, undated
    VAC004-1448x: Ann, undated
    VAC004-149x: Edward, undated
    VAC004-150x: Maza, undated
    VAC004-151x: Edward with his father, E.P. Jessop, undated
    VAC004-152x: Fort Screven, near Savannah, Georgia, Col. Patterson, undated
    VAC004-153x: Unidentified child (Edward?), undated
    VAC004-154x: Fort Screven, Mid, undated
    VAC004-155x: GT, double exposure, first year at Georgia Tech, 1908
    VAC004-156x: GT, ice on wires, 1908
    VAC004-157x: GT, view of campus, taken from south end of Swann Dormitory, 1908
    VAC004-158x: GT, Lyman Hall Laboratory of Chemistry, 1908
    VAC004-159x: GT, "Skinny" Maddox and George Semmes, undated
    VAC004-160x: GT, "F" Shack, undated
    VAC004-161x: Edward, undated
    VAC004-162x: GT, baseball score board at unidentified location, "God Bless Our Faculty?", undated
    VAC004-163x: GT, Tech delegation at YMCA Conference (1-J.T. Starke, 2-R.C. Thomas, 3-W.M. Robinson, 4-A.M Burt, 5-M.S. Hill, 6-H.W. Patterson, 7-Rob Hightower, 8-E.A. Turner, 9-V.H. Garrett, 10-Winn, 11-B.W. Sinclair, 12-C.R. Clark, 13-C.A. Byrd, 14-H.A. Kroner), 1908
    VAC004-164x: On the trail, undated
    VAC004-165x: Group photo, on the way up the trail, undated
    VAC004-166x: On top of Graybeard, undated
    VAC004-167: Dumps Hill, undated
    VAC004-168x: GT, YMCA Conference, Baseball Team (1. Ben Sinclair-1st base; 2. C.R. Clark-L.F.; 3. A.M. Burt-R.F.; 4. C.A. Byrd-S.S.; 5. H.W. Patterson-3rd base; 6. Van Holt Garrett-C.F.; 7. E.A. Turner-P.; 8. Bob Hightower-2nd base; 9. M.S. Hill-C.), 1908
    VAC004-169x: GT, Tennis Team (from Blueprint), 1909
    VAC004-170x: Fort Screven, view of buildings from Patterson front porch, undated
    VAC004-171x: Esther Hall, undated
    VAC004-172x: Mid, undated
    VAC004-173x: Mrs. Hicks and Boss (dog), undated
    VAC004-174x: Helen Taft, undated
    VAC004-175x: Camp at Hillman, Sam Brook, Judith Lyndon, Patterson?, undated
    VAC004-176x: Camp at Hillman, Emma Irvin, undated
    VAC004-177x: Camp at Hillman, Patterson and unidentified woman, undated
    VAC004-178x: Camp at Hillman, Patterson, Ethelyn, Malcolm Fortson, Mary Traylor, Harold Reynolds, Judith Lyndon, Graham Barnett, Emma Irvin, and Dumps Hill, undated
    VAC004-179x: Mr. Jessop and new baby Charles Harman Jessop, 1910
    VAC004-180x: Charles Jessop, 1910
    VAC004-181x: Edward and Charles Jessop, 1910
    VAC004-182x: Mary Traylor, 1908
    VAC004-183x: Ethelyn, Patterson, Malcom Fortson, Mary Traylor, "Gag"(?) Green, Graham Barnett, 1908
    VAC004-184x: Miss Dixon, Hazel Brand, Van Holt Garrett, 1908
    VAC004-185x: Patterson, 1908
    VAC004-186x: Fort Screven, Edward, 1908
    VAC004-187x: Edward and Col. Patterson, undated
    VAC004-188x: Savannah, house party at Beaulieu, Will Hunter, "Put"(?) Moses, George Hunter, Jack Myers, Baldwin, Jesse Ives, "Fat"(?) Ely, Heyward Lynah, Will Morel, Charles McLean, 1908
    VAC004-189x: Savannah, house party at Beaulieu, Catherine Ives, Carolyn Myers, Caro Palmer, 1908
    VAC004-190x: Savannah, Jack and Carolyn Myers [very dark], 1908
    VAC004-191x: GT, Sigma Alpha Epsilon House at 55 West 5th Street, 1908-1909
    VAC004-192x: "Her" unidentified female, print from newspaper or magazine, undated
    VAC004-193x: GT, Marion Barnett "Sue", 1908-1909
    VAC004-194x: Blue Wallace, undated
    VAC004-195xa: GT, campus, Swann Dormitory [part of panorama], 1908-1909
    VAC004-195xb: GT, Electrical Building, Shop Building, and Academic Building [part of panorama], 1908-1909
    VAC004-195xc: GT, Academic Building, Library, Chemistry, Knowles Dormitory [part of panorama], 1908-1909
    VAC004-196x: GT, Patterson in letter sweater, 1908-1909
    VAC004-197x: Patterson, 1908-1909
    VAC004-198x: GT, President-elect Taft's visit to Tech campus, 1909
    VAC004-199x: GT, Swann Dormitory, Patterson's room, 1908-1909
    VAC004-200x: GT, Patterson in football uniform in front of Academic Building, 1908
    VAC004-201x: Tybee Island, GA, Lucille Hunter and Caro Palmer, 1909
    VAC004-202x: Tybee Island, Emily Ransom and IV (man), 1909
    VAC004-203x: Tybee Island, Lucille Hunter, 1909
    VAC004-204x: Label from Duffy's Apple Juice, correspondence on label, undated
    VAC004-205x: Tybee Island, Gene Ransom and Patterson, 1909
    VAC004-206x: Tybee Island, Mr Holsd's House, 1909
    VAC004-207x: Tybee Island, house party, Miss Bacchus, Mrs. Ransom, Gene Ransom, Mr. Holsd, Emily Ransom, 1909
    VAC004-208x: Tybee Island, sand bar, Emily, Elinor P., and Vera P., 1909
    VAC004-209x: Tybee Island, sand bar, Vera and Patterson(?), 1909
    VAC004-210x: Tybee Island, sand bar, Vera "Shorty", 1909
    VAC004-211x: Tybee Island, sand bar, Helen Dixon, 1909
    VAC004-212x: Tybee Island, sand bar, Sara Nichols, 1909
    VAC004-213x: Sara Nichols, undated
    VAC004-214x: Tybee Island, Warren Butler, Jack, Cooper Myers, Catherine Ives, Carolyn, and Sara, 1909
    VAC004-215x: Tybee Island, Warren, Jack, Cooper Myers, Carolyn, Sara, and Catherine Ives, 1909
    VAC004-216x: Tybee Island, Myers Cottage, 1909
    VAC004-217x: Tybee Island, "M.O.D.S.C.C."(?), unidentified woman, 1909
    VAC004-218x: Tybee Island, Patterson, 1909
    VAC004-119: Tybee Island, Patterson and unidentified female, 1909
    VAC004-120: Fort Banks, Boston, Patterson House, undated
    VAC004-121: Steamer, Laurie, Mary Hooper, Mr. Brine, and Coates Benedict, undated
    VAC004-122: Steamer, 2 unidentified children, undated
    VAC004-123: Ethelyn Emmons, now Mrs. Marshall Johnson, undated
    VAC004-124: Jennie Hutchins, now Mrs. Max Wright, undated
    VAC004-125: GT, "Old Scutter" John Davis, football captain 1909, 1909
    VAC004-126: GT, Dean Hill, football captain 1910, 1910
    VAC004-127: GT, Football Team, undated
    VAC004-128: GT, Academic Building and Library, 1909-1910
    VAC004-129: Alpha Sigma Sigma Club, 1909-1910
    VAC004-130: "Shorty" Sinclair, baseball team manager, 1910
    VAC004-131: GT baseball, Gene Hill, Henry Collier, Dumps Hill, 1909-1910
    VAC004-132: GT, "Bots" Lee, 1909-1910
    VAC004-133: GT, Charlie Thomas, track coach, 1909-1910
    VAC004-134: GT, Bill Evans, 1909-1910
    VAC004-135: GT, Athens, GA, UGA, Tech and Emory track meet, 1909-1910
    VAC004-136: GT, George Semmes, track captain, 1909-1910
    VAC004-137: GT, Roy Goree, pole vault (10'4"), 1909-1910
    VAC004-138: GT, Kenneth Mc Rae, high jump (5'2"), 1909-1910
    VAC004-139: GT, Tech, Vanderbilt, Georgia leaving after S.I.A.A. Meet at Clemson, 1909-1910
    VAC004-140: GT, Dean Hill, 1909-1910
    VAC004-141: GT, Byrd of Clemson, track captain and 20 point man, 1909-1910
    VAC004-142: GT, Dean Hill and Patterson, 1909-1910
    VAC004-143: GT, Bill Evans after confinement in Pest House, 1909-1910
    VAC004-144: GT, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Bothwell Lee, John Slater, Moody Burt, Patterson, Bill Campbill, 1909-1910
    VAC004-145: GT, H.R.H. "Dutch", 1909-1910
    VAC004-146: GT, "The Tech Battery" Henry Collier and "Dumps" Hill, 1910
    VAC004-147: GT, Patterson in track uniform, 1910
    VAC004-148: GT, Evans squared, 1909-1910
    VAC004-149: Winthrop Beach, MA, storm (postcard), 1909
    VAC004-150: Winthrop Beach, after the storm (postcard), 1909
    VAC004-151: Winthrop Beach, looking southeast along Winthrop Boulevard (postcard), undated
    VAC004-152: Winthrop Beach, looking northeast along Winthrop Boulevared (postcard), undated
    VAC004-153: Patterson's unidentifed female friend, wearing Tech letter sweater, undated
    VAC004-154: Mrs. Patterson, undated
    VAC004-155: Oscar Gatchell, undated
    VAC004-156: Baseball diamond and stables, undated
    VAC004-157: Back of officers' quarters from Mortar Battery, undated
    VAC004-158: Miss Lucy Mosby, undated
    VAC004-159: Renee Tolson, undated
    VAC004-160: Lyman Patterson and John Storck, undated
    VAC004-161: Patterson House at Ft. Banks, undated
    VAC004-162: Lyman, Anna, and John Storck, undated
    VAC004-163: Mrs. Storck, undated
    VAC004-164: Anna, undated
    VAC004-165: Storcks family, undated
    VAC004-166: Captain Jewell, undated
    VAC004-167: Edna Jewell, Mid, Cecil, Mrs. Storck, Captain Jewell, Mrs. Jewell, and John Storck, undated
    VAC004-168: Colonel Patterson (postcard), undated
    VAC004-169: Patterson aboard a steamer, undated
    VAC004-170: Fort Strong, MA, Oscar Gatchell, undated
    VAC004-171: Phenie and Mid, undated
    VAC004-172: Edna and Mrs. Jewell, undated
    VAC004-173: Mrs. Storck, undated
    VAC004-174: Mrs. Jewell and Dr. Sherwood, undated
    VAC004-175: Mid and Belle Daniel, undated
    VAC004-176: Oscar and Marie Long, undated
    VAC004-177: Fort Strong, from the Gatchell's porch, undated
    VAC004-178: Fort Strong, looking toward Deer Island from Long Island Head, undated
    VAC004-179: Fort Strong, looking out from Long Island Head, undated
    VAC004-180: Fort Strong, from the Head, undated
    VAC004-181: Mr. McIntyre, Delano, Mid, Mrs. Jewell, and Phenie playing tennis, undated
    VAC004-182: 2 boats, undated
    VAC004-183: Dr. Taylor Jones, Mr. Lyon, and Mrs. Storck, undated
    VAC004-184: Mrs. Patterson, Mrs. Jewell, Wayne Patterson, Lyman Patterson, undated
    VAC004-185: Unidentified woman, undated
    VAC004-186: Mrs. Jewell playing tennis, undated
    VAC004-187: Hull, sailboat, undated
    VAC004-188: Fort Banks, Patterson, 1910
    VAC004-189: Belle Daniel, undated
    VAC004-190: Edna Jewell, undated
    VAC004-191: Patterson with kittens, undated
    VAC004-192: Fort Warren, Boston, undated
    VAC004-193: Mrs. Patterson, undated
    VAC004-194: Mrs. Jewell, Mid, Wayne, and Cecil, undated
    VAC004-195: Patterson with kittens, undated
    VAC004-196: Mr. Delano with kitten, undated
    VAC004-197: Kitten, undated
    VAC004-198: Colonel Patterson, 1910
    VAC004-199: Mr. Wiggin, Mid, Mrs. Patterson (Wayne's mother), Mrs. Storck, Mrs. Lincoln, Capt. Storck, Mrs. Patterson, Belle, undated
    VAC004-200: Mid playing tennis, undated
    VAC004-201: Oleson, engineer on "Bumpus", undated
    VAC004-202: Mrs. Storck, Cpt. Lincoln, Mr. Hawes, Capt. Jewell, Mid, Edna, Dr. Sherwood, Mrs. Jewell, May Chamberlin, Mrs. Chamberlin, Mrs. Lincoln, Mrs. Hawes, undated
    VAC004-203: Deer Island prison, undated
    VAC004-204: Gallups Island, Quarantine Station, undated
    VAC004-205: Brewster Island, looking out at Boston Harbor from Fort Warren, undated
    VAC004-206: Mid, undated
    VAC004-207: Edna Jewell, undated
    VAC004-208: Edna, undated
    VAC004-209: "Bumpus" (boat), undated
    VAC004-210: Patterson, undated
    VAC004-211: Mid, undated
    VAC004-212: Trip to Savannah, on ship, looking forward from main mast, undated
    VAC004-213: Trip to Savannah, group of men on ship, undated
    VAC004-214: Trip to Savannah, ship on Savannah River, undated
    VAC004-215: Trip to Savannah, German friend Doris Millrood and unidentified children, undated
    VAC004-216: Trip to Savannah, on ship, looking aft from foremast, undated
    VAC004-217: Trip to Savannah, Savannah pilot boat, undated
    VAC004-218: Savannah, Caro Palmer, undated
    VAC004-219: Savannah, Caro, Mary Wayne, Carolyn, undated
    VAC004-220: Savannah, Caro and Carolyn in early car with tiller steering, undated
    VAC004-221: Savannah, Carolyn Myers (M.O.D.S.L.C.), undated
    VAC004-222: Annette Tiller, undated
    VAC004-223: GT, Marion Barnett, Henry Collier, William Lamar, Kenneth McRae, Austin Wynne, undated
    VAC004-224: GT, Patterson in Tech football uniform at Tech Flats, 1910
    VAC004-225: Mrs. Albert Pierce (Ura), undated
    VAC004-226: unidentified female (Ura Pierce?), undated
    VAC004-227: unidentified female (Ura Pierce?), undated
    VAC004-228: unidentified female (Ura Pierce?), undated
    VAC004-229: Patterson wearing a suit, "Silly looking Ass", undated
    VAC004-230a: GT, panoramic view of Tech campus, taken from Patterson's dormitory window in Swann Dorm showing Academic Building at left, undated
    VAC004-230b: GT, panoramic view of Tech campus, taken from Patterson's dormitory window in Swann Dorm showing yard between Academic Building and North Avenue, undated
    VAC004-230c: GT, panoramic view of Tech campus, taken from Patterson's dormitory window in Swann Dorm looking across North Avenue, showing President Kenneth G. Matheson's home, "KG's House", undated
    VAC004-231: GT, Patterson studying in dorm room, "The Student: as his mother sees him", undated
    VAC004-232: GT, Bill Campbell, undated
    VAC004-233: GT, Patterson and unidentified male sitting in dorm room, "The Student: as he is", undated
    VAC004-234: GT, Bill Evans (2nd copy of photograph glued near VAC004-246, undated
    VAC004-235: GT, Moody Burt, undated
    VAC004-236: GT, Clare Tomlinson in pajamas, undated
    VAC004-237: GT, football practice on second day, 1910
    VAC004-238: GT, football Coach John Heisman wearing University of Pennsylvania sweater, 1910
    VAC004-239: GT,Moody Burt in Tech football uniform, 1910
    VAC004-240: GT, football practice, unidentified players and coaches, 1910
    VAC004-241: GT, 4 Sigma Alphas Epsilons on 1910 football team, E.E. Elmer, 1910
    VAC004-242: GT, 4 Sigma Alphas Epsilons on 1910 football team, Moody Burt, 1910
    VAC004-243: GT, 4 Sigma Alphas Epsilons on 1910 football team, W.H. Du Bard, 1910
    VAC004-244: GT, 4 Sigma Alphas Epsilons on 1910 football team, Patterson, 1910
    VAC004-245: GT, Mercer vs. Tech football game, undated
    VAC004-246: GT, Academic Building and campus, between classes, undated
    VAC004-247: GT, football trip to Tuscaloosa, Alabama, at hotel, 1910
    VAC004-248: GT, football trip to Tuscaloosa, Alabama, football team and Uncle Si (Bob Golden, Moody Burt, Coach, Ed Elmer, Ced Robinson, Roy Goree, Dutch Luhrman, Homer Cook, Doc Wilson, Courtney Lewis, Bill Coleman, Dean Hill, Uncle Si, Jack Spalding, Jim Luck, Piggy Johnson), 1910
    VAC004-249: GT, football trip to Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Whitlock (bus driver), 1910
    VAC004-250: GT, football trip to Tuscaloosa, Alabama, depot in Birmingham, 1910
    VAC004-251: GT, Dean Hill in Tech football uniform, undated
    VAC004-252: GT, Cedric Robinson's Bible Class, unidentified males, undated
    VAC004-253: GT, Bill Campbell's Bible Class, undated
    VAC004-254: GT, Clare Tomlinson, Patterson's roommate, 1910
    VAC004-255: GT, crowd at Ponce de Leon Field for football game, undated
    VAC004-256: GT, Patterson sitting in rocking chair, undated
    VAC004-257: GT, Bill Evans and Bob de Graffenried sitting in dorm room, undated
    VAC004-258: GT, football team leaving for Vanderbilt game, 1910
    VAC004-259: GT, Patterson in track uniform and letter sweater, 1911
    VAC004-260: GT, Dean Hill, football captain, 1910
    VAC004-261: GT, Patterson swinging hammer (track and field), 1910
    VAC004-262: GT, John Heisman in University of Pennsylvania sweater, 1910
    VAC004-263: GT, dorm room, night before Thanksgiving, Bob, Austin Wynne, Bill, Campbell King, Moody, Clare, Patterson, Bill Campbell, 1910
    VAC004-264: GT, inspectors and their lieutenants of Swann Dormitory, Bill Evans, "Bidez"?, Patterson "Pat", "Mud", "Aich", Bill Campbell, undated
    VAC004-265: GT, Moody, Clare, and Bill Campbill in dorm room, undated
    VAC004-266: GT, Professor Randle and Coach Heisman, undated
    VAC004-267: GT, campus from Patterson's Swann Dormitory window, during class football season, undated
    VAC004-268: Emogene and Helen Thorn, undated
    VAC004-269: Patterson in a tuxedo, undated
    VAC004-270: GT, William D. Evans, "Bill", undated
    VAC004-271: GT, William D. Evans, "Bill", undated
    VAC004-272: GT, Moody Burt, undated
    VAC004-273: GT, William D. Evans, "Bill", undated
    VAC004-274: GT, Patterson and Bill, undated
    VAC004-275: Em Baker, undated
    VAC004-276: GT, William L. Campbell, undated
    VAC004-277: GT, Clarence Summers Tomlinson, undated
    VAC004-278: GT, Clarence Summers Tomlinson, undated
    VAC004-279: GT, Dean without shirt, undated
    VAC004-280: GT, Patterson without shirt, undated
    VAC004-281: Mary Traylor, undated
    VAC004-282: Patterson, undated
    VAC004-283: Lida Brown, undated
    VAC004-284: Lida Brown, undated
    VAC004-285: Laura Ashly, Mary Traylor, Anna Ashly, and Lida Brown, undated
    VAC004-286: GT, Sigma Alpha Epsilon House at 56 West North Avenue, undated
    VAC004-287: Lida and Anna Ashly, 1910
    VAC004-288: GT, Sigma Alpha Epsilon sticker for National Convention, 1910
    VAC004-289: Savannah, Will Morell, Jack Myers, George Inglesby, Taylor Postell, George Hunter, Spencer Connerat, Joe Inglesby, Charles McLean, standing near car, 1910
    VAC004-290: Savannah, Mary Wayne and Jack Myers, 1910
    VAC004-291: Savannah, Jack Myers driving a Packard, 1910
    VAC004-292: Savannah, Josephine Stevens at Savannah Golf Club, 1910-1911
    VAC004-293: Tybee Island, oyster roast, party at the beach (Fred Krenson, Miss Jessie Anderson, John Hopkins, Aimee Battey, Mr. Myers, Cardo Krenson, Will Cann, Miles Wilcox, Mrs. Myers, Carolyn, Caro, Mary Wayne, Sara Nichols, Warren Butler, Joe Inglesby), 1911
    VAC004-294: Tybee Island, oyster roast, Joe, Cardo, Carolyn, Aimee, 1911
    VAC004-295: Tybee Island, oyster roast, 1911
    VAC004-296: Tybee Island, oyster roast, Cardo, Aimee, Caro, and Sara, 1911
    VAC004-297: Tybee Island, oyster roast, Mr Myers, 1911
    VAC004-298: Tybee Island, oyster roast, Mrs. Myers, 1911
    VAC004-299: Tybee Island, new Tybee Hotel, 1911
    VAC004-300: Unidentified woman, undated
    VAC004-301: Tybee Island, Joe, Caro, Miles, and Cardo on the beach, 1911
    VAC004-302: Tybee Island, Patterson, Caro, Joe on the beach, 1911
    VAC004-303: Tybee Island, John, Mary, Joe, Caro, Patterson, and Cardo, 1911
    VAC004-304: Tybee Island, Jack and Sara, 1911
    VAC004-305: Tybee Island, Cardo on observation tower, 1911
    VAC004-306: Fort Screven, sea wall after October storm, 1911
    VAC004-307: Fort Screven, station, undated
    VAC004-308: Lida Brown, undated
    VAC004-309: Lida Brown, undated
    VAC004-310: Mary and Lida, undated
    VAC004-311: Atlanta, bungalow on Ponce de Leon, undated
    VAC004-312: GT, Bill Evans, undated
    VAC004-313: GT, Academic Building, undated
    VAC004-314: GT, Lucy Cobb pennant and Willis sitting at desk in his room, undated
    VAC004-315: Lida, Jack, and Mary, undated
    VAC004-316: Lida and Jack, undated
    VAC004-317: Mary and Patterson, undated
    VAC004-318: Unidentified woman, undated
    VAC004-319: Unidentified man and woman, undated
    VAC004-320: Jessie Brown holding a cat, undated
    VAC004-321: Hattie May Holland, undated
    VAC004-322: Lida Brown, undated
    VAC004-323: GT, "Blue" Martin, Bill Campbell, and "Bood" Blakely, undated
    VAC004-324: GT, "Mr. Billy" Van Houten, undated
    VAC004-325: GT, Tom Wylly and Dean Hill sitting on a tree, undated
    VAC004-326: GT, Bill, Bob, Patterson, Willis, and Moody sitting in Willis' dormitory room, undated
    VAC004-327: GT, Tom Wylly and Dean Hill in a tree, undated
    VAC004-328: Helen Brown and Bill Evans, undated
    VAC004-329: Bill and Gene Hill, undated
    VAC004-330: Helen and Lida Brown, undated
    VAC004-331: Lida and Gene Hill, undated
    VAC004-332: GT, "The Sport", undated
    VAC004-333: GT, Patterson wearing a coat and tie, undated
    VAC004-334: GT, train car, Glee Club trip, 1911
    VAC004-335: GT, Dr. Weatherford, Turner, and Mr. Bernhant?, undated
    VAC004-336: Bill wearing an overcoat, undated
    VAC004-337: Lida, undated
    VAC004-338: Patterson, undated
    VAC004-339: Atlanta, house at 26 Ponce de Leon, undated
    VAC004-340: Atlanta, Georgian Terrace, corner of Ponce de Leon and Peachtree, undated
    VAC004-341: Interior, fern Mrs. Brown's house, undated
    VAC004-342: GT, campus taken from Swann Dormitory, undated
    VAC004-343: GT, unidentified students working on foundry assignments, undated
    VAC004-344: GT, Bill and Patterson, undated
    VAC004-345: GT, Jimmie Daniel and Jake Pease IV, undated
    VAC004-346: GT, shop instructors, Peacock, Norman, Billy Van Houten, Printup, Adams, Thompson, Henika, Martindale, Griffin, undated
    VAC004-347: GT, "Aleck" William Alexander standing in front of Lyman Hall Building, undated
    VAC004-348: Cedric Robinson and his sister, Arney, undated
    VAC004-349: Unidentified woman, undated
    VAC004-350: GT, students walking near Academic Building steps at noon, undated
    VAC004-351: GT, Hospital Fund Committee, W.A. Aichel, M.L. Donaldson, W.B. Coleman, W.D. Evans, C.I. Collins, Pope Barney, Harry Thompson, Bob Flournoy, Dean Hill (chairman), Jim Moore, Gene Hill, Harry Howden, Ben Hall, J.T. Clarke, Jim Dawson, Patterson (treasurer), undated
    VAC004-352: GT, Swann Dormitory used as a sign board for hospital fund, 1911
    VAC004-353: GT, sign painters for Swann Dormitory, Pope Barney, Patterson, and Bill Evans, undated
    VAC004-354: GT, tennis court, undated
    VAC004-355: GT, Jake Pease IV, undated
    VAC004-356: GT, students walking to dinner (to mess hall under Knowles Dormitory), undated
    VAC004-357: GT, students signing in at the dormitory on Saturday night, McElmurry, Bob de Graffenried, "Dutch" Goldman, Jake Pease, Herschel Everette, Bill Campbell, Patterson, W.A. Aichel, 1911
    VAC004-358: GT, Dean Hill, undated
    VAC004-359: GT, Cedric Robinson, undated
    VAC004-360: GT, Gene Turner (YMCA Secretary), undated
    VAC004-361: GT, Patterson, undated
    VAC004-362: Lida, undated
    VAC004-363: GT, Pope Barney in GT track uniform and letter sweater, 1911
    VAC004-364: GT, C.J. Harvin jumping over low hurdles, undated
    VAC004-365: GT, M. Hill, Harry Holland, E. Hill, and "Mary" Calhoun in baseball uniforms, undated
    VAC004-366: GT, Eugene and Montgomery Hill in baseball uniforms, undated
    VAC004-367: Lida, undated
    VAC004-368: Lida, undated
    VAC004-369: GT, Dan Ashley, Austin Wynne, Bill Campbell, Paul Simmons, Frank Perkins, "Dumps" Hill sitting on ground, undated
    VAC004-370: GT, Sigma Alpha Epsilon dance (de Graffenried, Daly, Nan Jo Young, Emogene Thorn, Virginia Abercrombie, Martin, Bertha Moore, Hill, Margaret Northen, Lamar, Elmer, Hattie May Holland, Barnett, Aichel, McRae, Miss Van Dyke, Cabaniss, Barnett, Mildred Fortson, O’Keefe, Florence Smith, Margaret Traylor, Peters, Williamson, Green, Gladys Dunstan, Thieson, Elizabeth Dunstan, Burt, Butler, Perkins, Hazelhurst, Mrs. Traylor, Catherine Overman, Mary Traylor, Lida Brown, Helen Brown, DuBard, Pease), 1911
    VAC004-371: GT, Sigma Alpha Epsilon dance, Margaret Traylor and Bob, 1911
    VAC004-372: GT, Sigma Alpha Epsilon dance, Gene, Patterson, Lida, Mary, Catherine, Jack, and Moody, 1911
    VAC004-373: Mary Traylor, undated
    VAC004-374: Catherine Overman and Gene, undated
    VAC004-375: C.T. King, Miss Overman, Gene, Mary, Patterson, undated
    VAC004-376: Mary and Miss Overman, undated
    VAC004-377: GT, track team on way to Auburn, undated
    VAC004-378: Fairburn, GA, church, picture taken on way to Auburn track meet, undated
    VAC004-379: GT, fountain on campus by class of 1903, 1911
    VAC004-380: GT, Professor John Coon "Uncle Si", undated
    VAC004-381: GT, C.I. Collins, undated
    VAC004-382: GT, Sigma Alpha Epsilons in dormitory in pajamas, Jake Pease IV, Frank Perkins, Patterson, Willis Irvin, Bob de Graffenreid, Paul Cheney, 1911
    VAC004-383: Atlanta, trip to Stone Mountain, private train car to foot of mountain, undated
    VAC004-384: Atlanta, halfway up Stone Mountain, Patterson, Lida, Helen, and Paul, undated
    VAC004-385: Atlanta, on top of Stone Mountain, Patterson, undated
    VAC004-386: Atlanta, on top of Stone Mountain, Lida Brown, undated
    VAC004-387: Atlanta, Paul Cheney, Helen Brown, Bill Evans, Lida Brown, and Patterson, undated
    VAC004-388: Atlanta, Helen and Paul on Stone Mountain, undated
    VAC004-389: Atlanta, Paul and Bill on Stone Mountain, undated
    VAC004-390: Delegation from University of Georgia baseball series, Ab Eager, Charles McLean, Henry Lanier, Piggy Tupper, Tom Wylly, 1911
    VAC004-391: J.H. Daniel and H.B. Hutton, undated
    VAC004-392: GT, temporary hospital on campus, undated
    VAC004-393: GT, "Shack Alley", undated
    VAC004-394: GT, Paul Cheney, undated
    VAC004-395: GT, new hospital near completion, undated
    VAC004-396: GT, ice cream booth for Promenade, near Academic Building, undated
    VAC004-397: GT, just before presenting fountain, 1911
    VAC004-398: GT, (early) seal, undated
    VAC004-399: GT, Dr. Matheson making speech at presentation of fountain, 1911
    VAC004-400: GT, Sigma Alpha Epsilon graduates, Class of 1911, A.M. Burt, E.D. Hill, J.G. Hazlehurst, K.C. McRae, M.S. Hill, 1911
    VAC004-401: GT, E.D. Hill presenting electric light standards, 1911
    VAC004-402: 1911 Model T (print from a photograph), 1911
    VAC004-403: Newnan, Georgia, Patterson's living quarters (boarding house), 1911
    VAC004-404: Kate Kirby, 1911
    VAC004-405: Newnan, auto garage, 1911
    VAC004-406: Newnan, auto garage, interior, 1911
    VAC004-407: Kate Kirby, 1911
    VAC004-408: Newnan, Guy Garrard's office, McIntosh Mill, 1911
    VAC004-409: White Oak Creek, 1911
    VAC004-410: Car crossing bridge over White Oak Creek, 1911
    VAC004-411: Haralston, Georgia, Will Harris in car, 1911
    VAC004-412: near Turin, Georgia, Will Harris' home, 1911
    VAC004-413: Will Harris' niece, 1911
    VAC004-414: Kate Kirby (?), undated
    VAC004-415: Kate Kirby, Grace, and Theo Davis in car, 1911
    VAC004-416: Model 16 Buick, Guy Garrard's car in Newnan, 1911
    VAC004-417: White Sulphur Springs, cottage, undated
    VAC004-418: White Sulphur Springs, hotel, undated
    VAC004-419: Columbus, GA, church square, undated
    VAC004-420: Columbus, court house, undated
    VAC004-421: Woods and spring house on Garrard's place, undated
    VAC004-422: Isabel Garrard, 1911
    VAC004-423: Isabel Garrard, 1911
    VAC004-424: LaGrange, GA, Louis Render and Margaret Traylor, 1911
    VAC004-425: Bud Williams' corn field, 1911
    VAC004-426: Walker Carpenter, 1911
    VAC004-427: Near Newnan, Pearl Springs Lake, 1911
    VAC004-428: Near Newnan, road machine in operation on Gordon Road, 1911
    VAC004-429: Columbus, Patterson and unidentified man, 1911
    VAC004-430: Students (Jake, Vivien, Hooks Autrey, and Will Pease), 1911
    VAC004-431: Louise Farnsworth, 1911
    VAC004-432: Atlanta, Patterson, 1911
    VAC004-433: George Hunter, 1911
    VAC004-434: Tybee Island, new hotel, 1911
    VAC004-435: GT, W. A. Aichel "Aich", 1911
    VAC004-436: GT, Patterson, in football uniform, and Harry Holland, 1911
    VAC004-437: GT, first week of football practice, 1911
    VAC004-438: GT, varsity football squad with shaved heads (M.B. Hutton, Stegal, Ed Means, Patterson, William Alexander "Aleck"), 1911
    VAC004-439: GT, Ed Means and Stegall, 1911
    VAC004-440: Patterson, 1911
    VAC004-441: GT, new Shop Building, near completion, 1911
    VAC004-442: GT, Bill, 1911
    VAC004-443: GT, J.S. Moore (first son of a Georgia Tech student to go to Tech), 1911
    VAC004-444: Birmingham, AL, trip to Birmingham, 1911
    VAC004-445: Birmingham, AL, street scene, 1911
    VAC004-446: Birmingham, AL, Alabama State Fair banner, 1911
    VAC004-447: Birmingham, AL, "Carrying away the molten slag", 1911
    VAC004-448: Birmingham, AL, Blast furnace of Tennessee Coal and Iron Company, 1911
    VAC004-449: Birmingham, AL, "Pouring off the slag", 1911
    VAC004-450: Birmingham, AL, "Breaking up the pigs", 1911
    VAC004-451: On railroad river trestle en route home, 1911
    VAC004-452: Railroad tracks along the way, 1911
    VAC004-453: Patterson, undated
    VAC004-454: GT, Homer Cook, undated
    VAC004-455: GT, Sigma Alpha Epsilon House at 50 West North Avenue, undated
    VAC004-456: GT, Group on Sigma Alpha Epsilon's porch (Dan Wood, Eellard (?) Hoffman, Dumps Hill, Austin Wynne, Pat Dinkens, Walt DuBard), undated
    VAC004-457: John Pease, undated
    VAC004-458: Atlanta, sewage works, unidentified students, undated
    VAC004-459: GT, English Trophy, presented by Col. J.W. English Jr. to the 1911 Tech football team for victory over Sewanee; score: Tech 23, Sewanee 0, 1911
    VAC004-460: GT, English Trophy, 1911
    VAC004-461: GT, seal, undated
    VAC004-462: Patterson, 1911
    VAC004-463: Unidentified man, 1911
    VAC004-464: Helen Thorn, undated
    VAC004-465: GT, Patterson in football uniform, 1911
    VAC004-466: GT, Ben Sinclair in Tech football uniform, undated
    VAC004-467: Autos on Glidden Tour parked on Kimball Street, undated
    VAC004-468: GT, Bill Coleman, varsity football, in Tech football uniform, 1911
    VAC004-469: GT, Roy Goree, varsity football, in Tech football uniform, 1911
    VAC004-470: GT, Paul Cheney, scrubs football, in football uniform, 1911
    VAC004-471: GT, Patterson, football captain and full back, wearing Tech uniform, 1911
    VAC004-472: GT, Tech Varsity's football team on Thanksgiving Day, 1911
    VAC004-473: GT, Roy Goree, halfback, in football uniform, undated
    VAC004-474: GT, "Dutch" Luhrman, guard, in Tech football uniform, undated
    VAC004-475: GT, Homer Cook, halfback, in football uniform, undated
    VAC004-476: GT, Bill Coleman, quarterback, in Tech football uniform, undated
    VAC004-477: GT, Gilbert Sanchez, end tackle, in football uniform, undated
    VAC004-478: GT, Ben Sinclair, tackle, and Ed Means, guard, in football uniforms, undated



    22Scrapbook 2, undated
    VAC004-511: GT, John Coon, "Uncle Si", undated
    VAC004-512: GT, E.K. Thomason [also identified as Homer Cook] and Al Loeb in football uniforms, undated
    VAC004-513: GT, David C. Black, "Pinky" in football uniform, undated
    VAC004-514: GT, William Alexander, undated
    VAC004-515: Floats in Georgia Boys' Corn Parade, Float #1, 1911
    VAC004-516: Floats in Georgia Boys' Corn Parade, Float #2, 1911
    VAC004-517: Floats in Georgia Boys' Corn Parade, Float #3, 1911
    VAC004-518: GT, W.D. Evans, undated
    VAC004-519: GT, snowball fight on campus, undated
    VAC004-520: GT, Academic Building, 1912
    VAC004-521: GT, group sitting on Sigma Alpha Epsilon house porch, Hoffman, Hooper, Wood, Pease, Harris, undated
    VAC004-522a: GT, view of snowy campus from a Swann Dormitory window, undated
    VAC004-522b: GT, view of snowy campus from a Swann Dormitory window, undated
    VAC004-522c: GT, view of snowy campus from a Swann Dormitory window, undated
    VAC004-523a: GT, campus with snow, undated
    VAC004-523b: GT, campus with snow, undated
    VAC004-524: GT, group at Sigma Alpha Epsilon house, Willis Irvin, Austin Wynne, Cooper Harris, Dan Wood, Paul Cheney, Frank Gay, J.M. Riefsnider, Frank Perkins, Fax Montague, “Rat” Thomas, undated
    VAC004-525a: GT, campus with snow, undated
    VAC004-525b: GT, campus with snow, undated
    VAC004-526: GT, "The Duplex", two men both identified as Bill Evans, undated
    VAC004-527: GT, J.M. Riefsnider and W.D. Evans, room M-6 in Swann, undated
    VAC004-528: Atlanta, house at corner of 5th and Williams streets, undated
    VAC004-529: Mrs. Patterson, undated
    VAC004-530: Colonel Patterson, undated
    VAC004-531: GT, "Midnight Fudge Party" in a dorm room, Rief, Jake, Bill, Pat, Dan, Paul, undated
    VAC004-532: GT, horsing around in a dorm room, four unidentified men, undated
    VAC004-533: GT, John Riefsnider, undated
    VAC004-534: GT, Carl Collins and Dean Hill, undated
    VAC004-535: GT, Textile Building, undated
    VAC004-536: GT, façade of Academic Building and Carnegie Library, undated
    VAC004-537: GT, Bill, undated
    VAC004-538: GT, John Riefsnider, undated
    VAC004-539: GT, Patterson in pirate costume for Chi Phi Masquerade, undated
    VAC004-540: GT, McLin, baseball player, undated
    VAC004-541: GT, "Ros" Drake, in Tech baseball uniform, undated
    VAC004-542: GT, Carl Sloan, baseball captain, in Tech baseball uniform, 1912
    VAC004-543: GT, Harry Holland, in Tech baseball uniform, undated
    VAC004-544: GT, students in Patterson's dormitory room. Elmer, Ashley, Montague, Wood, Wynne, Perkins?, undated
    VAC004-545: GT, Experimental Laboratory, coal analysis, BTU test, undated
    VAC004-546: GT, two unidentified students in pajamas, horsing around bunk beds in dorm room, undated
    VAC004-547: GT, Experimental Laboratory, water wheel test, undated
    VAC004-548: GT, Electrical Laboratory, Gene Hill, undated
    VAC004-549: GT, two unidentified students lying in bunk beds in dorm room, undated
    VAC004-550: GT, Evans and Reifsnider, undated
    VAC004-551: GT, southwest corner of Swann dormitory, from across North Ave., undated
    VAC004-552: Viola, undated
    VAC004-553: Viola and Margaret at breakfast, 1912
    VAC004-554: Viola, undated
    VAC004-555: Viola, undated
    VAC004-556: Viola, undated
    VAC004-557: Margaret Hawkins, undated
    VAC004-558: Driveway and Hawkin's backyard, undated
    VAC004-559: Birmingham, AL, field and grandstand at track meet, 1912
    VAC004-560: Roy Goree, track captain, undated
    VAC004-561: Charlie Thomas, track captain, undated
    VAC004-562: Roy Goree, track and field, undated
    VAC004-563: Ezell, member of Clemson track, undated
    VAC004-564: Patterson in track uniform, undated
    VAC004-565: Patterson in track sweater, undated
    VAC004-566: Charles Thomas (coach) and W.A. Aichel (manager), undated
    VAC004-567: Montgomery Hill (former Tech baseball star catcher), undated
    VAC004-568: GT, William M. Randle (Athletic Director) in front of French Textile Building, undated
    VAC004-569: Tennis court and unidentified males playing tennis, undated
    VAC004-570: "Harry" in Tech baseball uniform, undated
    VAC004-571: Athens, GA, old dormitory at UGA, 1912
    VAC004-572: Athens, old athletic field and buildings at UGA, 1912
    VAC004-573: Athens, Janie and Kate Cooper, 1912
    VAC004-574: Athens, drive on UGA campus, 1912
    VAC004-575: Athens, Mary Helen Moody, A.W. Hill, Mrs. Moody, Bill Coleman, Marsh Adair, 1912
    VAC004-576: Athens, Sanford Field at UGA, during last game, 1912
    VAC004-577: Athens, Senior Circus at UGA, 1912
    VAC004-578: Athens, Skinny McCaslin, Aline Fielder, and Alice Stewart, 1912
    VAC004-579: GT, ANAK Initiation--the parade, undated
    VAC004-580: GT, ANAK Initiation, Holland, Montague, Luhrman, Ely, Loeb, Cook, Hope, Porter, Holmes, undated
    VAC004-581: Athens, Rebecca Stewart and Lawrence Parker, undated
    VAC004-582: Patterson in graduation cap and gown, 1912
    VAC004-583: GT seal, undated
    VAC004-584a: Macon, Louise King, 1912
    VAC004-584b: Macon, Louise King, 1912
    VAC004-585: Macon, Minnie Goodwin Artope [?], Elizabeth Cornell, 1912
    VAC004-586: Tybee Island, Viola, 1912
    VAC004-587: Tybee Island, Viola on train to Savannah, 1912
    VAC004-588: Tybee Island, Caro, 1912
    VAC004-589: Tybee Island, Caro Palmer, 1912
    VAC004-590: Tybee Island, Elinor Palmer, 1912
    VAC004-591a: Tybee Island, panoramic view from end of bath house, 1912
    VAC004-591b: Tybee Island, panoramic view from end of bath house, 1912
    VAC004-591c: Tybee Island, panoramic view from end of bath house, 1912
    VAC004-592a: Tybee Island, panoramic view of beach from sand bar, showing the Point and The Colony in the distance, 1912
    VAC004-592b: Tybee Island, panoramic view of beach from sand bar, showing Tybee Hotel and Bowen in the distance, 1912
    VAC004-593: Tybee Island, looking towards the ocean, 1912
    VAC004-594: Carolyn, Larcombe Schley, 1912
    VAC004-595: Jessie Anderson (cousin), undated
    VAC004-596a: Newspaper clipping about the cancellation of Viola's marriage engagement, undated
    VAC004-596b: Viola and newspaper clipping about the cancellation of her marriage engagement, undated
    VAC004-597: Goat Rock Dam, GA, power house and future penstocks, 1912
    VAC004-598: Goat Rock Dam, looking along back of dam, 1912
    VAC004-599: Goat Rock Dam, opening of draft tube, 1912
    VAC004-600: Goat Rock Dam, view from top of dam down tail race, 1912
    VAC004-601: Patterson, at time of employment at Stone and Webster, 1912
    VAC004-602: Unidentified male, at time of employment at Stone and Webster, 1912
    VAC004-603: Goat Rock Dam, front of dam, showing flood gates and racks, undated
    VAC004-604: Goat Rock Dam, power house under construction, undated
    VAC004-605: Goat Rock Dam, C.T. King and Tom Winchester, undated
    VAC004-606: Newnan, GA, coal pile, undated
    VAC004-607: Goat Rock Dam, front of dam, flood gates and frames for racks, undated
    VAC004-608: LaGrange, GA, auction, undated
    VAC004-609: Chattahoochee River, William Bartlett, King and unidentified male in a boat gauging the river at West Point Station, undated
    VAC004-610: Chattahoochee River, Patterson in boat gauging the river at Columbus Station, undated
    VAC004-611: Chattahoochee River, Bartlett and King in boat, showing current meter at Columbus Station, undated
    VAC004-612: Chattahoochee River, King in boat at Columbus Station, undated
    VAC004-613: Verna, C.T. and Mattie Love, undated
    VAC004-614: Patterson at West Point Station, undated
    VAC004-615: King with transit, undated
    VAC004-616: Chattahoochee River, three unidentified men in boat taking soundings at West Point Station, undated
    VAC004-617: View of mountain top from train, undated
    VAC004-618: Transmission tower near Hogansville, undated
    VAC004-619: Atlanta, Austin Wynne on trip for Tech v. Georgia football game, 1912
    VAC004-620: Atlanta,"Pink" Whittlesey and Viv. Pease on trip for Tech v. Georgia football game, 1912
    VAC004-621: Atlanta,Bob de Graffenried and Frank Perkins on trip for Tech v. Georgia football game, 1912
    VAC004-622: GT, approach to Tech from North Avenue, 1912
    VAC004-623: GT, new Rockefeller YMCA building, 1912
    VAC004-624: GT, looking across old athletic field from upper campus, 1912
    VAC004-625: Dick Harrison and Lida Brown, undated
    VAC004-626: Newnan, GA, East Newnan Mills, undated
    VAC004-627: Four unidentified African American males (Patterson's staff of helpers), undated
    VAC004-628: Mattie Love at North Highlands, undated
    VAC004-629: Patterson at North Highlands, undated
    VAC004-630: Mattie Love at North Highlands, undated
    VAC004-631: Chattahoochee River, looking across river from Columbus Gas Plant, undated
    VAC004-632: Chattahoochee River, at West Point Station looking west, undated
    VAC004-633: Chattahoochee River, C.T. at West Point Station, undated
    VAC004-634: Chattahoochee River, Patterson in boat at West Point Station, undated
    VAC004-635: Chattahoochee River, unidentified man standing on large tree limb, undated
    VAC004-636: Chattahoochee River, C.T. King and Warren Hall at West Point Station, undated
    VAC004-637: Chattahoochee River, C.T. King up a creek at West Point Station, undated
    VAC004-638: Goat Rock Dam, view of dam from engineer's house, 1912
    VAC004-639: Goat Rock Dam, looking up the pond, unidentified building in foreground, 1912
    VAC004-640: Goat Rock Dam, the spillway from below, 1912
    VAC004-641: Goat Rock Dam, west wall of tail race, undated
    VAC004-642a: Woodbury, NJ, house at 245 Cooper Street, undated
    VAC004-642b: Goat Rock Dam, goat of Goat Rock, undated
    VAC004-643: Goat Rock Dam, Mayor Chappell making speech at opening of dam, 1912
    VAC004-644: Goat Rock Dam, Miss Byrd Blankenship at opening of dam, 1912
    VAC004-645: Goat Rock Dam, below the dam, looking east at opening of dam, 1912
    VAC004-646: Goat Rock Dam, Mr. Blankenhorn and Verna Dudley, undated
    VAC004-647: Goat Rock Dam, above dam showing floodgates, logboom and racks, undated
    VAC004-648: Goat Rock Dam, looking up river from lower bridge, undated
    VAC004-649: "Skeet" Coleman and unidentified man, undated
    VAC004-650: Goat Rock Dam, power house looking up tail race, undated
    VAC004-651: Goat Rock Dam, future penstocks, undated
    VAC004-652: Goat Rock Dam, flood gates from below, undated
    VAC004-653: "Sue" in Wildwood Park (Marion Barnett), undated
    VAC004-654: Patterson in Wildwood Park, undated
    VAC004-655: Patterson's living quarters, looking northwest, undated
    VAC004-656: Patterson's living quarters, looking southeast, undated
    VAC004-657: C.T.King, undated
    VAC004-658: Marion Barnett, "Sue", undated
    VAC004-659: Patterson, undated
    VAC004-660: Mr. Jarvis, Master Mechanic Cols R.R. Co., undated
    VAC004-661: Newton, Statham and Gafford eating, undated
    VAC004-662: Patterson sitting in office, undated
    VAC004-663: Trainmens Lobby, under construction, undated
    VAC004-664: Kate Ligon, undated
    VAC004-665: Elenor Dicky [?], undated
    VAC004-666: Car barn with extension, undated
    VAC004-667: Stamford, CT, back of Patterson family house, undated
    VAC004-668: Stamford, front of Patterson family house, undated
    VAC004-669: Stamford, end of Patterson family house, undated
    VAC004-670: Stamford, front of Patterson house, showing end porch, undated
    VAC004-671: YMCA Acrobatic Troupe, Redd, Pease, Bridges, Turner, Brennan, Kilcrease, Patterson, 1913
    VAC004-672: YMCA Acrobatic Troupe, three high, 1913
    VAC004-673: YMCA Acrobatic Troupe, fall from three high, 1913
    VAC004-674: YMCA Acrobatic Troupe, three high, 1913
    VAC004-675: YMCA Acrobatic Troupe, three high layout and "cupid", 1913
    VAC004-676: YMCA Acrobatic Troupe, three high on feet with handstand, 1913
    VAC004-677: YMCA Acrobatic Troupe, handstand on knees, pyramid, 1913
    VAC004-678: YMCA Acrobatic Troupe, double handstand, two high pyramid, arm balance, 1913
    VAC004-679: YMCA Acrobatic Troupe, handstand, headstand, 1913
    VAC004-680: YMCA Acrobatic Troupe, hold out pyramid, handstand on heads, 1913
    VAC004-681: YMCA Acrobatic Troupe, handstand on feet and pyramid, 1913
    VAC004-682: YMCA Acrobatic Troupe, pushaway, leg lift, 1913
    VAC004-683: YMCA Acrobatic Troupe, pyramid and three high layout, 1913
    VAC004-684: YMCA Acrobatic Troupe, acrobatic display in action, 1913
    VAC004-685: YMCA Acrobatic Troupe, acrobatic display in action, 1913
    VAC004-686: YMCA Acrobatic Troupe, 1913
    VAC004-687: YMCA Acrobatic Troupe, one foot pitches in action, 1913
    VAC004-688: YMCA Acrobatic Troupe, "ketch-back", 1913
    VAC004-688a: Count Schwobinsky, undated
    VAC004-688b: Miss Kate Ligon, undated
    VAC004-688c: Verna and Belle Dudley, undated
    VAC004-688d: Evening picnic at Wildwood Park, Bessie Bruce, Miss Wiggin, Renaldo Page, Belle, Leutje, Lucille, Verna, undated
    VAC004-688e: Belle Dudley, undated
    VAC004-688f: Playing tennis at country club, Farley, Annie Leutjie, Gray, and Moffitt, undated
    VAC004-689: Looking up river from 15th and Broad, near Library, undated
    VAC004-690: Chautauqua on library green, undated
    VAC004-691: Library green, putting up Chautauqua tents, undated
    VAC004-692: Tennis courts at country club, undated
    VAC004-693: H.K. Jarvis, M.M. [Master Mechanic?] wearing suit, undated
    VAC004-694: Jim Newton, undated
    VAC004-695: Car barn showing new trainmens lobby, exterior of building, undated
    VAC004-696: Car barn showing new lobby, interior, undated
    VAC004-697: Car barn, interior showing showers and lockers, undated
    VAC004-698: Knight Templar Convention, Grand Commandery, undated
    VAC004-699: Knight Templar Convention, C.A. Sweet, undated
    VAC004-700: Knight Templar Convention, front of parade, undated
    VAC004-701: Flomation, AL, basketball trip, Albert Dozier, Dana Kilcrease, Frank Bridges, Patterson, Alonzo Dozier, Tippo Peddy, 1913
    VAC004-702: Flomation, AL, basketball trip, 1913
    VAC004-703: Goat Rock Camp, Smith, Emily, and Verna, 1913
    VAC004-704: Goat Rock Camp, Annie, Jack, Roscoe, Harding, Mary, Morry, Louise, Adams, Hartpence, 1913
    VAC004-705: Goat Rock Camp, Bob Smith and Emily Groover, 1913
    VAC004-706: Goat Rock Camp, Bob, Gene, Gray, Emily, Charles Hartpence in bath clothing, 1913
    VAC004-707: Goat Rock Camp, Mary and Louise, 1913
    VAC004-708: Goat Rock Camp, Mulberry Creek, 1913
    VAC004-709: Goat Rock Camp, buildings at the camp, 1913
    VAC004-710: Goat Rock Camp, Mulberry Creek, 1913
    VAC004-711: Goat Rock Camp, "Belle" of the camp, unidentified female, 1913
    VAC004-712: Goat Rock Camp, from backwater, 1913
    VAC004-713: Goat Rock Camp, Norma Hines, 1913
    VAC004-714: Goat Rock Camp, looking over dam, power house in distance, 1913
    VAC004-715: Goat Rock Camp, group fishing at Mulberry Creek, 1913
    VAC004-716: Goat Rock Camp, Patterson, Mary, and M. Morton, 1913
    VAC004-717: Goat Rock Camp, unidentified female standing on tree limb, undated
    VAC004-718: Goat Rock Camp, unidentified lake [Goat Rock Dam Lake?], 1913
    VAC004-719: Helen Smith and Edward Berry, undated
    VAC004-720: Helen, undated
    VAC004-721: Harold Lummus and Edward Berry, undated
    VAC004-722: Unidentified man and woman sitting in boat, undated
    VAC004-723: L.D. Hill, fishing at Mulberry Creek, undated
    VAC004-724: Columbus, GA, tornado damage at Eagle and Phenix Mill (postcard), undated
    VAC004-725: Columbus, GA, tornado damage at Eagle and Phenix Mill (postcard), undated
    VAC004-726: Columbus, GA, tornado damage at Harvey Lumber (postcard), undated
    VAC004-727: Columbus, GA, tornado damage on 13th Street between 2nd and 3rd avenues (postcard), undated
    VAC004-728: Columbus, GA, tornado damage on 13th Street between 1st and 2nd avenues (postcard), undated
    VAC004-729: Columbus, GA, cotton compress fire (postcard), undated
    VAC004-730: Columbus, GA, tornado damage on 1st Avenue between 12th and 13th streets (postcard), undated
    VAC004-731: Columbus, GA, tornado damage at 1st Avenue and 13th Street (postcard), undated
    VAC004-732: Columbus, GA, cotton compress fire (postcard), undated
    VAC004-733: Columbus, GA, scenes of the tornado damage (postcard), undated
    VAC004-734: Frank Bridges, undated
    VAC004-735: Norman Pease, George Swift, and Gene Ransom playing golf, undated
    VAC004-736: Golf course, undated
    VAC004-737: Stamford, CT, Patterson family's new house, exterior, undated
    VAC004-738: Stamford, CT, Patterson family's new house, interior hall looking into dining room, undated
    VAC004-739: Stamford, CT, Patterson family's new house, interior, parlor, undated
    VAC004-740: Patterson family, undated
    VAC004-741: Patterson family--Maza, Aunt Georgie, Mid, Col. Patterson, Mrs. Patterson, Wayne Patterson, and Edward, undated
    VAC004-742: Col. Patterson, Mrs. Patterson, Harman, and Edward, undated



    31Copies of Individual Images, undated
    VAC004-62x-1: Syd Higgins and Patterson (copy), undated
    VAC004-84x-1: Colonel Patterson and Edward (copy), undated
    VAC004-168x-1: GT, YMCA Conference, Baseball Team (copy), 1908
    VAC004-210x-1: Tybee Island, sandbar, Vera "Shorty" (copy), undated
    VAC004-212x-1: Tybee Island, sandbar, Sara Nichols (copy), undated
    VAC004-216x-1: Tybee Island, Myers Cottage (copy), undated
    VAC004-121-1: Steamer, Laurie, Marry Hooper, Mr. Brine, and Coates Benedict (copy), undated
    VAC004-410-1: Car crossing bridge over White Oak Creek, 1911
    VAC004-642b-1: Goat Rock Dam, goat of Goat Rock, undated
    32VAC 4-479 through VAC 4-492, undated
    VAC004-479: two unidentified children on ship [duplicate of VAC004-122], undated
    VAC004-480: two unidentified males [very faded, image hardly discernable], undated
    VAC004-481: GT, Patterson in Tech football uniform, undated
    VAC004-482: Walk to Point Bonita and light house, undated
    VAC004-483: Ocean sand bar and lagoon, undated
    VAC004-484: Railroad tracks to top of hill, viewed from wharf, undated
    VAC004-485: View of wharf from the hill, undated
    VAC004-486: GT, Dean Hill and Patterson in "Yama Yama" costumes [very faded], undated
    VAC004-487: Edward holding baby Charles Harman, undated
    VAC004-488: Probably baby Charles Harman, lying down, undated
    VAC004-489: Unidentified man holding child, possibly baby Charles Harman with his father E.P. Jessop, undated
    VAC004-490a,b: Unidentified man holding child (two photographs are attached), possibly baby Charles Harman with his father E.P. Jessop, undated
    VAC004-491: Charles Harman Jessop, undated
    VAC004-492: Unidentified man and Sarita Van Vliet, undated
    33VAC 4-493 through VAC 4-501, undated
    VAC004-493: California, 3 roads to Fat Barry [Berry Flat, CA?], undated
    VAC004-494: California, mortar battery, undated
    VAC004-495: California, six inch gun, undated
    VAC004-496: California, Tom, Louis L., and unidentified woman, undated
    VAC004-497: California, quarters on post, undated
    VAC004-498: California, unidentified woman with poppies, on a mortar battery, undated
    VAC004-499: Unidentified Asian man, undated
    VAC004-500: California, view of buildings on post, undated
    VAC004-501: California, twelve inch gun, undated
    34VAC 4-502 through VAC 4-505, undated
    VAC004-502: Colonel Patterson (postcard), 1907
    VAC004-503: Unidentified male playing tennis (time-lapse) (postcard), 1910
    VAC004-504: Unidentified male playing tennis (postcard), 1910
    VAC004-505: Unidentified ship (postcard), undated
    35VAC 4-506 through VAC004-507a, undated
    VAC004-506: Fort Morgan, Mobile Bay, Alabama, Patterson family and friends. Lt. Waldron, Col. Patterson, Mrs. Patterson, Middie, Mrs. Waldron, Dr. Felder, Maza, Wayne Patterson, Lt. Weley, 1900
    VAC004-507a: YMCA Conference, Montreat, NC (photograph in two pieces), 1908
    36VAC 4-508, undated
    VAC004-508: Unidentified building, undated
    37VAC 4-509, undated
    VAC004-509: Robert Webb Adams (studio portrait), undated
    38VAC 4-743 through VAC004-748, undated
    VAC004-743: GT, Senior Engineering class, Coon's classroom, 2 unidentified students in front of chalk board, 1912
    VAC004-744: Unidentified woman, undated
    VAC004-745: Columbus, GA, "Hats" Cook, electrical repairman and armature winder, car barn Columbus railroad, 1913
    VAC004-746: Chattahoochee River, river gauging at West Point Station, Warren Hall, C.T. King, and Wayne Patterson, undated
    VAC004-747: Viola Johnson [duplicate of VAC004-587], 1912
    VAC004-748: Viola Johnson [duplicate of VAC004-586], 1912
    39Photographic Copies of Select Images from Scrapbooks, undated
    310Photographic Copies of Select Images from Scrapbooks, undated
    311Manuscript Items from the Scrapbooks, undated


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