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Georgia Tech Alumni Association Slide Collection

Georgia Tech Alumni Association Slide Collection

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Descriptive Summary

Title: Georgia Tech Alumni Association Slide Collection
Identification: VAC027
Date: 1946-1988
Size/Quantity: 0.8 linear feet (one flat archival box)
Language: This collection is written in English.
Creator: Georgia Tech Alumni Association.
Repository: Archives & Records Management, Library, Georgia Institute of Technology
Abstract:The Alumni Association collected these slides documenting faculty, staff, students, buildings, alumni, and athletics at Georgia Tech.

Biographical/Historical Note

The first recorded meeting of the association was held in 1896. Georgia Tech's first graduate, Henry L. Smith (ME '90), invited former classmates to join him at his home to discuss the idea of an alumni association. Together, they drafted the first set of by-laws in 1898. In 1906, a petition for a charter was produced, and it was granted on June 20, 1908. In 1919, reorganization occurred and new by-laws were drafted under the name of the Georgia Tech National Alumni Association, under the leadership of W. H. Glenn (1891).

In 1922, Albert H. Staton (ME '22) was hired as the first executive secretary. He also served as the editor of the Georgia Tech Magazine, which made its debut in 1923. Other former Tech students have also held the position of executive secretary: George C. Griffin (CE '22), Jack Thiesen (EE '10), Howard Ector (IM '40), Roane Beard (IM '49), Robert Rice (IM '49), John B. Carter, Jr. (IE '69), and Joseph P. Irwin (IM '80).

Certain programs have developed out of the Alumni Association. While Griffin was secretary, he created a placement service in 1923, which later transferred to the Tech's administration. In 1947, the Alumni Association began the annual fund raising campaign known as the Roll Call

Scope and Content Note

This collection contains 372 slides and five photographs from the Georgia Tech Alumni Association. The slides are housed in sleeves within a binder. The largest series contains buildings and grounds photographs, such as Tech Tower, Grant Field, and Alexander Coliseum. There is a large series of faculty and staff slides as well, including a photographic reprint of Dean George Griffin's portrait.


SERIES 1. Tech Alumni - Politicians.

SERIES 2. Buzz.

SERIES 3. Grant Field/Bobby Dodd Stadium.

SERIES 4. Georgia Tech Football.

SERIES 5. Bobby Ross.

SERIES 6. Baseball.

SERIES 7. Athletic Association Weight Room.

SERIES 8. Basketball/Alexander Memorial Coliseum.

SERIES 9. Bobby Cremins.

SERIES 10. Bobby Dodd.

SERIES 11. Tech Tower.

SERIES 12. Other Buildings.

SERIES 13. Students.

SERIES 14. William Sangster.

SERIES 15. Print Media.

SERIES 16. Duplicate/Similar Slides.

SERIES 17. Interiors.

SERIES 18. Miscellaneous.

SERIES 19. Centennial Campaign.

SERIES 20. Commencement.

SERIES 21. Honored Tech Students.

SERIES 22. People.

SERIES 23. Marketing for 1700 Stars.

SERIES 24. Dean George Griffin.

Index Terms

Carter, Jimmy, 1924-
Cremins, Bobby, 1947-
Dodd, Bobby, 1908-1988
Georgia Institute of Technology. Alumni and alumnae.
Georgia Institute of Technology. Buildings.
Georgia Institute of Technology. Faculty.
Georgia Institute of Technology. Sports.
Georgia Institute of Technology. Students.
Griffin, George C., (George Clayton), 1896-1990
Nunn, Sam
Slides (Photography).

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Please cite Georgia Tech Alumni Association Slide Collection (VAC027), Archives, Library and Information Center, Georgia Institute of Technology.


Accession #1999.027.

Processing Information

Natalie Woods processed this slide collection in 2002.

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March 2006:
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  • Restrictions

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    Restrictions: Use

    All photograph copyright restrictions under the laws of the United States Copyright must be obeyed. All photographs in this collection are subject to approval before publication may be permitted. Permission to publish materials from this collection must be obtained from the Head of Archives and Special Collections.

    Other Finding Aids

    A print copy of this finding aid is available in the Georgia Tech Archives reading room.

    Container List

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    SERIES 01: Tech Alumni - Politicians (page 1), undated

    Box: 1
    VAC 27-1: Former President Jimmy Carter in suit, undated
    VAC 27-2: Duplicate, undated
    VAC 27-3: Carter waving from podium, undated
    VAC 27-4: Senator Sam Nunn in tuxedo at podium, undated
    VAC 27-5: Nunn in academic regalia at podium, undated
    VAC 27-6: Nunn in academic regalia at podium, undated
    VAC 27-7: Nunn in suit at podium, undated
    VAC 27-8: Nunn in tuxedo, undated

    SERIES 02: Buzz (page 1), undated

    VAC 27-9: Buzz shaking hands during frisbee game, undated
    VAC 27-10: Buzz with unidentified rival mascot, undated
    VAC 27-11: Duplicate, undated
    VAC 27-12: Buzz with crowd, undated
    VAC 27-13: Buzz in mini-Wreck, undated
    VAC 27-14: Buzz studio shot with balloons, undated

    SERIES 03: Grant Field/Bobby Dodd Stadium (pages 2-3), undated

    VAC 27-15: 6 male, 1 female cheerleaders standing on bench, undated
    VAC 27-16: Cheerleaders with Ramblin' Wreck, undated
    VAC 27-17: Unidentified football game, undated
    VAC 27-18: Unidentified coach and player #18, undated
    VAC 27-19: Grant Field from Bobby Dodd Stadium bleachers, undated
    VAC 27-20: Players running onto Grant Field, undated
    VAC 27-21: Band member, undated
    VAC 27-22: Band member, undated
    VAC 27-23: Empty field, stadium, and Atlanta skyline, undated
    VAC 27-24: Game on Grant Field with Brittain Hall in back, undated
    VAC 27-25: Unidentified men, undated
    VAC 27-26: Grant Field, undated
    VAC 27-27: Aerial shot of Grant Field and Homer Rice Athletic Association, undated
    VAC 27-28: Unidentified homecoming court, undated
    VAC 27-29: Stadium and field, undated
    VAC 27-30: Unidentified homecoming court, undated
    VAC 27-31: Ramblin' Wreck with unidentified passengers, undated
    VAC 27-32: Cheerleaders with Wreck, undated
    VAC 27-33: Unidentified student fan, undated
    VAC 27-34: Cheerleaders with Wreck, undated
    VAC 27-35-38: 1988 Tech/USC game, undated
    VAC 27-39: Bobby Ross during 1988 Tech/USC game, undated
    VAC 27-40-45: 1988 Tech/USC game, undated

    SERIES 04: Georgia Tech Football (page 3), undated

    VAC 27-46: Unidentified man in "T" jacket at microphone on Grant Field, undated
    VAC 27-47-48: Duplicate, undated
    VAC 27-49: Unidentified child in yellow jacket costume, undated
    VAC 27-50-52: #85 Jimmy Robinson, undated
    VAC 27-53: John Davis on Buffalo Bills, undated

    SERIES 05: Bobby Ross (page 4), undated

    VAC 27-54: Young Ross in uniform with woman, undated
    VAC 27-55: Young studio headshot in uniform, undated
    VAC 27-56: Young studio headshot in suit, undated
    VAC 27-57: In uniform holding dog, undated
    VAC 27-58: Older studio headshot in suit, undated
    VAC 27-59: Accepting award at microphone, undated
    VAC 27-60: With baby on lap, undated
    VAC 27-61: In living room with family, undated
    VAC 27-62: Family portrait, undated
    VAC 27-63: Young studio headshot in white suit, undated
    VAC 27-64: Duplicate, undated
    VAC 27-65: Coaching (see also -39), undated

    SERIES 06: Baseball (page 5), undated

    VAC 27-66: Unidentified coach signaling, undated
    VAC 27-67: Unidentified player, undated
    VAC 27-68: Three Tech baseball Olympians, undated
    VAC 27-69: Crowd at Chandler Field, undated

    SERIES 07: Athletic Association Weight Room (page 5), undated

    VAC 27-70-71: Machines and bench presses, undated
    VAC 27-72-73: Dead lift mats, undated

    SERIES 08: Basketball/Alexander Memorial Coliseum (page 5), undated

    VAC 27-74: Unidentified player shooting, undated
    VAC 27-75: Player #25, dunking ball, undated
    VAC 27-76-77: Duplicates, undated
    VAC 27-78: Unidentified player dunking, undated
    VAC 27-79: Duplicate, undated
    VAC 27-80: Cheerleaders in pyramid form, undated
    VAC 27-81: Crowd at game, undated
    VAC 27-82: Building of the stadium, undated
    VAC 27-83-84: Group of men with original model of stadium, undated
    VAC 27-85: Print-media clipping of aerial shot of stadium, undated

    SERIES 09: Bobby Cremins (page 6), undated

    VAC 27-86-87: Young headshot in suit, undated
    VAC 27-88: Young headshot in jersey, "Ace", undated
    VAC 27-89: Young headshot in jersey, "Ace", undated
    VAC 27-90: Young headshot in jersey, undated
    VAC 27-91: Print-media clipping of Cremins with McGuire and Aces, undated
    VAC 27-92: Cremins, McGuire, Aces, undated
    VAC 27-93: Little, Cantwell, Felton, Cremins as head coach at ASU, 1975
    VAC 27-94: Print-media clipping of Cremins shooting against Auburn, undated
    VAC 27-95: Cremins shooting against Wake Forest, undated
    VAC 27-96: Cremins dribbling, undated
    VAC 27-97: Cremins shooting, undated

    SERIES 10: Bobby Dodd (page 6), undated

    VAC 27-98: Bobby Dodd kneeling profile, undated
    VAC 27-99: Duplicate, undated
    VAC 27-100: Dodd, Thorpe, MacArthur, Alexander coaching staff, undated
    VAC 27-101: Duplicate, undated
    VAC 27-102: Headshot with caption for print media, undated
    VAC 27-103: Duplicate, undated
    VAC 27-104: Kneeling, facing camera, undated

    SERIES 11: Tech Tower (page 7), undated

    VAC 27-105: North and East sides against skyline, undated
    VAC 27-106: North side of Administration Building during celebration, undated
    VAC 27-107: East side of Administration Building and sidewalk, undated
    VAC 27-108: West side of Tower through trees, undated
    VAC 27-109: NE corner of Administration Building for Alumni Association slide show, undated
    VAC 27-110: NW corner of Tower above trees, undated
    VAC 27-111: NE corner of Tower with fireworks, undated
    VAC 27-112: Duplicate, undated
    VAC 27-113: NE corner, undated
    VAC 27-114: North facade of Administration Building, undated
    VAC 27-115: NE sides of Admnistration Building, undated
    VAC 27-116: NW sides with no letters, undated
    VAC 27-117: Aerial shot of the NE sides of Administration Building, undated
    VAC 27-118: SE sides of Administration Building, undated
    VAC 27-119: Top of Tower, without T, against skyline, undated
    VAC 27-120: Drawing of old Administration Building, undated

    SERIES 12: Other Buildings (pages 8-9), undated

    VAC 27-121: Lyman Hall, undated
    VAC 27-122: Smokestack, undated
    VAC 27-123: Drawing of Microelectronics Research Center, undated
    VAC 27-124: Brittain Hall, undated
    VAC 27-125: Grants and Contracts, undated
    VAC 27-126: Side of Grants and Contracts, undated
    VAC 27-127: Dupree College of Management, undated
    VAC 27-128: Drawing of Student Galleria, undated
    VAC 27-129: Drawing of College of Computing, undated
    VAC 27-130: Beta Theta Pi house, undated
    VAC 27-131: Unidentified Drawing, undated
    VAC 27-132: Advanced Technology Development Center, undated
    VAC 27-133: Aerial view of East campus, undated
    VAC 27-134: Swann and Savant buildings, undated
    VAC 27-135: Glenn Residence Hall, undated
    VAC 27-136: Howell and Smith Halls, undated
    VAC 27-137: Cherry Street buiding top and smokestack, undated
    VAC 27-138: Guggenheim School of Aeronautical Engineering, undated
    VAC 27-139: Aerial view of 10th and Fowler Streets: Coliseum and track, undated
    VAC 27-140: Lyman Hall with ivy, undated
    VAC 27-141: Swann and Savant buildings, undated
    VAC 27-142: Weber Building, undated
    VAC 27-143: Unidentified house, undated
    VAC 27-144: Hightower Building, undated
    VAC 27-145: Looking weat at site of dormitories, undated
    VAC 27-146: Top of Coliseum and skyscraper, undated
    VAC 27-147-149: Unidentified building, undated
    VAC 27-150: Grants anc Contracts, undated

    SERIES 13: Students (pages 10-11), undated

    VAC 27-151: Unidentified male, undated
    VAC 27-152: Lecture in Instructional Center, undated
    VAC 27-153: Textiles, undated
    VAC 27-154: Sigma Phi Epsilon in field events, undated
    VAC 27-155: Unidentified male in pajamas, undated
    VAC 27-156: Duplicate, undated
    VAC 27-157: Softball on SAC fields, undated
    VAC 27-158a: Unidentified male sizing shirt, undated
    VAC 27-158b: Students on Cherry Street, undated
    VAC 27-159: Students at library fountain, undated
    VAC 27-160: Male and female on Techwood, undated
    VAC 27-161: Crew practice, undated
    VAC 27-162: Runner with dog, undated
    VAC 27-163: Females outside student center, undated
    VAC 27-164: Wreck Parade, undated
    VAC 27-165: Student Center Quad, undated
    VAC 27-166: Males in Flintstones outfits in group, undated
    VAC 27-167: Male studying, undated
    VAC 27-168: Group with shovels and buried cars, undated
    VAC 27-169: Students buying books, undated
    VAC 27-170: Students studying, undated
    VAC 27-171: Crowd in street, undated
    VAC 27-172: "To whom it may concern, we are bird doggie" on Volkswagen bug, undated
    VAC 27-173: Wrecks in parade, undated
    VAC 27-174: Students in car at the Varsity, undated
    VAC 27-175: Theta Xi's Wreck, undated
    VAC 27-176: Shop Class, undated
    VAC 27-177: Dog wearing "Roy Johnson's" 1976 RAT cap, undated
    VAC 27-178: Alpha Tau Omega's Wreck, "Wiggler", undated
    VAC 27-179: Shop Class, undated

    SERIES 14: William Sangster (page 11), undated

    VAC 27-180: Sangster with wife Janice, undated
    VAC 27-181: Sangsters with Bobby Cremins, undated
    VAC 27-182: In suit with arms folded, undated
    VAC 27-183: Close-up in suit, undated
    VAC 27-184: At desk in suit, undated
    VAC 27-185: Duplicate, undated

    SERIES 15: Print Media (page 12), undated

    VAC 27-186: 1957 Beauty Judge Perry Como, undated
    VAC 27-187: Duplicate, undated
    VAC 27-188: IFC presents Jimmy Dorsey dance, undated
    VAC 27-189: Nancy Orth on Coliseum, undated
    VAC 27-190: "Manual Registration", undated
    VAC 27-191: "How not to drown", undated
    VAC 27-192: Duplicate, undated
    VAC 27-193: "Tech's First Co-Eds", undated
    VAC 27-194: Pat Crecine wearing RAT cap, undated
    VAC 27-195: Dean Griffin, undated
    VAC 27-196: "Captain 'Red' Barron", undated
    VAC 27-197: "Tech Gives a Party" from Atlanta Journal Constitution, undated
    VAC 27-198: "Four Bowl Victories" from Blue Print, undated
    VAC 27-199: "Bunky Henry, Captain Golf Team", undated
    VAC 27-200: Western Union Telegram concerning George Percival Burdell, 1946
    VAC 27-201: George P. Burdell's B. A. in Industrial Management diploma, undated

    SERIES 16: Duplicate/Similar Slides (page 13), undated

    VAC 27-202: Unidentified male with mustache, undated
    VAC 27-203: Duplicate, undated
    VAC 27-204: Unidentified male in suit, undated
    VAC 27-205: Duplicate, undated
    VAC 27-206: Connect with Tech advisors, undated
    VAC 27-207: Connect with Tech advisors, undated
    VAC 27-208: Slide rule with blueprint showing Fowler Street, undated
    VAC 27-209: Slide rule and note pad, undated
    VAC 27-210: "What, no rat cap!" from print media, undated
    VAC 27-211: Duplicate, undated
    VAC 27-212: Muddy unidentified male with trophy, undated
    VAC 27-213: Duplicate, undated

    SERIES 17: Interior Slides (page 14), undated

    VAC 27-214: Stained glass window in bookstore, undated
    VAC 27-215: Unidentified lobby, undated
    VAC 27-216: Door to Andrew Hearn Sr. Academic Center, undated
    VAC 27-217: Cubicles, undated
    VAC 27-218: Computer desks, undated
    VAC 27-219: Edge Athletic Center foyer, undated
    VAC 27-220: Tennis Center lounge, undated

    SERIES 18: Miscellaneous (page 14), undated

    VAC 27-221: Slide for Alumni Club locations, undated
    VAC 27-222: Caricature of Jeff Foxworthy, undated
    VAC 27-223: Man with big screen projections, undated
    VAC 27-224: Men with computers in front of big screen, undated
    VAC 27-225: Fulton County Stadium marquee, "Georgia Tech Congratulates its New President Pat Crecine", undated
    VAC 27-226: Construction next to interstate, undated

    SERIES 19: Centennial Celebration (page 15), undated

    VAC 27-227-232: Slides for Centennial Campaign, undated

    SERIES 20: Commencement (page 15), undated

    VAC 27-233-235: Unidentified male speaker, undated
    VAC 27-236: Duplicate, undated
    VAC 27-237: Unidentified male speaker, undated

    SERIES 21: Honored Tech Students (page 15), undated

    VAC 27-238: Unidentified male athlete with Olympic medals, undated
    VAC 27-239: Duplicate, undated
    VAC 27-240: Cover of Georgia Tech Magazine: Unidentified male astronaut, undated
    VAC 27-241: Unidentified male Jeopardy champion, undated

    SERIES 22: People (page 16-17), undated

    VAC 27-242: Unidentified male at podium, undated
    VAC 27-243: Duplicate, undated
    VAC 27-244: Unidentified female in hard hat, undated
    VAC 27-245: Duplicate,, undated
    VAC 27-246: Unidentified male in glasses, undated
    VAC 27-247: Duplicate, undated
    VAC 27-248: Unidentified male in glasses, undated
    VAC 27-249: Ron Allen, undated
    VAC 27-250: Unidentified male in suit, undated
    VAC 27-251: Duplicate, undated
    VAC 27-252: Ivan Allen, Jr., undated
    VAC 27-253: Unidentified male at podium, undated
    VAC 27-254: Unidentified male in suit, undated
    VAC 27-255: Duplicate, undated
    VAC 27-256: Unidentified male in suit, undated
    VAC 27-257: Duplicate, undated
    VAC 27-258: Unidentified male at computer, undated
    VAC 27-259: Duplicate, undated
    VAC 27-260: Unidentified male at podium, undated
    VAC 27-261: Crecine at Inauguration or Commencement, undated
    VAC 27-262: Unidentified male in suit, undated
    VAC 27-263: Ivan Allen, Jr., undated
    VAC 27-264: Unidentified man in suit, undated
    VAC 27-265: Duplicate, undated
    VAC 27-266: Sam Nunn, undated
    VAC 27-267: Unidentified woman, undated
    VAC 27-268: Unidentified woman, undated
    VAC 27-269: Woman with computer, undated
    VAC 27-270: Unidentified man in suit, undated
    VAC 27-271: Unidentified man in suit, undated
    VAC 27-272: Unidentified man in suit, undated
    VAC 27-273: Man at table with glasses, undated
    VAC 27-274: Unidentified man in suit, undated
    VAC 27-275: Unidentified man in suit, undated
    VAC 27-276: President Van Leer writing letter in uniform, undated

    SERIES 23: Marketing for 1700 STARS (pages 18-22), undated

    VAC 27-277-372: Lecture slides for marketing and textiles for incoming freshmen, undated

    SERIES 24: Dean George Griffin, undated



    11VAC 27-373, 1-5: Photograph reprints of Dean George C. Griffin, undated