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Olympic Village Photograph Collection

Olympic Village Photograph Collection

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Descriptive Summary

Title: Olympic Village Photograph Collection
Identification: VAC035
Date: 1996
Size/Quantity: 0.4 linear feet (one document case)
Language: This collection is written in English.
Creator: Georgia Institute of Technology. Library and Information Center.
Repository: Archives & Records Management, Library, Georgia Institute of Technology
Abstract:The campus of Georgia Tech served as the Olympic Village for the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games in Atlanta. For Tech, the Olympic Village represented the single biggest construction project in the school's history. In addition to the construction of seven new dormitories, such as Sixth Street Apartments and Hemphill Avenue Apartments, Tech also acquired an aquatic center. Although the majority of the photographs are not dated, they all originated around the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games.

Biographical/Historical Note

The campus of Georgia Tech served as the Olympic Village for the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games in Atlanta. For Tech, the Olympic Village represented the single biggest construction project in the school's history. To accommodate and make final preparations for the Olympic competitors, the campus closed on July 1, 1996. During the Games, the Tech campus served as the home of the Olympians and it was the site of the swimming and boxing venues. Immediately following the Olympics themselves, the Paralympic Games began, utilizing many of the same campus facilities.

Scope and Content Note

This collection includes chromogenic color prints, slides, negatives (35 mm), and contact sheets. All materials within this collection are in good condition.


Divided into ten series, as follows:

SERIES 1. Price Gilbert Memorial Library, undated.

SERIES 2. Skiles Walkway, undated.

SERIES 3. Campanile, undated.

SERIES 4. Streets and Parking Lot Scenes, undated.

SERIES 5. Individuals, undated.

SERIES 6. Tents and Pavilions, 1996.

SERIES 7. Interior of Buildings, undated.

SERIES 8. Olympic Village Signs, undated.

SERIES 9. Building, undated.

SERIES 10.Negatives and Slides, undated.

Index Terms

Clinton, Bill, 1946-
Clinton, Hillary Rodham
Georgia Institute of Technology. Buildings.
Georgia Institute of Technology. Kessler Campanile
Georgia Institute of Technology. Student Center.
Moses, Edwin C., (Edwin Corley), 1955-
Olympic Games (26th : 1996 : Atlanta, Ga.).
Price Gilbert Memorial Library.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Please cite Olympic Village Photograph Collection (VAC035), Archives, Library and Information Center, Georgia Institute of Technology.


Georgia Tech Library staff donated these photographs (Accessions 2001.060 and 2002.070).

Processing Information

Jody Lloyd Thompson processed these papers in 2002.

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March 2006:
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  • Restrictions

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    Restrictions: Use

    All photograph copyright restrictions under the laws of the United States Copyright must be obeyed. All photographs in this collection are subject to approval before publication may be permitted. Permission to publish materials from this collection must be obtained from the Head of Archives and Special Collections.

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    A print copy of this finding aid is available in the Georgia Tech Archives reading room.

    Container List

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    SERIES 01: Price Gilbert Memorial Library, 1996


    1VAC 35-01: Front entrance, 1996
    1VAC 35-01a: et al., 1996
    1VAC 35-01b: et al., 1996
    1VAC 35-01c: et al., 1996
    1VAC 35-02: Front of building, 1996
    1VAC 35-02a: et al., 1996
    1VAC 35-02b: et al., 1996
    1VAC 35-03: Exhibition, "Olympic Museum", 1996
    1VAC 35-03a: Exhibition, "Olympic Museum", 1996
    1VAC 35-04: Construction platform near library, 1996
    1VAC 35-04a: et al., 1996
    1VAC 35-04b: et al., 1996
    1VAC 35-04c: et al., 1996
    1VAC 35-04d: et al., 1996
    1VAC 35-04e: et al., 1996

    SERIES 02: Skiles Walkway, 1996


    1VAC 35-05: Walkway near Price Gilbert Memorial Library, 1996
    1VAC 35-06: Walkway, 1996
    1VAC 35-06a: et al., 1996
    1VAC 35-06b: et al., 1996
    1VAC 35-06c: et al., 1996
    1VAC 35-06d: et al., 1996
    1VAC 35-07: Tents near Georgia Tech Student Center, 1996
    1VAC 35-07a: et al., 1996
    1VAC 35-07b: et al., 1996
    1VAC 35-07c: et al., 1996

    SERIES 03: Campanile, 1996


    1VAC 35-08: Campanile, 1996
    1VAC 35-08a: et al., 1996
    1VAC 35-08b: et al., 1996
    1VAC 35-08c: et al., 1996
    1VAC 35-08d: et al., 1996
    1VAC 35-08e: et al., 1996
    1VAC 35-08f: et al., 1996
    1VAC 35-08g: et al., 1996
    1VAC 35-09: Area around campanile, 1996
    1VAC 35-09a: et al., 1996
    1VAC 35-09b: et al., 1996
    1VAC 35-09c: et al., 1996
    1VAC 35-09d: et al., 1996
    1VAC 35-09e: et al., 1996
    1VAC 35-09f: et al., 1996
    1VAC 35-09g: et al., 1996
    1VAC 35-09h: et al., 1996
    1VAC 35-09i: et al., 1996
    1VAC 35-09j: et al., 1996

    SERIES 04: Street and Parking Lot Scenes, 1996


    1VAC 35-10: Street scene, North Avenue, 1996
    1VAC 35-10a: et al., 1996
    1VAC 35-10b: et al., 1996
    1VAC 35-11: Street scene, Varsity Restaurant (North Avenue), 1996
    1VAC 35-12: Street scene, Hemphill Avenue, 1996
    1VAC 35-13: Parking lot with buses and shuttle buses, 1996
    1VAC 35-13a: et al., 1996
    1VAC 35-13b: et al., 1996
    1VAC 35-13c: et al., 1996
    1VAC 35-13d: et al., 1996

    SERIES 05: Individuals, 1996


    1VAC 35-14: Auditorium, individuals standing near stage, 1996
    1VAC 35-14a: et al., 1996
    1VAC 35-14b: et al., 1996
    1VAC 35-15: Auditorium, athletes, United States First Family (President Bill Clinton, Hillary, 1996
    1VAC 35-15a: et al., 1996
    1VAC 35-15b: et al., 1996
    1VAC 35-15c: et al., 1996
    1VAC 35-15d: et al., 1996
    1VAC 35-16: Auditorium, unidentified individual sitting, 1996
    1VAC 35-16a: Auditorium, unidentified individual sitting, 1996
    1VAC 35-17: Auditorium, Edwin Moses (center) standing with unidentified individuals, 1996
    1VAC 35-17a: Auditorium, Edwin Moses (center) standing with unidentified individuals, 1996
    1VAC 35-18: Unidentified individuals at swimming pool, 1996
    1VAC 35-19: Two unidentified females riding golf cart, 1996
    1VAC 35-20: Unidentified male standing near computer, 1996
    1VAC 35-21: Unidentified individual on stage in Bobby Dodd Stadium, 1996
    1VAC 35-22: Unidentified group on stage, 1996

    SERIES 06: Tents / Pavilion, 1996


    1VAC 35-23: Tents, 1996
    1VAC 35-23a: et al., 1996
    1VAC 35-23b: et al., 1996
    1VAC 35-23c: et al., 1996
    1VAC 35-23d: et al., 1996
    1VAC 35-24: Pavilion - Dance Club/Coffee House/Recreational Pool, 1996
    1VAC 35-25: Pavilion - Surf Shack, 1996
    1VAC 35-25a: Pavilion - Surf Shack, 1996

    SERIES 07: Interior of Buildings, 1996


    1VAC 35-26: Cardio Theater/Health Club, 1996
    1VAC 35-26a: Cardio Theater/Health Club, 1996
    1VAC 35-27: Student Center, bowling alley, 1996
    1VAC 35-28: Student Center, pool hall, 1996
    1VAC 35-29: Computer cluster, 1996
    1VAC 35-29a: et al., 1996
    1VAC 35-29b: et al., 1996
    1VAC 35-29c: et al., 1996

    SERIES 08: Olympic Village Signs, 1996


    1VAC 35-30: Transportation Plaza, Tram, 1996
    1VAC 35-31: Olympic Village Sign (main), 1996

    SERIES 09: Buildings, 1996


    1VAC 35-32: Frank Neely Research Building, 1996
    1VAC 35-33: Georgia State University dormitory/North Avenue, 1996
    1VAC 35-34: Atlanta skyline, 1996
    1VAC 35-35a: Contact sheets, 1996
    1VAC 35-35b: Contact sheets, 1996

    SERIES 10: Negatives and Slides, 1996


    1Negatives, 1996
    Slides--Housed in slide box, 1996