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Georgia Tech Classes and Reunions Photograph Collection

Georgia Tech Classes and Reunions Photograph Collection

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Descriptive Summary

Title: Georgia Tech Classes and Reunions Photograph Collection
Identification: VAC404
Date: 1906-1995
Size: 29.0 photographs
Language: This collection is written in English.
Creator: Georgia Institute of Technology. Archives and Records Management.
Repository: Archives & Records Management, Library, Georgia Institute of Technology
Abstract:This collection contains Georgia Tech class and reunion photographs.

Scope and Content Note

Various Georgia Tech class and reunion photographs comprise this artificial collection created by the Georgia Tech Archives.


This collection is separated into two series: Class Photographs and Reunion Photographs. Both series are arranged in chronological order by date of graduation.

Index Terms

Georgia Institute of Technology. Alumni and alumnae.
Georgia Institute of Technology. Students.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Please cite Georgia Tech Classes and Reunions Photograph Collection VAC404, Archives, Library and Information Center, Georgia Institute of Technology.


Accessions: #2001.164, 2002.056, 2003.032, 2004.041, 2006.060, 2006.061, 2007.036, 2008.076, and 2008.094.

Processing Information

Mandi D. Johnson processed these photographs in September 2010.


Additional class and reunion photographs will be added to this collection as they are received.


Restrictions: Access


Restrictions: Use

Permission to publish materials from this collection must be obtained from the Head of Archives and Special Collections.

Container List

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Series 1: Class Photographs, 1906-ca. 1932


1VAC404-01: Class of 1906, composite photo (reproduction) [M.T. Glenn, L.H. Beck, J.Z. Collier, C.C. Day, G.O. Lowe, J.C. Platt, W.N. Bagwell, F.M. Rowan, W.C. Appleby, H.G. Greene, R.J. Walden, M.R. MacLean, C.H. Tigner, Grier Davis, R.A. Hunt, R.A. Anderson, S.W. Mays, Clark Donaldson, A.W. Meckel, E.P. Noys Jr., Arnold Wells, S.N. Roberts, Elbert Fowler, C.A. Hoyt, S.M. Orr Jr., E.E.G. Roberts Jr., C.M. McCord, I.N. Lozier, P.H. Connally, D.S. Marshall, E.B. Broomhead, Wayne Warfield, V.P. Holt, J.S. Beane, F.J. Fagan, H.H. Sims, W.C. Dumas, J.P. Ingle, C.H. Smith, T.L. Wolfe], 1906


1VAC404-02: Class of 1924, group graduation photo (includes at least 4 women graduates, at far left of group), 1924


2VAC404-03: Class of 1928, group graduation photo (graduates include at least 1 woman--3rd row from bottom, to the right of center), 1928


2VAC404-04: Class of ca. 1925-1932 (possibly 1930), group graduation photo, ca. 1925-1932

Series 2: Reunion Photographs, 1956-1995



11Pioneers of 1888, 1931
VAC404-31: Pioneers of 1888 (first reunion of the first Tech registrants)--additional information in Georgia Tech Alumnus, October 1931. [Bottom Row: H.H. Norman '92 Shop; W.H. Glenn '91; C.M. Pritchett '91; Horace Thompson, Shop; H.L. Smith '90; J.B. McCracy '91. 2nd Row: J.D. Goldsmith '91; H.D. Snyder '92; T.S. Grimes, Shop Instructor; P.C. Brooks '91. 3rd Row: H.D. Cutter '92; C.R. Turner '91; R. Boyd '92; G.W. Jenkins '92; A.R. Colcord '92; Frank E. Whitney '92. 4th Row: W.H. Fluker '92; J.L. Zachry; Wm. Van Houten, Instructor; A.D. Black '92; W.A. Hansell '92.] [computer print], June 1931
12Class of 1926, 1956-1976
VAC404-05: Class of 1926, 30th anniversary reunion, 1956
VAC404-06: Class of 1926, 35th anniversary reunion, 1961
VAC404-07: Class of 1926, 40th anniversary reunion, 1966
VAC404-08: Class of 1926, 45th anniversary reunion, 1971
VAC404-09: Class of 1926, 50th anniversary reunion, 1976
13Class of 1929, 1984
VAC404-10: Class of 1929, 55th anniversary reunion, 1984
14Classes of 1933-1934, 1983-1984
VAC404-11: Class of 1933, 50th anniversary reunion, 1983
VAC404-12: Class of 1934, 50th anniversary reunion, 1984
15Class of 1935, 1985
VAC404-13: Class of 1935, 50th anniversary reunion [This photo may be mislabeled; it may be the 30th anniversary of the class of 1955], 1985
VAC404-14 [and duplicate]: Class of 1935, 50th anniversary reunion [1st Row: Dave Wilcox; Billy Glenn; unk.; Walt Susong; Jack Croft; unk.; John Ridley; Chris Irby; Tony? Deas; Jim Lucas, Manuel Clare. 2nd Row: Tom Turner; unk.; unk.; unk.; Foster Yancey; unk.; Clyde Shepherd; unk.; unk.; Malcolm Keiser; Shorty Roberts. 3rd Row: Charlie Barnes; Jim Crawford; unk.; unk.; unk.; Frank Baker; Phil's brother; Phil Slaughter; Leland Jackson; Hansford Sams?; Buck Corbin?; Mickey Marbury; Park Newton; Lou Chambless; Wright Paulk; Bob Warwick; Sprott Long; Bill Welch; Gordon Catts; unk.; Bill Alt. 4th Row: unk.; unk.; Harrison Bray; Fred Holloway; unk.; Foley Treadway; unk.; Charlie Yates; Charlie Dannals; unk.; unk.; Bob Beall; Ed Richardson; Roger Hill; unk.; unk. Others present: Tom Berry; Don Clegg; Bill Edward; Fred Endorf; Ed Gillespie; Bill Glass; Matt Gracey; Howard Hinton; Bill Horn; Horace Ivey; Marion Moody; JA Parker; Guy Sackett; Dan Simon; CL Smith; Stanley Steele; Newton Thomas; Cal Todd; FW Williams.], 1985
16Classes of 1936-1937, 1986-1987
VAC404-15: Class of 1936, 50th anniversary reunion, 1986
VAC404-16: Class of 1937, 50th anniversary reunion, 1987
17Class of 1940, 1970-1995
VAC404-17: Class of 1940, 30th anniversary reunion, 1970
VAC404-18: Class of 1940, 35th anniversary reunion, 1975
VAC404-19: Class of 1940, 40th anniversary reunion, 1980
VAC404-20 [and duplicate]: Class of 1940, 55th anniversary reunion, 1995
18Class of 1943, 1983
VAC404-21: Class of 1943, 40th anniversary reunion, 1983
19Classes of World War II, 1985
VAC404-22: Classes of World War II, 40th anniversary reunion, 1985
110Class of 1947, 1987
VAC404-23: Class of 1947, 40th anniversary reunion, 1987
111Classes of the 1950s, 1983-1984
VAC404-24: Class of 1954, 30th anniversary reunion, 1984
VAC404-25: Class of 1958, 25th anniversary reunion, 1983
VAC404-26: Class of 1959, 25th anniversary reunion, 1984
112Classes of the 1960s, 1985-1995
VAC404-27: Class of 1960, 25th anniversary reunion, 1985
VAC404-28: Class of 1961, 25th anniversary reunion, 1986
VAC404-29: Class of 1962, 25th anniversary reunion, 1987
VAC404-30: Class of 1965, 30th anniversary reunion, 1995