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Co-op Club (Georgia Institute of Technology) Visual Materials

Co-op Club (Georgia Institute of Technology) Visual Materials

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Descriptive Summary

Title: Co-op Club (Georgia Institute of Technology) Visual Materials
Identification: VAUA440
Date: 1956-1997 (bulk dates 1956-1993)
Size/Quantity: 1.9 linear feet (one flat oversized box and one half-size document box)
Language: This collection is written in English.
Creator: Georgia Institute of Technology. Co-op Club.
Repository: Archives & Records Management, Library, Georgia Institute of Technology
Abstract:This collection contains two scrapbooks with photos from events hosted by the Co-op Club: the "Miss Perfect Lips" Dance, blood drives, casino nights, ski trips, and initiation ceremonies, as well as one single picture of the 1996-1997 Co-op Club taken for the 1997 edition of the Blueprint.

Biographical/Historical Note

The Georgia School (now Institute) of Technology was founded in 1885, and its doors first opened in 1889. In 1906, the University of Cincinnati began a new program for their students known as the Co-operative Program. This program combined practical work experience with classroom experience, providing credit toward a degree for successful completion of a term in a work environment. The program was a success, and a few other universities and colleges adopted it as well. In 1912, Georgia Tech adopted co-operative education. Tech's program, unlike those at other schools, was optional for students. Because Tech was on the quarter system, each co-op student would alternate work and class quarters. Half of the co-op students would have their work quarters in the spring and fall, and the other half would work during the winter and summer quarters.

Because many co-op students did not live on or near campus during their work quarters, they found it hard to become active in clubs or organizations in school that coincided with the normal school schedule. Therefore, in 1915, the Co-op Club was formed, and split into two sections: Section I for students who had their work quarters in summer and winter, and Section II for those who worked fall and spring.

Throughout its history, the club served the interests of many co-op students, and in the 1950s and 1960s, it held a dance called the "Miss Perfect Lips" Dance. At the end of the night, the group would crown "Miss Perfect Lips," the woman at the party with the nicest lips. Beginning in the 1980s, the Co-op Club collaborated with the Georgia Tech Bookstore to host the annual Monte Carlo Night, which was later renamed to Casino Night, a free casino-style party open to all Tech students. Also beginning in the 1980s, the Co-op Club's largest service event was the quarterly blood drive, which consistently collected hundreds of pints of blood for the Red Cross. The Co-op Club also administered the James G. Wohlford Scholarship, a $250 award for an outstanding senior in the Co-op program.

In 2000, Georgia Tech transitioned from the quarter system to the semester system, combining both sections of the Co-op Club into one. Membership dwindled, and the club probably disbanded in 2004. Administration of the Wohlford Scholarship was transferred to the Briarean Society, the honor society for co-op students.

Scope and Content Note

This collection contains two scrapbooks and one single image. The first scrapbook chronicles the "Miss Perfect Lips" Dance held by the Co-op Club from 1957 to 1962, excluding the 1961 dance. Photos and newspaper clippings about the finalists for each year's dance are included in this scrapbook. Because the adhesive in this scrapbook was disintegrating causing the clippings and photographs to come loose, the scrapbook was dismantled. The scrapbook was photocopied prior to dismantling.

The second scrapbook chronicles the events and activities of the Co-op Club from 1983 to 1993, including group yearbook pictures from 1984 to 1988, and pictures of all of the new members each year. Other photos and descriptions in the scrapbook include those of the biannual blood drives, casino nights, and initiation ceremonies, as well as the annual Co-op Club ski trip to the mountains of North Carolina. This scrapbook was photocopied for preservation purposes.

Finally, Series 3 contains a single photo of the 1996-1997 Co-op Club, to be used in the 1997 edition of the Blueprint (the yearbook of the Georgia Institute of Technology).


This collection is arranged into three series:

SERIES 1: "Miss Perfect Lips" Scrapbook

SERIES 2: Co-op Club Section I Scrapbook

SERIES 3: 1997 Blueprint Group Picture

Index Terms

Education, Cooperative--Georgia--Atlanta.
Georgia Institute of Technology. Co-op Club.
Georgia Institute of Technology. Cooperative Division.
Georgia Institute of Technology. Societies, etc.
Georgia Institute of Technology. Students.
Universities and colleges--Georgia--Atlanta--Societies, etc.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Please cite Co-op Club (Georgia Institute of Technology) Visual Materials Collection (VAUA440), Archives, Library and Information Center, Georgia Institute of Technology.


Accession no. 2000.54.

Processing Information

Lindsay Resnick and Mandi D. Johnson processed this collection in June 2012.


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Permission to publish materials from this collection must be obtained from the Head of Archives and Special Collections.

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Manuscript materials in this collection have been processed separately as UA440.

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A print copy of this finding aid is available in the Georgia Tech Archives reading room.

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SERIES 1: "Miss Perfect Lips" Scrapbook, 1957-1962

Scope and Content note

This scrapbook contains photographs and newspaper clippings from all of the "Miss Perfect Lips" dances put on by the Co-op Club from 1957 to 1962, with the exception of the 1961 dance.



11Folder 1 of 3: Photographs, 1957-1959
VAUA440.001: "Miss Perfect Lips 1957" finalists, left to right: Carolyn Johnson, Donna McCullough (winner), Claudia Hatfield, Jody Warren, and Janis Threadgill, August 17, 1957
VAUA440.002: Betsy Tant ("Miss Atlanta" and "Miss Perfect Lips 1956") congratulates Donna McCullough, "Miss Perfect Lips 1957" winner, Claudia Hatfield in background, August 17, 1957
VAUA440.003: Miss Donna McCullough receives "Miss Perfect Lips" cup from Tom Brown, Co-op Club President, August 17, 1957
VAUA440.004: Tom Brown, Co-op Club President, gives "Miss Perfect Lips," Donna McCullough, a celebratory kiss. Jody Warren laughing in background, August 17, 1957
VAUA440.005: "Miss Perfect Lips," Donna McCullough, poses with cup, August 17, 1957
VAUA440.006: "Miss Perfect Lips 1958" finalists, left to right: Kay Revels, Dot Ware, Janel Crutchfield (winner), Grace Brantley, and Gail Karnett, August 23, 1958
VAUA440.007: Miss Janel Crutchfield is crowned by Miss Donna McCullough ("Miss Perfect Lips 1957") as Jack Davis looks on, August 23, 1958
VAUA440.008: Janel Crutchfield and Donna McCullough pose with the "Miss Perfect Lips" cup, August 23, 1958
VAUA440.009: Jack Aycock, Co-op Club President, gives "Miss Perfect Lips," Janel Crutchfield, a celebratory kiss. Finalists Kay Revels, Dot Ware, and Grace Brantley look on, August 23, 1958
VAUA440.010: Miss Janel Crutchfield, "Miss Perfect Lips of 1958," poses with cup, August 23, 1958
VAUA440.011: "Miss Perfect Lips 1959" finalists, left to right: Agnes Rutledge, Phyllis Sudderth, Hannah Jones (winner), Peggy Ehrlich, and Delores Heath, August 22, 1959
VAUA440.012: Miss Hannah Jones is crowned by Miss Janel Crutchfield ("Miss Perfect Lips 1958") as Peggy Ehrlich looks on, August 22, 1959
VAUA440.013: Miss Hannah Jones accepts cup from Co-op Club President Tommy McDugald, as Agnes Rutledge, Phyllis Sudderth, and Peggy Ehrlich look on, August 22, 1959
VAUA440.014: Miss Hannah Jones, "Miss Perfect Lips of 1959," poses with cup, August 22, 1959
VAUA440.015: Janel Crutchfield and Hannah Jones, August 22, 1959
VAUA440.016: Tommy McDugald, Co-op Club President, gives Hannah Jones a celebratory kiss as Agnes Rutledge, Phyllis Sudderth, and Peggy Ehrlich look on, August 22, 1959
12Folder 2 of 3: Photographs, 1960-1962
VAUA440.018: "Miss Perfect Lips 1960" finalists, left to right: Ashlyn Weekley, Melinda Mims, Linda Bates (winner), Marty Johnson, and Judy Brown, August 13, 1960
VAUA440.019: Miss Linda Bates is crowned by Miss Hannah Jones ("Miss Perfect Lips 1959"), August 13, 1960
VAUA440.020: Linda Bates and Hannah Jones, August 13, 1960
VAUA440.021: Miss Linda Bates, "Miss Perfect Lips 1960", August 13, 1960
VAUA440.022: Linda Bates accepts cup from Jimmy Wright, Co-op Club president, August 13, 1960
VAUA440.023: Jimmy Wright gives Linda Bates a celebratory kiss, August 13, 1960
VAUA440.024: Sue Stewart, "Miss Perfect Lips," poses with cup, August 18, 1962
VAUA440.025: Sue Stewart, "Miss Perfect Lips," poses with cup, August 18, 1962
VAUA440.026: "Miss Perfect Lips 1962" finalists, left to right: Claire Croxton, Cheryl Palmer, Billie Marlow, Patricia Rabren, and Sue Stewart (winner), August 18, 1962
VAUA440.027: Finalists Claire Croxton, Billie Marlow, Cheryl Palmer, and Patricia Rabren look on as "Miss Perfect Lips" Sue Stewart receives her celebratory kiss from Co-op Club President (name unknown), August 18, 1962
VAUA440.028: Finalists Claire Croxton, Billie Marlow, Cheryl Palmer, and Patricia Rabren look on as Beverly DeLoach ("Miss Perfect Lips 1961"), leaves the stage to make way for the new "Miss Perfect Lips," Sue Stewart, August 18, 1962
VAUA440.029: Finalist Patricia Rabren and "Miss Perfect Lips" Sue Stewart dance with members of the Georgia Tech Co-op Club, August 18, 1962
13Folder 3 of 3: Newspaper Clippings, 1957-1962
"Miss Perfect Lips" newspaper clippings, 1957-1962



21Photocopy of Scrapbook, 1957-1962

SERIES 2: Co-op Club Section I Scrapbook, 1983-1993

Scope and Content note

This scrapbook contains photographs, newspaper clippings, and descriptions of the events held by the Co-op Club, Section I, from 1983 to 1993.



22Folder 1 of 3: Scrapbook pages, 1983-1989
VAUA440.030: "The Official Co-op Club I Scrapbook" title page, ca. 1983
VAUA440.031: Dedication page with quote from Dante Alighieri, ca. 1983
VAUA440.032: 21 yearbook headshots of unidentified Co-op Club members, ca. 1984
VAUA440.033: Clippings from 1984 Blueprint, 1983-1984
VAUA440.034: Clippings from 1985 Blueprint, 1984-1985
VAUA440.035: Clippings from 1987 Blueprint, 1986-1987
VAUA440.036: Clippings from 1988 Blueprint, 1987-1988
VAUA440.037: Ski Trip description, February 27-28, 1988
VAUA440.038: "Co-op Club I Hits the Slopes," ski trip photographs, February 27-28, 1988
VAUA440.039: Initiation night description, March 4, 1988
VAUA440.040: Initiation night photos, including new members Jody Mincey, Scott Young, John Rowland, and David Scott
VAUA440.041: Rafting description, Summer 1988
VAUA440.042: "Adventure Club Hits the Hootch." Left to right: Dave Winkler, Raul Pino, Ena Lopez, Kevin Nishimuta, John Rowland, Nathan Howard, Randy Awald (guest), Rachel DuBois, and Richie Kittrell, Summer 1988
VAUA440.043: Blood drive advertisements and clippings, July 11-12, 1988
VAUA440.044: Initiation night description, August 19, 1988
VAUA440.045: Blurry initiation night photos, August 19, 1988
VAUA440.046: New Members: David Cowan, Steve Liotta, Todd Mitchem, and Kelley Oliver, Summer 1988
VAUA440.047: "Prospective after meeting the Initiation Chairmen", Summer 1988
VAUA440.048: New Members: Jim Rice, Bryant Russell, and Jon Sherrill, Summer 1988
VAUA440.049: Ski Trip description, February 11, 1989
VAUA440.050: Ski Trip with Javier Hernandez, Kevin Guske, Raul Pino, Kevin Nishimuta, Anette Cintron-Rosa, Scott (guest), Wes (guest), and Rachel DuBois, February 11, 1989
VAUA440.051: Photographs from ski trip, February 1989
VAUA440.052: Photographs from ski trip, Febraury 1989
VAUA440.053: Photographs from ski trip, February 1989
VAUA440.054: Blood drive advertisements and clippings, February 14-16, 1989
VAUA440.055: Casino night description, February 17, 1989
VAUA440.056: Casino night photos, February 17, 1989
VAUA440.057: Casino night photos, February 17, 1989
23Folder 2 of 3: Scrapbook pages, 1989-1992
VAUA440.058: New members: John Boone, Amy Latimer, Mike Mangino, Tony Miranda, Clay Reichert, and Kim Sowell, Winter 1989
VAUA440.059: "Summary Thus Far" note, ca. 1989-1990
VAUA440.060: "A Little Story" about Everybody, Somebody, Anybody, and Nobody, ca. 1989-1990
VAUA440.061: Thank you note from the director of the campus blood drive, July 12, 1989
VAUA440.062: Letter from Rachel DuBois, president of the Co-op Club, inviting seniors to apply for the James G. Wohlford Scholarship, January 5, 1989
VAUA440.063: Co-op Forum clippings and photographs, February 28, 1989
VAUA440.064: Letter from John D. Boone notifying club members of the upcoming Summer Quarter events and dues, June 24, 1991
VAUA440.065: Miscellaneous Winter Quarter photographs and clippings, Winter 1989
VAUA440.066: Miscellaneous clippings, ca. 1988-1989
VAUA440.067: Report of the "Miss Perfect Lips" Dance of 1963, April 26, 1964
VAUA440.068: "Miss Perfect Lips" Dance Committee Report, 1964
VAUA440.069: "Cooperatively Speaking," Vol. 9, No. 2, Summer 1989
VAUA440.070: "Cooperatively Speaking," Vol. 11, No. 1, Winter 1991
VAUA440.071: Co-op Club Initiation. "Unbeknownst to these prospectives, the course includes a five-mile run followed by the infamous latrine duty with their handy brushes", November 14, 1947
VAUA440.072: "Cooperatively Speaking," Vol. 7, No. 1, Winter 1988
VAUA440.073: Technique clipping, proposed constitutional amendments, and prospective member data sheet, Winter 1985
VAUA440.074: New members: Philip Ivester, Stephen Shea, and Ethan Biesner, ca. 1990
VAUA440.075: New members: Joe Wiesmann, Eddie Patterson, Kevin Grogg, and Vinay Vasuki, ca. 1990
VAUA440.076: New members: David Sunderman, Jennifer Hocker, and Chris Carson, ca. 1990
VAUA440.077: Pictures of an unnamed party, ca. 1990
VAUA440.078: Pictures of what appears to be a beach vacation, ca. 1990
VAUA440.079: Casino night and initiation photos, Winter 1991
VAUA440.080: Initiation, Winter 1991
VAUA440.081: Blood drive photos, Summer 1991
VAUA440.082: Casino night photos, Summer 1991
VAUA440.083: Casino night photos, Summer 1991
VAUA440.084: Prospectives: Jennifer Cowan, David Piper, Lee Davis, and Jeff Hildreth, Summer 1991
VAUA440.085: Prospectives: Ed Pillars, Brittany Robinson, and Luana Young
VAUA440.086: Blood Drive photos, Winter 1992
24Folder 3 of 3: Scrapbook pages
VAUA440.087: Casino night photos, Winter 1992
VAUA440.088: Casino night photos, Winter 1992
VAUA440.089: Casino night photos, Winter 1992
VAUA440.090: Ski Trip Awards, Winter 1992
VAUA440.091: Ski trip photos, Winter 1992
VAUA440.092: Blood drive photos, Summer 1992
VAUA440.093: "Food bank specimen": Collapsed box of sunscreen, ca. 1992
VAUA440.094: Casino night planning photos, August 15, 1992
VAUA440.095: Casino night photos, Summer 1992
VAUA440.096: "Casino night- the aftermath", Summer 1992
VAUA440.097: Initiation description page, Summer 1992
VAUA440.098: Initiation photos, Summer 1992
VAUA440.099: Prospectives (drawings by Vinay Vasuki): PJ Purvis, Summer 1992
VAUA440.100: Prospectives (drawings by Vinay Vasuki): Julie Hancock, Markus Schneider, and Jason "Bubba" Rogers, Summer 1992
VAUA440.101: Prospectives (drawings by Vinay Vasuki): Pete Dennis and Ek Vathana
VAUA440.102: Initiation dinner. Sole new member: Dave Jerome, ca. Winter 1993
VAUA440.103: Recreational softball, Summer 1993
VAUA440.104: Casino night, August 14, 1993
VAUA440.105: Initiation, August 21, 1993
VAUA440.106: Initiation dinner, "more food", August 21, 1993
VAUA440.107: Unidentified prospectives, August 21, 1993
VAUA440.108: Events: Blood drive and wallyball, Winter 1993
VAUA440.109: Casino night, Winter 1993
25Photocopy of Scrapbook

SERIES 3: 1997 Blueprint Group Picture, February 19, 1997

Scope and Content note

This series contains one photo of the Co-op Club, Section I, taken for the 1997 edition of Georgia Tech's yearbook, the "Blueprint."



14VAUA440.110: 1997 Blueprint Group Picture. Co-op Club members, front row left to right: Destiny Hause, Beth O'Dell, Leslie Bass, Heather Simon, and Jessica Meremonte. Middle row, left to right: Jeremy Mineweaser, Eric O'Neal, Tony Richards, Keith Kaiser, Liz Bryant, and Charles Patrick. Back row, left to right: Chris Wright, Ron Sostaric, Randy Stoehr, Billy Merck, David Cochran, and Alvin Baptiste, February 19, 1997