Accessing Records

Legal custody of records material housed in the Records Center remains with the department of origin, and records can only be released to authorized personnel from that department.


  • Complete one form for each file or box you are requesting.
  • Only authorized personnel from your department may request the return of files from Records Center storage.
  • The turn-around time for requested files is 3 working days. Requests for large numbers of files may, in some cases, take longer.
  • When the request is for a single record or file from a box in the Records Center, a Records Center Location tag will be attached to the record or file. Do not remove this label, as this label indicates where the record or file is to be refiled.
  • Original copies of the records can be returned to the department of origin via campus mail, courier, or the records can be held for pick-up by designated staff.
  • Each retrieval is recorded in our database and reflects information about the specific record retrieved, the name of the requestor, and the date of the retrieval as well as the date on which the records material is returned to the Records Center for re-filing.