A selection from:
The Immortal Fire Within ::The Life and Work of Edward Emerson Barnard
by William Sheehan
Cambridge University Press
ISBN 0 521 44489 6

Edward Emerson Barnard, 1917 Bruce Medalist
by Joe Tenn

The Early Life of E.E. Barnard :: Part I & Part II
by Dr. Robert Hardie

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Galactic Distribution of the Barnard Objects :: [pdf document]
Dr. James Sowell

Motion of Barnard's Star :: [quicktime movie]
"Edward Emerson Barnard discovered a star with very high proper motion, now called Barnard's Star.  Currently its position is RA 17 57 48.50, Dec + 4 41 36.24.   All stars, even our Sun are moving through space. They orbit in our galaxy but some have different speeds and directions.  A star's proper motion shows this motion in space in reference to other stars.  Barnard's star has the highest proper motions of any stars we observe. Frank Mills and Vivian Hoette have taken .fts images of Barnard's Star using the Yerkes 24 inch telescope periodically since the spring of 2000."

Sky & Telescope review :: [pdf document]
"A Classic Book Reborn" review by Stuart J. Goldman in his Sky & Telescope column Astronomy Online. From Sky & Telescope, December 2005. (c) 2005 Sky Publishing Corp. Distributed with permission of the publisher.

Modern Astrophotography of Barnard Objects :: [website]

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