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[Statement of Lonnie Middlebrooks]
Date: 1914 May 22
Document Type: Statement
Unique ID: ms004-032
Description: Lonnie Middlebrooks' official statement reads as follows: "I was sitting on the steps of the home of Mr. St. John between 9 and 8 o'clock of the morning of May 21st 1914 when officer [illegible] of the city police came along and entered into conversation with me. I asked him what he was doing here and he replied that he was down here 'to keep these damned Jews from getting killed.'"
"Report of Operative H.J.D."
Date: 1914 June 10
Document Type: Report
Unique ID: ms004-158
Description: In this report, an operative reports on a meeting between Ola Delight Smith and Atlanta police chief James L. Beavers concerning infiltration of the Union by Fulton Bag and Cotton Mills operatives.
Letter from Fulton Bag and Cotton Mills to James L. Beavers, Chief of Police, Atlanta
Date: 1914 November 25
Document Type: Letter
Unique ID: ms004-089
Description: In this letter, the management of Fulton Bag and Cotton Mills requests additional police presence at the Mill during the strike.