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Letter from J. H. Kelley, Pinkerton's National Detective Agency to Gordon A. Johnstone
Date: 1914 August 28
Document Type: Letter
Unique ID: ms004-041
Description: In this letter, J. H. Kelley of Pinkerton's National Detective Agency discusses with Gordon A. Johnstone the details of the billing arrangements for the detective agency's services.
Letter from John W. Weccard, American Detective Service Company, to G. A. Johnstone, Fulton Bag and Cotton Mills
Date: 1918 June 11
Document Type: Letter
Unique ID: ms004-205
Description: In this letter, John W. Weccard details charges for the services of various operatives in the Mill.
[Testimony of Gordon A. Johnstone]
Date: [1915 March 17-27]
Document Type: Testimony
Unique ID: ms004-023
Description: A witness for the Mill, Gordon A. Johnstone, General Manager of the Fulton Bag and Cotton Mills, discusses the physical condition of the Mill, Fulton Bag employment policies, operatives employed by the Mill to spy on union activities, and conditions in the mill village. Pages 9 and 15 are missing from the original document.