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Letter from Fulton Bag and Cotton Mills to James L. Beavers, Chief of Police, Atlanta
Date: 1914 November 25
Document Type: Letter
Unique ID: ms004-089
Description: In this letter, the management of Fulton Bag and Cotton Mills requests additional police presence at the Mill during the strike.
"Report of Operative H.J.D."
Date: 1914 June 10
Document Type: Report
Unique ID: ms004-158
Description: In this report, an operative reports on a meeting between Ola Delight Smith and Atlanta police chief James L. Beavers concerning infiltration of the Union by Fulton Bag and Cotton Mills operatives.
[Statement of Lonnie Middlebrooks]
Date: 1914 May 22
Document Type: Statement
Unique ID: ms004-032
Description: Lonnie Middlebrooks' official statement reads as follows: "I was sitting on the steps of the home of Mr. St. John between 9 and 8 o'clock of the morning of May 21st 1914 when officer [illegible] of the city police came along and entered into conversation with me. I asked him what he was doing here and he replied that he was down here 'to keep these damned Jews from getting killed.'"