The following textile books and periodical published during the 19th Century and currently held in the Archives Department of the Georgia Institute of Technology Library could have been available to the students in the earliest years of the A. French Textile School at the Georgia School of Technology.


Bell, T. F. Jacquard Weaving and Designing. London, New York: Longmans, Green, 1895.
TS1500 .B43

Draper Company. Facts and Figures for Textile Manufacturers, Concerning the Proper Methods of Equipping and Running Mills… . Hopedale, Mass.: 1896. "Including special treatises on carding, spinning, spooling, warping, dyeing, reeling, twisting and weaving. Also general history, mathematical tables, and a full list of the patented cotton machinery introduced and sold by the firm of Geo. Draper & sons.".
TS1581 .D76 1896

Holmes, George Charles Vincent, Sir. The Steam Engine. 4th ed. London; New York: Longmans, Green, 1891.
TJ275 .H6X 1891

Hummel, John James. The Dyeing of Textile Fabrics, with 97 diagrams. London: Cassell, 1885.
TP897 .H92 1885

Jansen, Emil. Revised Edition of Textile Design Book. A Practical Composition for the Construction of New Designs. A Good Method in Designing and Manufacturing for all Hands in the Manufacturers' Business. Rev. ed. Paterson, N.J.: 1898.
TS1475 .J35

Lindsay, John. Practice in Cotton-Carding. A Complete Manual for the Card Room of the Cotton Mill. Philadelphia: The Textile Record, 1888.
TS1578 .L7

Posselt, Emanuel Anthony. The Jacquard Machine Analyzed and Explained : The Preparation of Jacquard Cards and Practical Hints to Learners of Jacquard Designing. New and rev. ed. [i.e.4th]. Philadelphia: Posselt, [189-?]
TS1500 .P852X

Posselt, Emanuel Anthony. The Structure of Fibres, Yarns and Fabrics. Being a Practical Treatise for the Use of All Persons Employed in the Manufacture of Textile Fabrics. Accompanied by over 400 illustrations. 2 volumes in 1. Philadelphia: E. A. Posselt; London: S. Low, Marston, Searle & Rivington, 1891.
TS1540 .P65X

Posselt, Emanuel Anthony. Technology of Textile Design. A Practical Treatise on the Construction and Application of Weaves for all Textile Fabrics and the Analysis of Cloth. Containing also an Appendix Describing all Latest Methods and Improvements in Designing and Manufacturing. For the Use of Studetns, Operatives, Overseers, Designers, Mill Managers, Commission Merchants and Manufacturers. With over 1500 illustrations. New and rev. ed. Philadelphia: E. A. Posselt, [1897].
TS1475 .P85 1897

Posselt, Emanuel Anthony. Textile Calculations: Being a Guide to Calculations Relating to the Construction of all Kinds of Yarns and Fabrics. Philadelphia: E. A. Posselt, 1896.
TS1451 .P85

Rock, Daniel. Textile Fabrics. New York: Published for the Committee of Council on Education by Scribner, Welford, and Armstrong, 1877.
TS1315 .R69 1877

Rothwell, Charles Frederick Seymour. The Printing of Textile Fabrics: A Practical Manual on the Printing of Cotton, Woollen, Silk and Half-Silk Fabrics. London: Griffin, 1897. Contains mounted specimens of printed fabrics.
TP930 .R84

Spitzli, Alfred. A Manual for Managers, Designers, Weavers, and all Others Connected with the Manufacture of Textile Fabrics, Containing Definitions, Derivations and Explanations of Technical Terms, the Use Made of Many Substances; Rules, Tables, and Some Elementary Instructions for Beginners. [2d ed.]. West Troy, N.Y.: A. & A. F. Spitzli, 1881.
TS1445 .S76 1881

Taggart, William Scott. Cotton Spinning. London, New York: Macmillan, 1896-1925. 3 volumes. I. Including all processes up to the end of carding. 1st ed.--II. Including the processes up to the end of fly-frames. 1st ed.--III. Spinning and the preparation of yarns. 5th ed.
TS1480 .T14

Thornley, Thomas. Draw Frames and Fly Frames: Being a Practical Treatise on the Above Machines. Manchester: A. Heywood, 1898. Imprint stamped on t.p. reads: Van Nostrand, New York.
TS1525 .T56X

Tompkins, Daniel Augustus. Cotton Mill, Commercial Features. A Text-Book for the Use of Textile Schools and Investors. Charlotte, N.C.: The author, 1899.
TS1575 .T65

Yates, James. Textrinum Antiquorum: An Account of the Art of Weaving Among the Ancients. Part I. On the Raw Material Used for Weaving. With an Appendix. London: Taylor and Walton, 1843.
TS1490 .Y33


Textile Record of America. Philadelphia: The Textile Record. V. 1-24, no. 3; Sept. 1880-Mar. 1903. "Devoted to the manufacture and distribution of all woven fabrics: cotton, wool, silk, and flax culture. &c.". Library has: v. 7--v. 23, 1886-1902, in storage.
TS1300 .T34