Sheet #: Plan Description:
Sheet A Shafting
Sheet C Machinery in first story
Sheet D Machinery in second story
Sheet E Section showing head drive
Sheet 1 Plat of campus showing location of new textile building
Sheet 2 Foundation, basement and elevator
Sheet 3 First story and Second story
Sheet 4 Section of Line A-B and Line C-D
Sheet 5

Section of Line E-F

Sheet 7 Detail of framing
Sheet 8 Detail of cut stone
Sheet 9 Detail of cast iron
Sheet 10 Detail of wrought iron
Sheet 11 Detail of window frames
Sheet 12 Detail of outside doors
Sheet 13 Detail of stairs
Sheet 13a Detail of stairs
Sheet 14 Detail of partition work
Sheet 14a Detail of partition work
Sheet 14b Detail of partition work
Sheet 15 Detail of cornices
Sheet 17 Plan and section of hot air pipes
Sheet 20 Rearrangement of hot air pipes
Sheet 21 Detail of hood over chimney
Sheet 22 Detail of head shaft framing
Sheet 23 Section showing dust pipes from pickers
Sheet 24 Gin room
Sheet 25 Site sketch