Model 1 Tetraedron
Model 2 Hexaedron or Cube
Model 3 Octoedron
Model 4 Dodecaedron
Model 5 Icosaedron
Model 6 Tetraedron inscribed in a Hexaedron
Model 7 Octoedron inscribed in a Tetraedron
Model 8 Octoedron inscribed in the Hexaedron
Model 9 Hexaedron inscribed in the Octoedron
Model 10 Dodecaedron inscribed in an Icosaedron
Model 11 Exoctoedron or Canted Cube
Model 12 Triexoctoedron
Model 13 Tetraexaedron
Model 14 Octoexaedron
Model 15 Hexaoctaedron
Model 16 Solid Rhombus
Model 17 Solid Rhomboides
Model 18 Dodecarhombus
Model 19 Triangular Prism
Model 20 Parallelopipedon
Model 21 Pentagonal Prism
Model 22 Hoxagonal Prism
Model 23 Octagonal Prism
Model 24 Triangular Pyramid
Model 25 The Frustum of a Triangular Pyramid
Model 26 A Quadrangular or Square Pyramid
Model 27 The Frustum of a Square Pyramid
Model 28 Pentagonal Pyramid
Model 29 The Frustum of a Pentagonal Pyramid
Model 30 A Hexagonal Pyramid
Model 31 The Frustum of a Hexagonal Pyramid
Model 32 An Octogonal Pyramid
Model 33 The Frustum of an Octogonal Pyramid
Model 34 Eucl.11 Prop.28
Model 35 Eucl.11 Prop.28
Model 36 Eucl.12 Prop.3
Model 37 Eucl.12 Prop.7
Model 38 A Cone cut perpendicularly through its axis
Model 39 A Cone cut parallel to its Base
Model 40 A Cone cut Obliquely
Model 41 A Cone cut parallel to one of its Sides
Model 42 A Cone cut parallel to its Axis