Theses & Dissertations by Other Authors

  • Dissertations and Theses (1743 to present):

    Contains abstracts of doctoral dissertations and some masters theses from all accredited U.S. Colleges and Universities. You may search Dissertations and Theses for specific dissertations or by topic. To identify which international universities are included, click advanced search and the school index tab. Some dissertations and theses offer a preview option of the first 24 pages.
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  • Worldcat:

    All university libraries classify and catalog their own school’s dissertations and theses. Just as you can find all GT theses and dissertations in our catalog, you would find other universities’ thesis and dissertations in their own library catalogs.

    Worldcat is a compendium of library catalogs. Here in one place you can search for dissertations from every major university if the United States and many non-U.S. dissertations and theses. It is an excellent resource for exhaustively searching for all graduate theses and dissertations. You may search for specific title or author, as well as by topic.
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  • NTIS:

    Theses and dissertations done by students, who are also in the military or who have conducted federally funded contract research, are indexed in the NTIS database. We own many of the technical reports indexed by this database in microfiche, filed by the NTIS accession number and shelved on the second floor East of the library.
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  • ERIC:

    Many theses and dissertations done by educators are indexed in this database. Kennesaw State University Library and Georgia State University Library (microfiche) have complete holdings of documents indexed in ERIC. The “ED” number in the ERIC record will allow you to find the documents easily.
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  • Borrowing & Ordering Theses & Dissertations:

    Complete an ILLiad Interlibrary Loan request, specifying whether you would like to borrow a copy or purchase a copy to keep.