Copy Services

 Starting July 15 the Library will no longer accept cash as payment. We will continue
     to accept check, credit card (no American Express), and Buzzcard.

  • High Speed Color Copier

  • Color: up to 26 / 31 / 35 / 40 ppm
  • Black: up to 28 / 35 / 45 ppm
  • First-page-out time of as fast as 4.8 seconds for black and 6.7 seconds
    for color
  • Print resolution: up to 1200 x 1200 dpi
  • Maximum paper size: 12 x 18 in./SRA3
  • Two-sided output standard
  • Special settings for copying books
  • Ability to add color to black-and-white originals
  • .08 for black-and-white, and .49 for color copies.
  • Located on 2 East [view map]
  • Copier Locations & Payment Information

    Black & White Copiers: 2 East [view map]
    Large Format Copier: Architecture Library

    Microform Copies: see Microforms & Microfiche

 Payment: Standard & Legal copies: $.10 per page. Payment is made with BuzzCard. A BuzzCard Value Transfer Station is located on 1 East [view map].

  • Services & Merchandise provided by the Library Services Desk

    Transparencies $ .75 per page

    Local: $.50 per page
    Long Distance: $1.00 per page
    International: $6.00 first page, $3.50 each additonal page

    We do not offer receiving services

    Binding (spiral/cone) $2.50 per document

    Binding requests may take up to 24 hours to be completed. Patrons will be emailed when an item is ready for pickup. Binding jobs not picked up in 2 days will be recycled. 

    Laminating $1.00 per page
    CDR $.50 each
    CDRW $1.00 each
    DVDR $1.00 each
    Mini DV Tape $5.00 each
    Floppy Disk $.25 each
    Change Change is available for copy services only.
    Visitor Printing $.10 per page

 Payment: We accept check, credit card (no American Express), and Buzzcard.

  • Problems with Copy Machines

    Please go to the Library Services Desk for any problems with copiers.