Placing Journal Articles & Book Chapters on Reserve

Can be placed on Reserve:

  • one chapter from a book
  • one article from a journal issue
  • any publication in which you are the sole owner of copyright

Cannot be placed on Reserve (unless permission from publisher is obtained):

  • any material not complying with the four factors governing fair use
  • any use which adversely affects the market for that material
  • course packs for which royalties have not been paid (documentation is required with material submission)
  • articles previously on Reserve
  • partial content from eBooks - In order to remain in compliance with licensing regulations, content from electronic books (eBooks) cannot be scanned and placed on electronic reserve. eResource licenses permit linking to eBooks through password protected course reserve pages only. Under Fair Use Guidelines, the library will scan up to 10% of a personal or library owned book for electronic reserve.
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