Using Reserve Materials

  • Viewing PDF's

    Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format) is universal file format that preserves all the fonts, formatting, graphics, and color of any source document, regardless of the application and platform used to create it.  PDF files preserve the exact appearance of the document, as well as allowing for copyright protection.  Adobe PDF files are compact and can be shared, viewed, navigated, and printed exactly as intended by anyone with free Adobe Acrobat Reader software. You can convert any document to PDF format using the latest version of Adobe Acrobat software.

    The Library scans material for Online Reserves on a Fujitsu Image Scanner & an HP Scanjet Scanner at 300 dpi. For reserve material sent to the Library electronically, settings could vary depending on how the instructor scanned the material.

  • Printing Problems

    If you are expierencing problems printing make sure you are using the most recent version of Adobe Acrobat Reader and your web browser is also up to date. For further assistance contact OIT.

  • Print & Multimedia Reserves

  • Print & Multimedia Reserves are listed in the Online Reserves database
  • Buzzcard is used to check out Reserves material
  • Videos & DVDs can be obtained at the Library Services Desk

Regular & Overnight Checkout:

Reserve items are shelved behind the Library Services Desk and circulate for loan periods of one or two hours; overnight, two, three or five days.

Items checked out on Friday after 5:00PM must be returned Saturday by 10:00AM.  Items checked out on Saturday after 5:00PM must be returned Sunday by 1:00PM.


Due to heavy demand for reserve material, renewals are available upon return if the material has not been requested by another student.  If the item charged is returned late fines accrue as follows:

$ 1.00 per hour per overdue item
$ 5.00 per item for not returning material to the Reserve Desk plus hourly overdue rate
$ 5.00 per item for leaving the library with building use only material
$10.00 per item (or replacement cost) for damaging or altering reserve material

  • Frequently Asked Questions

  1. My professor stated that she placed library books on Reserve.  Where do I go to find them?

    Search Online Reserves

  2. I am looking at my class reserve list and can not find a book/reading.  Who do I contact?

    1st Floor East [view map]
    Phone: 404-894-7600 (Main)
    404-894-4877 (Architecture)
    Fax: 404-894-0399
    Email Reserves

  3. Does faculty need permission from students to put their papers/projects on Reserves?

    Yes, student papers/projects cannot be placed on Reserves without written permission of the student.
    Download the Student Permission Letter