Subject Librarians

The subject specialist librarians can offer advice on ways to research topics and assistance with verification of bibliographic citations. These librarians also provide library orientations; general & subject specific library classes in your subject area; and assistance in developing research assignments.

Department: Librarian:
Aerospace Engineering Fred Rascoe (interim)
Applied Physiology Lori Critz
Architecture Cathy Carpenter
Biology Lori Critz
Biomedical Engineering Lori Critz
Brittain Fellows Sherri Brown
Building Construction Cathy Carpenter
Career Services Patricia Kenly
CEISMC Lori Critz
CETL Lori Critz
Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Bing Wang
Chemistry and Biochemistry Bing Wang
City Planning Cathy Carpenter
Civil & Environmental Engineering Lisha Li
College of Computing Alison Valk
Counseling Center Bruce Henson
Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Lisha Li (interim)
Economics Ameet Doshi
Electrical & Computer Engineering Bette Finn
English 1101/English 1102 Sherri Brown
Fine Arts Cathy Carpenter
GIS & Spatial Data Jay Forrest
Government Information Patricia Kenly
GTRI Bette Finn
History, Technology & Society Bruce Henson
Industrial & Systems Engineering Lori Critz (interim)
Industrial Design Cathy Carpenter
International Affairs Lori Critz (interim)
Language Institute William Baer
Law Lori Critz (interim)
Literature, Media & Communication Sherri Brown
Management Patricia Kenly
Materials Science and Engineering William Baer (interim)
Mathematics Lori Critz (interim)
Mechanical Engineering William Baer
Military Sciences Lori Critz (interim)
Modern Languages Lori Critz (interim)
Music Christine de Catanzaro
Office of the Vice-Provost for Undergraduate Education Charlie Bennett
Office of the Vice-Provost for Graduate Education & Faculty Affairs Lori Critz
Patents & Trademarks Lisha Li
Physics Lori Critz (interim)
Psychology Lori Critz (interim)
Public Policy Lori Critz (interim)
Student Affairs Charlie Bennett