From Aurich to Atlanta, a new bilingual exhibition at the Georgia Tech Library, showcases the life and work of Bauhaus-educated designer Hin Bredendieck in both English and his native German. The physical exhibition runs from March 22 through June 30 in the Library's gallery space on the first floor. Additionally, three virtual events are planned for April.

A 1930 graduate of the famed Bauhaus School of Design in Germany, Bredendieck was a student and colleague of design luminaries such as Walter Gropius, Paul Klee, and László Moholy-Nagy. 

Bredendieck emigrated to the United States in 1937 to escape the political turmoil of pre-war Germany. With his fellow Bauhaus emigres, he brought the Bauhaus design sense and educational methods to America, teaching first at the new Institute of Design in Chicago, and later founding the department of industrial design at Georgia Tech. 

This event is hosted by the Georgia Tech Library and the Landesmuseum Oldenburg (Oldenburg State Museum for Art and Cultural History) with sponsorship from the Halle Foundation. Collaborators include Dr. Jennifer Gerndt, the Consulate General of Germany, and the Georgia Tech School of Industrial Design. Special thanks to the family and former students of Hin Bredendieck for their contributions to this exhibit. 

From Aurich to Atlanta, the physical exhibition, is held in the Georgia Tech Library's exhibit space, located on the first floor of the S. Price Gilbert Memorial Library. The gallery is open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. every day. Entrance is made from Cherry Street.

The events featuring Bredendieck's former students, a conversation between curators of the event, and authors of the book on which the exhibit are based are virtual.

Parking is located at the North Avenue Area 1 visitor parking lot and Student Center Area 2 parking lot.

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April 3 | Noon | Panel Discussion with Former Students of Hin Bredendieck

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April 8 | 11 a.m. | Curator Conversation: Hin Bredendieck: From Aurich to Atlanta


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April 25 | Noon | Book Talk: Hin Bredendieck: From Aurich to Atlanta

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