Grad tech

Quiet Study

Designed as a quiet place for individual study, the GSC provides individual study carrels along with comfortable seating. As such, events or large group meetings are not permitted in the GSC.

Breakout Rooms

For those who need to work in small groups, the GSC provides six individual breakout rooms. Breakout rooms are available for graduate students via instant reservation, and include wall monitors that can be used with your own device. The breakout rooms are available for academic or scholarly purposes only.

Blue Computing Zone - 6th floor Crosland Tower


 6th floor, Crosland

 Docking Stations, dual 24" monitors 

 Capacity = 36

 Availability = BYOD (DisplayLink driver required)

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Defending your Dissertation? Reserve our Dissertation Defense Room. 

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Graduate students have access to their own kitchen area within the GSC, including counter space, sink, refrigerator, and microwave. The GSC Kitchen is for graduate students only – no guests or hosted events are permitted.



112 medium-sized lockers are available for graduate students within the GSC. These lockers can be checked out until the end of each semester and will be available on a first come, first serve basis. Please use the Locker Request form to reserve.