Spotlight: Library Launches Media Bridge

On March 30, 2022 the Georgia Tech Library officially unveiled its first major media installation, the Media Bridge, to campus.

The first in a series of planned media environments throughout the Library, the large-scale digital screen spanning the area between Price Gilbert and Crosland was designed to showcase Tech’s culture of research, scholarship, and creativity.

“Through the visualization of data and information, the Library will curate content emphasizing the creative culture of campus, featuring not only innovations in science and technology but also the human stories of our scholarly community engaged in making the connections between innovation, inspiration and understanding,” said Communications Manager Jason Wright.
Provosts with Media Bridge

The Georgia Tech Media Bridge with Stuart Romm and Hunter Spence

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Media Bridge Timeline

The large-scale digital screen was designed to showcase Tech’s culture of research, scholarship and creativity using the capabilities of digital media.

The on-screen display consists of short, visually compelling motion graphics that allow on-lookers to gather information and resources or even look at displays of artwork and creativity sent in by students themselves.

The goal is that eventually, students, researchers and staff will all be able to seamlessly build and contribute content to be displayed on the bridge.

The bridge consists of six different established content modes including The Whistle, Art/Ambience, Events, Research and Researchers, Places and Data in which content can be divided into when being displayed.

The Interactive content mode is still in the works. This content mode would allow for the flow of real-time data onto the screen as well as creating iterative public art. 

With the help of the entire Tech community, the Media Bridge project team hopes to launch a successful bridge that allows for the distribution of information as well as an enhancement of and an emphasis on creativity seen within Tech’s students and staff.

Adapted from "Media Bridge showcases student, staff creativity" from the Technique by , published Feb. 4, 2022.

Interested in working on the Media Bridge?

The Library would love to have your contribution so that you may share your project or achievement with people across campus. We want to know your research spotlights, and need photos, upcoming events, data and student work to keep content fresh on the bridge.

Contact Communications Manager, Jason Wright to get started.

Content Modes

Spotlight: People

Spotlight: Art

Spotlight: Places

Spotlight: Research

Spotlight: Event

Spotlight: Data

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