Georgia Tech Library Celebrates Love Data Week 2024

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From Feb. 12 through 16, the Georgia Tech Library will celebrate Love Data Week for the first time, hosting an exciting array of events and workshops aimed at celebrating the significance of data in our lives.

This year’s theme, “My Kind of Data,” aims to highlight the personal aspects of data and its impact on our world, said Catherine Manci, the Library’s public programming and community engagement specialist.

The overarching goal of Love Data Week 2024 at Georgia Tech is to encourage participants to explore the significance of data equity, inclusion, and its role in shaping a more compassionate and informed world,” she said. “By emphasizing the personal aspects of data, these workshops aim to bridge disciplinary communities and foster a kinder world through data.

Love Data Week events include:

  • Data Haiku Wall: Expressing Data Love in Verse | Feb. 12-16, Price Gilbert Grove Level
    • Engage in the art of expressing love for data through poetry. The Data Haiku Wall invites participants to explore the emotional connection to data through verse. 
  • R Workshops: Climate Data | Feb. 12 & 14, Second Floor Classroom, Crosland Tower
    • These workshops offer an introduction, then deeper dive into R programming, a valuable skill in the world of data analysis and visualization. 
  • Social Explorer: Mapping & Data Workshop | Feb. 13, Second Floor Classroom, Crosland Tower
    • Learn to navigate the intersection of mapping and data, discovering innovative ways to visualize information spatially.
  • We, the Data Book Talk with Professor Wendy H. Wong | Feb. 15, Online
    • The Georgia Tech Library will host acclaimed author Wendy H. Wong for a thought-provoking book talk centered around her seminal work, We, the Data as the keynote lecture for Love Data Week 2024. 
  • Data Date Night: Screening of MoneyBall | Feb. 15, Scholars Event Network Theater, first floor, Price Gilbert
    • Enjoy an evening delving into the world of data-driven decision-making through a screening of MoneyBall, an inspiring story showcasing the power of data in sports. 
  • Data & Donuts Tableau Workshop | Feb. 16, Second Floor Classroom, Crosland Tower
    • Indulge in both data exploration and donuts at this workshop focusing on Tableau, a powerful tool for data visualization. 


About Love Data Week

Established in 2016, Love Data Week is an international event in which a wide range of institutions, organizations, scholars, students, and other data lovers celebrate their data.

Organizers aim to promote good research data management strategies, share data success and horror stories, and ask hard questions about the role of data in our lives.

As part of the festivities, universities, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, corporations and individuals are encouraged to host and participate in data-related events and activities. 

To learn more, visit the Love Data Week website.