Poster Info:

The Print Studio provides three wide-format printers for walk-up poster printing capable of printing in 24-inch, 36-inch and 42-inch widths and customizable lengths.

Printing is on-demand and self-service lite in that the patron must edit and send the print job for the poster to the plotters from the Apple computers at the Green Zone. The student assistant staff will ensure the plotter is ready and the poster prints successfully.

All posters will be on matte paper.

Print, Copy & Scan

Price & Size Options:

Cost is $1.50 per square foot on matte paper. Costs formula: price = (length x width) ÷ 96.

Common Standard Poster Sizes & Estimated Cost:

  • 18" x 24" ARCH C poster: $4.50
  • 24" x 36" ARCH D poster: $9.00
  • 36” x 48” ARCH E poster: $18.00

Poster printing is only available while the Print Studio is open and staffed. Check the Print Studio hours.

How to Print a Poster:

  • Reserve a Green Computing Zone workstation. at a time convenient for your schedule and during the open hours for the Print Studio. You must login to the workstation for your reservation no later than 15 minutes after this time or the system will log you off and your reservation will be automatically cancelled.
  • Go to the Print Studio on Price-Gilbert 3rd Floor and ask a student assistant working at the Print Studio for assistance on printing a poster. Receive a Poster Printing Guide.
  • Login to your reserved Green Computing Zone workstation. Edit and print your poster using the Poster Printing Guide.

How will you be paying for your poster?

Payment method:

After completing the steps above, hand your BuzzCard to the student assistant, and they will tap your card on the tablet to check your funds and confirm the cost of the poster with you. Ensure you have funds before you come to the Print Studio. You can add funds to your account via the BuzzCard website.

After completing the steps above, submit the request form below. You MUST have a ticket submitted to pay with departmental funds.

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Poster Details

Poster Dimensions
Common Poster Sizes (on Gloss Photo Paper):

  • 18" x 24" poster: $4.50
  • 24" x 36" poster: $9.00

$ 0.00

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By checking the box below, I have verified the information in this form is correct and the department agrees to pay the full price of this poster request. I understand that if I make a mistake printing the poster, the department is still responsible for payment. The department will not be charged until the print job has been released to the plotters.