Once records stored at the Records Center have met their retention requirements, your department will be contacted in order to authorize destruction of the material. A Destruction Authorization form is forwarded to the designated Departmental Records Coordinator for signature.

Records that have met their retention requirements, but are still located within the department, can be sent to Records Management for destruction. To do so, fill out a Transfer Request form in the same manner as you would if sending your records for storage. At the bottom of the form click “Yes” when asked “Are these records due for immediate destruction.” Fill out a Destruction Authorization form and send it with the boxes when they are picked up.

Paper materials are shredded and other media such as microfilm, magnetic tape, or optical discs are physically destroyed to render information unreadable. The Records Center maintains information which reflects the date of destruction and the departmental staff member authorizing destruction. If you require proof of destruction, contact Records Management and we will provide a copy of the final signed Destruction Authorization form.

Electronic records, while not destroyed by Records Management, will still require a Destruction Authorization form signed by the Institute Records Management Officer to document their proper destruction. Contact Records Management for guidance.